Gotta Wear Shades

March 12, 2018

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard the line before: “The Future Is So Bright, you…” Well, you know the rest. (If not, check out the headline).

Now this question: how many years in a row have pundits been saying this about the San Diego Padres?

Is this time really going to be different? Crazy, as they say, is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. We know the Padres are going to be good at some point in the future (the odds are that, yes, this will indeed happen). But at what point in the future are we looking at?

Here’s something we all seem to know for sure: we’re going to watch the upcoming 2018 season with much interest but few expectations. Las Vegas bookmakers are predicting 69 ½ wins (which would make the team worse than last year’s 71). Some other new-fangled stat concoctions are giving the Friars a few more than that at 73 victories.

Either way, you can’t find a prediction anywhere under God’s great universe of stars that says San Diego will be in contention come this summer.

To that I say, “Hogwash.”

Now, to be clear, I’m not necessarily picking the Padres to run away with the National League West, either.

But what I am expecting is a team that’s going to go out and win as many as it can now – and let the future become whatever the future becomes.

This year’s team has solid guys you should be able to count on in players like Hosmer, Myers, Headley, Hedges and Margot. They’ve got a gaggle of youngsters who look quite promising as well in Asuaje, Villanueva, Pirela, Jankowski and Cordero. (None of these players pitch, but Darren Balsley will figure out a way, won’t he?).

This team could be good – if only it tries to be good. Look, the only thing guaranteed the 2018 Padres is a schedule with 162 baseball games on it. Might as well try to win a bunch of ‘em.

Meanwhile, a super-talented group of youngsters led by Fernando Tatis, Jr., Luis Urias, MacKenzie Gore and Cal Quantrill is actually no guarantee at all. It sounds fantastic, to be sure, but stuff that hasn’t arrived yet can’t be considered a sure thing.

Of course, we’ll wear the shades, just in case.