A.J. Preller with Chris & Gwynn

Thursday, April 12th

A.J. Preller joined Tony Gwynn JR and Chris Ello to talk about the teams start to the season! 


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Chris LO it is Tony Gwynn junior and the first guest on our program couldn't be happier to have NBA general manager of the San Diego Padres mr. Agee prowler joins us here today. As potters gets set to host giants tonight AJ thank you so much for coming on and helping us kick off the program how Arianna. Good thanks thanks dram makers and Jeremy don't. A ticket to hear from you act act the first question I have to ask you. Because very rarely do we it to says talked to a GM after. A situation like a civil war goes through your mind as a GM when you see a scuffle like that break out on the field. And I mean it's you know definitely you know you don't you know see them even too often you know being benched and although I think from our standpoint. You know it. Important times but the part of the game part of baseball on. And I think you know from from my hand in the guise of yesterday. Both teams there is really in the last couple weeks that are out there really good club and and they've they've pitched inside we pitch inside out as the you know Nolan announced that took and that in. And the biggest thing from from the team's standpoint unity and team you know rallied around it a little bit at times. You know looking to get anybody hurt. You know and I think is really looking to move on from it and you know get back playing baseball. I was gonna sit out beetle like the first thing they would go through my mind as the general manager is. Everybody get out of the way and nobody gets hurt her or her you know I'm because it's hard enough to put a team together you don't wanna lose a couple of guys and one of those brawls. Yeah we've we've had we've got a few injuries here in Manama in the last couple weeks I think you know and you know on the field together at that point at Malia and making sure that we've only real. And the bad clear and and a plan overture. So in the beginning this season you know a first got off to kind of a slow start there. What have you seen both positive and negative from this ballclub in this early part of the season. And then obviously you know I'm the first homestand. Com and I'm not live in that one come navigate any adding we've talked about a group is as the united improvement and an ankle where we're looking toward progress you know we've. We've got a young young group overall. And in the year goes on he wants the U want the individual players capacity Lockheed team get better. You know the road trip man accused in Colorado who was too tough places to play and you know some some positive development sodium Brad and Kirby a some some nice data arable land. You know and they thought straight days has been tremendous so far this year. And you know we don't want Brian Mitchell had better start Tyson Ross. Uniting DiSpirito in case your rookie only now pitching well and it. You know going to take an Iraqi here pack go on and on that days later statement coarse field and and performing well and it's nice to keep them an anomaly and a pitching staff. I can't believe that the injuries. You know will Myers and many Margo Gannett it's been denying the idea idea offer few weeks ago. You know but it is heading into my other guys step up on scene. The air out are pretty gal if that group play well so. Adding adding you know were looking looking at the year I think what we would want he would do you improvement as we go through and and meet to weaken. You know month to month that children judges that know that. KG per dollar the general manager of the Padres joining us to kick off our program here this afternoon on 973 the fan AJ. I and system and hammered with Jose Perella and I looked up today and noticed that he is off on leading the National League in hits. Early it's an obviously but he's got eighteen hits. It didn't surprise me when I found that out because it seems like he gets ahead or two or three every game. Can you tell us how he came to be a Padre and and how that all works because we know about number one draft choices and and we know about guys like doubt but it I mean this is a guy that in a lot of ways came out of nowhere and is now become a mainstay in this lineup. Yelling at me again custody unity of the different scouting department and no one million pro scouting amateur scouting international data are pro scouting group loses but TE com. There are being players made them. You know visited. And the lines he used to work out but on the talked a lot of quality pearl. And look for teams on the line on that and it does them so you know thousand when there's when authorities that have been out. They did an area an area chances to make a deal. And made at that time was probably they're more you know smaller deal but it was again in a book out talked a lot of ground terms of you know. Not panic and and and you know at bat speed has shown the ability in the moderately. Com and and then probably as much meaning that they talked about what is in the energy is attitude in makeup of the play. It wearable every year Venezuela played well every year in the and literally. You again and we felt like you know anymore and opportunity and you know I think and an infielder and we talked about and Malia and give him opting out it would seeing that are doing in. You know it were able to make trade for your with and on I'm with an injury. And then last year went triple A well about well it very well a schema and you know knows he's in Europe and nearly hasn't not innings then so. I think. In a panic story trusting your camp believing what their values and they've been they've been. Complained that brings energy that call others Damn Yankees. The minute player forcing. You know AJ you guys go out and you acquire Freddy gal has to earn the offseason. Has he been everything that you expected in an as advertised. Yeah I think you know Freddie uniting again another guy art group that history with we got a lot of look and going into the you know last year. And we've we've Celek they were going to be some shortstop options are out there were gonna lineup or is that the path off beat them. You know down while he is again yeah audience for us and vice president and that he would. It been involved in the buying rate them on the seniors will not seek maps there to come over there hitting coach is with them every day last year. And I think you know it's pretty easy for a scouting group you know and and then edit and the M and Nissan in good hands the end think the apt to be politically short. Which is going to be a definite upgrade I think the nice part was you know I can't I mean people I talked to about Freddie. They kept coming back and talking about you know its competitiveness being a winner in baseball Smart guy that. You know just say it's a winning baseball player and I am so far here spring training early going in the easily CNET every night. And you know night banning guy and grumbles it a million know what's gonna happen. He made some some outstanding plays well he looked really good about. Nine then and again not a guy come come as advertised to. Yeah I think this ball club despite the slow start AJ I mean I just so many positive signs I think this homestand you guys get things rolling a little bit obviously were all excited about the future of this Padres organization and being named the number one minor league system and all of baseball and that's a tribute to you and your staff and hope it all works out comes together just the way we all hope and plan and thank you so much for being our first guest Tony's gonna go down to give you little prize. At that just. But it was very nice you to come on in and kick off our show we really appreciate it we'll see down at the ballpark. Weight lately and rely on it. Before I'll let you go out and line. And that it would Utley who you know or that was going to be my next question when we open again and it this weekend we could throw line and we get a couple wins in the John Bogle Bagram. Southgate Southgate don't expect Kanye.