What Big Free Agent Signs Next?

February 12, 2018



Now that the to free agent pitcher is off the board with Yu Darvish going to play for the Cubs, what does that mean for the rest of the free agent class of 2018?  Like it or not the market has been set.  Teams are not going to eclipse Darvish's deal of 6 years 126 million plus incentives. If you are looking for a deal longer than 6 years you are unlikely to get it.  And deals worth more than 21 million are not on the table right now.  


Players,and teams have an understanding that you will be underpaid for the beginning of your career.  For the first 2 or 3 years, you get what the teams give you and you don't have much a choice.  In years three if your a beast, and until you have six years in the big leagues, you get paid whats fair through arbitration and you and the team have to work together.  After you pay your dues and become a free agent, the sky is the limit. 


Unfortunately for the players in this class, the limit just ain't what it was a year ago and their dreams of cashing in for ten-year deals and an AAV of 25 to 30 million is just not what the market seems to bear.  Maybe owners are saving up for Bryce Harper and maybe Clayton Kershaw be available in next year's class, or the player's eyes are way bigger than GM's stomachs.  Either way until the opening day of the season there will be many many text messages flying around and some nervous people inside the owner's box and outside the ballpark unemployed right now.