When Will Eric Hosmer Budge?

February 12, 2018


Reports have come out that the Cubs, gave Jake Arrieta a call before inking a deal with You Darvish according to John Hayman of FanRag Sports .  No is claiming that the Cubs made a formal offer to their own free agent.  Instead, it should characterize as the Cubs kick the tires one last time on Arrieta before moving on to Darvish.  

What does this say about the stagnate free agent market that is colder than the temperatures at the Winter Games?  It says to me that teams have it in their collected minds that the days of extended long-term deals have come to an end.  It also says to me that agents are still trying to find the one club that will blink and give in to their demands.  All it takes is one owner to give in and the rest will cave.  For Padres fans that are waiting for some word one way or the other on Eric Hosmer, they will still have to wait.  Arrieta is represented by Scott Boras and he didn't swing at the ball in the dirt thrown by the Cubs as the last minute to get Arrieta to given on his demand of a 200 million dollar deal according to ESPN .  If Boras isn't budging on Jake Arrieta, there is no reason to think his camp will be willing to budge on Hosmer even with spring training camps opening this week.  ​