Day 2 Recap Of The Winter Meetings

Tuesday, December 12th

Day 2 of the winter meetings is over and the Padres were busy. We talk with from GM Steve Phillips, AJ Cassavell about the Padres bringing back Chase Headley and Padres GM A.J. Preller on the two trades he made today! 


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They assist us in Diego hot stove podcast back so hot. From the Padres radio network should really deals mother hit one big. I rushed and rose again. Okay. Want to watch it here rich richer rare. Big tools of the books are. Okay everybody rich for a hundred redeveloping. Podcast as we speak up all the day's news here at winter meetings of the Walt Disney World resort. Major League Baseball chairman C a couple sure. Aides and I'm gonna bring in Jim Russell or producer who's been with me here the last three days in Orlando. It seems Jim after. Giancarlo Stanton. It was announced that the New York Yankees and you'll hear this pass to CJ color. As well in the a tiny saw and went to the angels things got a little quiet but now things like seems like things are he. Yeah lead to the Padres to opened the gates so to say. With making a trade with the Yankees to bring back Chase Headley to the Padres but. It was an about Chase Headley in the deal even though that's the name everyone's going to see when the trade when the trade happened this morning. Is the pitcher Brian Mitchell right handed pitcher. For the Yankees that they brought back the strange part to last for him come on people stretch and heads over it. But the Padres seem to think that this pitcher that they got back they can put in the rotation. And they look for him to be a starter really denied the reliever a rarity usually interviews we did stay in their all posted. With the video Padres radio dot com we've also FaceBook a lot of them as well that I wanted to little venture Jim. Down to the the job fair for kids are trying to find jobs in Major League Baseball did a Facebook's like from down there. Yeah I saw that you. You know you like to go to people that need jobs. But all the time and it did the job fair somewhere you are in the door first. Talking to people about it's the industry everything's on not surprised that that you went through that I've even seen yet so I had to go to get out. On our FaceBook page up hunters radio. So tunnel before that yeah I'm all about trying to find employment for everybody in the case before we get and everything give me your thoughts about being here at the winter meetings. Just move the hoopla. The people walking around this'll plant mister. For me is my first time here. And seen everybody. In the industry of baseball just walking around casually. It's kind of cool experience like yesterday. You know urging Palestinian got introduced. To be with the Yankees for first time. And just casually. Walked by Giancarlo Stanton just casually walking by Ken Rosenthal just casually walking by Joseph Torre all the big names here on its content. It's like to look must star struck but it's kind of like old there's somebody and there's somebody and there are somebody so it's everybody in baseball is here and it's it's it is really cool experience to be apart. It's little surreal. Although this really but it's also nice see familiar faces from the Padres a successful tennis Lin so you you know some people here and especially. He latex over the phone or talk of the colonized put a face and you know people you're talking to him yet never seen them in person before. Title story about going along just couldn't make enough of Al that'll save that although we'll save that for a little later Jim almost ransom but he over lunch. So let's get into today's news early in the digital Sherman. Announced today that the Padres were involved in the deal with the New York Yankees. It'll send Jabari Blatche to. New York and in return they get a picture and and they get them familiar face in Chase Headley coming back oversaw the chart with us Steve Phillips who we talked to immediately afterwards and got the take from him this is the former general manager of the New York Mets he's also a host on a moving our radio he was next to us we grabbed him for immediate. This fox. On the trade in what it means for both. During trail Steve Phillips the general manager morning show host on MLB network radio. I didn't hear of the national bouts in reaction to the strip while I guess worthy of Brian Cashman is a genius again immediate trades Chase Headley in his thirteen million dollar salary the Padres take all the money now. You can include Brian Mitchell in the deal. Our guys to tell the bullpen a little bit as a starter in I think the pipers look at him as a starting pitcher. And I think he's the guy they coveted the deal of the eight he said we'll trade him to you if you take Hadley in all thirteen million of the dollars. And he got to do April or so yes of that from the Yankees perspective it does free up third base they're gonna make this is about who they played their available hole at second base created by the state deal with with Castro go to Florida. What broadcast and it was thirty million dollars to spend under the 197 luxury tax threshold he is in a great spot right now. If he valued the financial flexibility. More than he valued the hole at third base in giving up Mitchell field. For Chase Headley plaster played a lot of DH this year course of the past third baseman but does indeed dead get confirmed. Give me your thoughts on him and his age his position being in averaging third baseman back in San Diego well I think for him there it's a comfort level for sure so that'll sort of be part of it. Like the one challenge for both defensively that's on go backwards a little bit last year apple fielding and throwing the baseball. He had Billy he never really lived up to that. Huge season he had in San Diego. I think for the Yankees perspective he was certainly more than adequate an average player for them. But I like to look at for impact right