Well, That Wasn't What We Had in Mind

April 2, 2018

Before we get too far along here, let’s remind ourselves of this: The National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers went through an 11-game losing streak last season and lost 16 of 17. The World Series champion Houston Astros lost at least three games in a row six times.

So, the Padres opening the season with three straight defeats at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers does not mean it is time to cash in the season.

But it still sucked.

Here’s why: March was a month of such great promise for the Padres. They signed Eric Hosmer. They lasered balls all over Peoria, Ariz., played flashy defense, won a bunch of games. More importantly, they gave us a glimpse of their immense potential – or do you not remember Fernando Tatis, Jr., homering in his very first spring game?

The point is, fans were getting cautiously excited about their Padres. This is a franchise that is starting to turn the corner. The future is bright. Maybe, just maybe, some of that good feeling would attach itself to this year’s 2018 team.

It still might.

But at first glance, things looked a whole lot like they have in recent seasons. Blown opportunities. Blown games. Blowouts. In the season opener, all Chase Headley needed was a fly ball to score the winning run with the bases loaded in the 11th-inning. Or a little bloop somewhere. Instead he hit into a double play and Milwaukee won in the 12th.

The next night, victory was all but assured. All-Star Brad Hand on the mound with a 6-3 lead in the ninth. And then it happened. Single, single, error (on Hand), single, RBI ground out, and then with two outs and two strikes, Ryan Braun blasted one into the Western Metal Supply building sending the suffering Padre faithful to a heart-wrenching defeat.

The series finale was just a capper, Milwaukee winning easily, 7-3, and leaving the Padres as the only 0-3 team in all of Major League Baseball.

All the clichés. It’s early. No big deal. It’s a long season. Three games are not going to define us.

But also, there are other whispers from those who have seen this movie before. You don’t want to lose too many in April (or March in this case), because nobody wants to hears the Padres’ fan base saying:

“Here we go again.”