NL West Roundup: The San Francisco…Old Timers?

March 1, 2018

By Braden Surprenant


No the San Francisco Giants have not changed their name, although they should since they are arguably one of the oldest teams in baseball if not the oldest, but the title speaks for itself. The San Francisco Giants are OLD! It has been said numerous times about these 2018 Giants but it is true and the people talking are only spitting out facts. 


After a disappointing 2017, in which the Giants posted a 64-98 season, that just so happens to be their second-worst since the team moved to San Francisco, the Giants went against the game’s trend toward youth and added four players over the age of 31. Those players include outfielders Austin Jackson and Andrew McCutchen as well as infielder Evan Longoria. 


“It’s awesome. I like that they did that, because I came from a team that was trending in the other direction,’’ McCutchen said. “I came to a team that had an even worse season than the Pirates, and instead of them (the Giants) going, ‘Oh, we need to get rid of you,’ they said, ‘No, let’s make the team better.’ That’s pretty exciting.’’


Exciting…yes. Intelligent…eh.


Look at the last three World Series Champions- the Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros- all of them captured the title after massive overhauls to their roster in which they acquired and developed young talent to make a core, that is built to win for multiple seasons. This method has become so popular that 10 teams are currently in overhaul mode.


The San Francisco brass, determined to continue filling AT&T Park, resisted calls for a teardown, arguing the team’s core was still in its prime. Other than Hunter Pence, who is 34, none of the core position players is older than 32. I guess 32 is the new 28.


The Giants will have to take their old and weathered lineup against what is probably the best division in baseball in the NL West. The Los Angels Dodgers were in the World Series last year and look better than ever, the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks look poised for another run at the postseason, and the San Diego Padres are just a couple from their “hot talent lava,” taking Major League Baseball by storm. In the face of that challenge, Bumgarner said he likes the Giants’ offseason acquisitions.


“I’d rather have a guy that’s been there, any time,’’ Bumgarner said. “I was a young player being on this stage for the first time, and I would have argued with you then. But I would much rather have a guy who’s been there.’’


Well the Giants certainty have plenty to choose from when it comes to those types of those players. Whether or not they are successful this season remains to be known. They have the talent to contend but the Giants season will either go one way or the other when it comes to contention and 2019 rebuild.