now with a as many young players they have financial flexibility give them value. And for San Diego with a young roster reprieve and a veteran player good guy on the team really good teammate solid citizen and it's still a guy who has some game left. To add some linked up the ballots professionalism to the lineup. Steve thank you very much for could got a critics see Phillips joining us here from MLB network radio so. Brian Mitchell seems to be the focal point of this in the and he said afterwards to me just listen this kid's got an opportunity. That's the one that age you really wanna join your major pro coming up here just a few moments. They Chase Utley is a name that we all know. The potter's also take money. And we'll take part of that contract out on thirteen million dollars as the report. He's somebody who's been around with CD the Padres before and we may or we may not see him. The country's uniform because it he probably was passed later. By Dennis let me take passable whether he was somebody who could be in that mix of pieces that that AJ parlors constantly moving around trying to improve his ball club for twenty team. Yeah I don't think that this trade is done yet. I think that we did the amount of infielders that the Padres have right now. They're gonna have to make more room is a traitor right chimps. Sort shortly after they acquired Chase Headley agent prowler said that the second that they traded for it for Chase Headley he got calls on in pillars right away so. I think. Bringing Chase Headley over was just part of the deal to get the pitch they want him Brian Mitchell because the Yankees had to shed that money to get an of that tax. Threshold so I think that age is not done. Look further Padres to maybe make another move maybe involving Jason Lee during the angels so I think that this move is a trickle down effect. Ford done to make another move. Come up in the next couple days and again I'm a check of reporting from Dennis when you see any union Tribune because he thinks there's more to this trade I think it's just one. Of the dominos will fall for the San Diego Padres. Yeah act is Dick you look at. The wish list for the Dodgers this year and right at top there was places as a shortstop. Zach Ozarks Benton and news for the Padres. For gallop this from the Philadelphia Phillies has been in the news those are looking like their top two. Targets for them on if they bring one of those guys in then I even have any more in fueled. Cluster so you say doubts that does what he calls a day debt which I which allows him to make other moves down the road. So he's gonna circuit ankles and I'm here Russell Martin we're hearing that that starting to heat up we haven't heard the name brand and that's a lot but I think as we get towards Wednesday and Thursday we'll hear more about that but. The disciplines that's an excellent reporting it. The seemingly unique tribute has has AJ Cassel who joined a slew of the earlier we posted this to Fox News radio dot com. Here's a conversational aging cast of will immediately following the trade getting his thoughts. We continue with you from the winter meetings in Orlando joining us right now aging cast no. MLB dot hop pop trees dot com. Reaction of the trade the pot trees are reportedly will send Bard watched the Yankees in return the get a picture in Chase Headley returning back. To the San Diego Padres who have really bright Mitchell seems to be the key in this deal. It's that the Padres are willing to take on taste at these contracts thirteen million dollars next season negating Brian Mitchell that he'll be at peace for the future. Missed the kind of waiting to see what role he's gonna fill we also need to see what role Chase Headley is gonna fill their they've they've already got cataloged in at their base as it stands so there's there's some details to be worked out terms of where these guys fit. But for now let's that we know that that this trade is is gonna go through. It is you're looking at what the shopping list for each April it seemed like pitching is going to be something he's gonna try to come back with maybe. Not going after the top read out there but looking for some doubt. Yeah I think you mentioned. You know week or so ago that he wanted to have ten guys on in the camp that could compete conceivably for a starting job in the rotation. By my count now is seven if you wanna turn Brian Mitchell in the starting pitcher that eight and he still needs at least two more that inning constant talk with Jolie stressing camp but nothing's kind of nothing's really firm there in terms of the terms of the contract so they need at least two more guys to more rotation guys especially given all the question marks Brian Mitchell's an option that's that's that's a question mark whether he can start. Collin Raye Nat Strom. Robbie Earl in all three of those guys come back from injuries that it worked to be done in the rotation bunnies it's certainly there's been more. Podger rumors that I thought we were gonna see again New York Hosmer rumors are still out there at zappos arts and in the keeps popping up. Getting both those guys there are maybe maybe a little surprising that the Padres have interest but I think the interest is very real. Com Eric Hosmer interest I kind of heading into this week I'm not so sure I might have bought into to the fact that progressed where as let it recently it's kind of picked up steam. Zappos art he's he's more of a guy that you kind of see as as a fit. That that and that fits me becoming a little nuclear especially given given maybe the hottest planned to. Have him hold the position down to for minutes at these junior gets there and then maybe move into a different position I think that's that's a very real possibility. Obviously it's a pillar wouldn't go in in any specific details on on a guy he has acquired. Or on a guided the cavity that that is necessarily here's having talked with yet. But but it sounds like that is what is what is the tap the putt is to