April 15, 2018

Jason, the character who caused all of the trouble in the famous movie series Friday the 13th, wore a hockey mask to conceal his identity.

It worked well enough for him to knife his way through several camp sites, gaining revenge on scantily-clad college kids doomed to succumb to unthinkable horrors in a decades-long string of lower-budget slasher “classics.”

The Padres, this past Friday the 13th, needed no such mask to conceal their disappointment. Fortunately nobody died, of course, but the feeling in the clubhouse was as if the entire organization had just been kicked in the gut, the news coming down that an injury would cause promising young pitcher Dinelson Lamet to miss the remainder of this season.

For a franchise trying to build from the ground up, and by all accounts doing a very nice job of doing so, it seemed a tremendous setback. Lamet, a potential ace of the staff, will undergo Tommy John surgery next week.

This particular knife will be meant to reconfigure the tendons in the Lamet’s right arm, only no harm will be intended. In fact, many pitchers come back from the procedure throwing the baseball better than they ever had before.

At this point, however, there was little consolation. Already saddled with a 4-10 record to open the season, this was last bit of bad news the Friars needed. In a slasher movie, it might even have pushed the lead antagonist over the edge.

In real life, though, you must move on. And so it was a that with a stiff upper lip the Padres took to the diamond against the San Francisco Giants – and instead of succumbing to their fate played one of their finest games of the season.

Tyson Ross, who had come back from an injury and nearly two-year hiatus, pitched one-run ball over six-plus innings and even drove in the first run of the game with an opposite field single. Jose Pirela, Christian Villanueva and Freddy Galvis contributed two-out, run-scoring hits and Franchy Cordero launched a home run.

The 5-1 victory seemed, if nothing else, a salve on the Padres’ wound. Perhaps, though it was much more. Said Cordero, through an interpreter, after the game: “This may bring us all together even more. We have to keep fighting and find a way to win.”

Here, here.

We already found out there’s some fight in them-there Padres after an afternoon scrap with the Rockies last week. Maybe the Lamet injury news will have a bit of a reverse-effect on the ball club, serving as a rallying call to change the fortunes of a heretofore woebegone season.

The day following their victory over San Francisco, the Padres beat the Giants again, this time, 5-4. The victory allowed them to escape the NL West cellar for the first time this season. It’s a start. Tell Hollywood the news.