March 6, 2018

There’s a reason that Tom Petty is in the Rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame. The man knew how to write a lyric. In this case, it’s one you can’t argue with.

When…oh, when are the Padres just going to say, “the heck with it!” – and just do now what everybody knows they’re eventually going to do? So what if he’s only 20-years-old? Luis Urias is the best second baseman in the organization. 

Andy Green says flatly, when discussing Urias: “(His) at-bats have been scary good.” Yes, the manager knows it. The ownership knows it, the fans know it and the media know it.  Even the two guys currently battling for the starting job at second, Carlos Asuaje and Cory Spangenberg probably know it.

If he’s not playing second base against the Milwaukee Brewers on opening day March 28, he’ll be there soon. He has to be.

The Padres originally signed Urias 3 ½-years ago – when he was 16. He has hit well and fielded his position in solid fashion while playing at every possible stop in the team’s organization. He has been a Rookie of the Year, an All-Star and an MVP. And he never has struck out in a season more times than he has walked.

Now, with the emergence of 19-year-old shortstop Fernando Tatis, Jr., Padres fans are starting to think about a double-play combination for the ages. One that starts at a young age – and plays for ages.

Tatis Jr., truth be told, is probably a bit behind Urias in terms of growth and maturity as a professional. Sending Tatis Jr., back down to the minors this season (and perhaps brining him up in the second half) is the most sensible thing to do. But is it the right thing to do with Urias, as well?

One gets the feeling that because Asuaje has flashed so much potential (why not move him to third base?) and Spangenberg can play multiple positions, that the Friars will take the safe route. The opening day starting infield probably will be Hosmer, Asuaje, Galvis and Headley.

Tatis, for sure, and Urias, most likely will be sent back for more seasoning.

Seasoning? The steak seems to be cooked just right.