March 12, 2018

Just look at that picture. No, seriously. Look at it. Our own Adrian Gonzalez in a New York Mets uniform? The kid we nurtured from Eastlake High School in Chula Vista all the way to stardom in America’s Finest City is wearing blue and orange now? Surely there must be some rule against that.

It was bad enough to see him In Dodger Blue the last few seasons. But at least he was just up the freeway a bit, and he felt like an old pal we could still go and visit now and again. Plus, with the Dodgers, he played at least nine games in San Diego every year.

But New York, New York? Yep. Now and probably forever, A-Gone is gone-gone.

But what if I told you he was hardly the only one who has left us? You would be surprised at just how many former Padres are playing, or trying to play, elsewhere in the big leagues these days.

You can click on the above link for a comprehensive list. When you do, you’ll see names like Kemp, Gregerson, Rodney, Aybar, Morrow, Chacin, Liriano and dozens and dozens more like them. It’s funny in a way. Everybody wants the Padres to continue trading and making moves to improve their ballclub, but what if San Diego had never traded anybody?

Would they better off with what they have now, or what they had then? The competition might be a bit closer than you’d think.

But, as the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure.” So…all we’re left with is the ability to treasure the memory of our ex-Padres. We wish them well, but not too well. I mean every time Jedd Gyorko hits a home run, we all feel the pang of disappointment. It’s only natural.

In a way, you wish you could have everybody you have now, and everybody you had then. But then you’d have far too many players. And Andy Green would never be able to find a roster spot for all of them.