Players Only Baseball Camps

February 9, 2018

The Players Union is putting on the finishing touches on a spring training camp for unsigned free agents. The MLBPA will work with IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida this spring to provide a place to workout to get ready for the season for unsigned free agents.  

This is not a good sign for baseball fans.  The oddity of seeing an MVP candidate working out in an Under Armour with a team logo on his cap will be a curiosity for the baseball world.  It is also a sign that teams and players are preparing for and digging in for a longer battle than anyone might have seen coming.  

This offseason has been one of almost no activity for the marquee players in this year’s free agent crop.  Older vets are starting to sign minor league deals while the top stars are still waiting to sign.  This is a big deal because in normal times those vets would be who teams would turn after they lose out to the biggest free agents.  The fact that teams are moving on to that class of player means that the owners are not giving into the demands of free agents this offseason for long term expensive deals.  

If that’s the case, and the Players Union is moving on with their own spring training camps we are in for a battle that both sides are digging in for.