San Diego's New Radio Home of the Padres

The Flagship Station of the San Diego Padres is FM94 9

March 2, 2017

Padres Fans can catch all the Padres action all season long on FM94 9.  All games will be broadcast over the air on KBZT-FM.

As the flagship for the Padres, we will air all 162 regular season game broadcasts including a pre and post game show all season long.  

For Padres fans outside the San Diego market, games are available via MLB approved digital platforms.  We are not authorized to offer games on our station website nor are we allowed to stream the games on the FM949 App.  Instead, we offer San Diego's best Alternative commercial free during baseball games on both and the FM949 app.  

For fans outside the of the San Diego market, you can listen online at (Subscription required), The MLB at Bat App (Paid App), Sirius XM Radio/MLB Network Radio and the Sirius XM App (Subscription required) and and the Tune In App (premium subscription).  


Major League Baseball licenses broadcasters to carry play-by-play via on-air broadcast only, not on streaming platforms