NL West Roundup: Kemp Back Where He Belongs

March 6, 2018

By: Braden Surprenant


This past offseason outfielder Matt Kemp was dealt back to the Los Angeles Dodgers in what was a salary dump for the Dodgers. Matt Kemp however, could not be any more excited to be back with the blue train evaders up north. 


"It's exciting. It's cool," Kemp said. "I missed it."


All indication from experts, after the trade went down in which the Dodgers sent first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, infielder Charlie Culberson and pitchers Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy - along with $4.5 million - to the Braves in exchange for Kemp, was that Kemp would not make it to spring training on the Dodgers roster. Well he is still at Camelback Ranch as apart of the Dodgers and in fact is not playing too poorly. He just launched his third home run of the spring on Monday and is hitting a respectable .286/.375/.714 but is that enough to stay on the club?


The Dodgers have some options when it comes to Kemp. They could trade him to an American League squad that needs a designated hitter. They could also hang on to him as his right-handed power bat could be appealing to the Dodgers who have to face many a left-handed pitching in the NL West, Robbie Ray and Madison Bumgarner to mention a few. 


Kemp is adopting the Manny Ramirez approach when it comes to fielding in his old age, fitting since he has been known to lack effort in his career, "When you've got the young guys out there, I just tell them to go get everything, and I'll go get the stuff on the side.”


Kemp has been forward when it comes to his wants and desires to remain a Dodger in 2018. 

"Everybody's gunning for you when you're a good team," Kemp said. "It's the Dodgers. Anybody that sees that jersey or comes to L.A., they want to beat the Dodgers. Even me being on the other side in San Diego, we wanted to beat the Dodgers.

Another jab at the Padres from Kemp. EVEN the lowly Padres wanted to beat the Dodgers, of course Matt, I am glad it took you two years on the Padres to figure out the divisional rivalry the Padres and Dodgers have. If Kemp makes the club up north, it should be fun when he comes back to play the Padres. You can use your imagination on what his welcome back might be…