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By Chris Ello, Febuary 20, 2018 Quick now, no fair going to Google it: who had the highest batting average of any San Diego Padre last season? How about slugging percentage? OPS? Answer: Jose Pirela, who in 83 games had the team’s top batting average (.288), slugging percentage (.490) and OPS (.837... Read More

Don't Underestimate A.J. Preller

By Rich Herrera @RBIRich It’s been a busy offseason for AJ Preller. With no expectations to make big moves this offseason, he has been a newsmaker this season when no one around these parts expected him to do anything. Conventional wisdom said that he would not be in the market to do much. After... Read More

Padres Sign Eric Hosmer!

On Monday night the Padres made it offical as they signed free agent first baseman, Eric Hosmer, to the richest contract in Padres History! Here is what the Padres had to say in a press release by the team Monday night. "The San Diego Padres have signed first baseman Eric Hosmer to an eight-year, $... Read More

Hosmer Happiness

By Chris Ello Febuary 19th It has been nearly four years now since the death of Tony Gwynn, and in a lot of ways when Mr. Padre went, it’s as if he took the entire franchise with him. Earlier that same year, 2014, we had lost the legendary Jerry Coleman. It’s OK to smile again, Padre fans. Eric... Read More

Freddy Galvis: A Not So Unfamiliar Face

By: Braden Surprenant Freddy Galvis walked into Padres camp in Peoria , Arizona for the first time earlier this week. However, he is not unfamiliar to some of his new Padre teammates. Freddy was born in November of 1989, seven days before fellow Padre Jose Pirela in their home country of Venezuela... Read More

Our Ohtani

By CHRIS ELLO, February 16, 2018 Ohtani this. Ohtani that. Here Ohtani, there Ohtani, everywhere you look Ohtani. So the Padres didn’t get Japan’s most exciting export since the advent of the Sony Walkman. He’ll be up the road a bit, hitting and pitching for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim... Read More

The Battle For Eric Hosmer

By CHRIS ELLO, February 13, 2018 The Padres still want Eric Hosmer. The Kansas City Royals still want Eric Hosmer. So who’s going to win out? And how much is it going to matter to the team that does win out? That’s really the important question here. To the winner of the Hosmer sweepstakes goes a... Read More

Goose Ruffles Some Yankee Feathers

Players are beginning to gather in Arizona and Florida for the annual ritual of Spring Training. Of the rights of spring is for retired greats from each team being invited to pass on their knowledge of the game to the next generation of players. In Peoria, the little lefty Randy Jones passes on the... Read More

It's A Long Road To The Top For The Padres

By CHRIS ELLO, Monday, February 12, 2018 I doubt they were thinking of the Padres when they wrote it, but the great rock band from Down Under knew what they were talking about when they put the lyrics down. I’ll explain in a minute. But first, a question. Quick. Don’t really think about it, just... Read More