take as opposed to signing a one year guy that's he's asked apart if you party. Thank you so much it yet it's happening. I will continue with you live for the winter meetings here in Orlando. Are they staging castill joining us from an LB dot com he's that's wonderful reporting all week long so make sure that you follow him in check him out and LB dot com for the latest on all of these moves aren't. We also had a chance to sit down AG programs so we went to the sweet relatively posted this earlier today. On FaceBook page FaceBook accounts like partridge radio wields tweeted out at partridge rating up to follow this for all the latest news when this happened boom of the story out within five minutes of it. First being reported yen in the you wanna take a look at that. What we have on our web Page Hopkins went meetings that we had an opportunity sit down EG prowler for an exclusive one on one here's our conversation with agent. We continue for the winter meetings in Orlando aging pro joining us here on Padres radio make a couple deals they walk us through yet they. You and your yankees. Again Chase Headley getting Brian Mitchell for Jabari last. In twofold I think getting chased them professional that are bad this is him new fans in chased it. And it's nice time there ten terms of production. And their quality hitter I think it gives us some definite you know the third base side gives some areas that. Mean we've been hit by some other clubs probably continue to be opposing team in terms of some areas definitely me. You know what to. Two. To to talk to the teens about it because of that club and other ways. And I think Brian Mitchell and record deals. We've looked at the last three years. Try to acquire is it talent again it's weapons if we hitters out. No fastball that the upper ninety's. These. Very consistency is potentially help connection. And as well so it must have went any starter. With over the next 45 years was attracted to listen. In other better that. This was those tears but to us one thing that in the deal with Tampa Bay. Again made these deals you know from a roster standpoint. She as we've got smothered their basement that. Felt like ultimately. An opportunity standpoint won't give him another opportunity that's an interest him over the last year. You know able acquired. Four players got them alone news. The college seniors coming out of school and a lot of bench stances. Scraping. Middle infield. Ball and his tennis. It's me it's more opportune time. Back in the two we just talked to Steve Phillips of an open northward track like he could be key. You talk a wanna have ten arms he could be one of those two are going industry track he I think for us it's you know we've talked about. One thing you really hasn't has a consistent chance and opportunity it. He's to review team. They have some deaths and more standpoint give advice to its pitching. United we look at free agent market with the trade market music. Much sizing and others out there so. You know I think it was you know some men movies bird Elmo 23 guys that are young. It's. Quality pitchers it and get those type of guys you're pitching goes up a lot of faith in them falsely. Mark pride developer crew. You know it's I think those guys. Give coaches because a lot of talent he did this happen. This question if you like the markets for me he'd have another Stan deals done upon he's done it seems like the rumors are turning you want to indefinitely conversation. You know in terms of you know what when and about it more stand when the market that's it was tough to predict but notes that you know what it means to it was a lot of fun in terms of you know getting calls and a different content ideas I think after anti tungsten. You know move it teacher and moving on their off seasons and nothing where you know you're in the minerals and if you think and to appreciate. So obviously Jim. These markets started to heat up the conversations or start ago he said that you know kind of felt like that the markets concerned moving calls get have your we're probably gonna see more movement because so far it's been the intent. Everybody being manager teeter in the country's making moves yet and you up fighters one name that they have been linked to this whole time you move for the winner restarted. Was Eric Hosmer. And a lot of people San Diego and maybe including myself for kind of you Scott's kind of scoffed at the idea I look air concerts a great player all star sooty didn't San Diego for the all star game when he was here. But it's not a need for them now ID in I think that if they brought in a guy like Eric Hosmer he would be an immediate upgrade to first base. But then will you do with what mine is it not AJ did say it prowler did say that. You know will myers' wants to win and he is athletic enough to be put back in the outfield which is original position which is Izturis original position him but the rays played right field. But is that the best solution for the team right now you have Perella Margo. And him ran from the outfield wanna try maybe move when those guys out to put. Will mired back out there yet have the best battle vault them but we also remember Dixon's out there as well and agent was asked about his health so he's hoping to come back Christmas trees you've logged in the outfield that's what's Smart watch him double him along jab at the corners with Chase Headley coming over. My chipped up. Yeah I mean look a logjam isn't a bad thing because like you said depth on the team but now it's now it's time to make that depth. A concise. Instead of having so many pieces there you don't know what you're gonna do with them so like I said before the Chase Headley deal. I think that that is a deal that's going to be to another deal because you can't go into spring training with. Six outfielders you can't put six altos on the roster serviced by third baseman so. Yet we'll look for that the Padres maybe to make a couple more deals here primarily at shortstop on maybe it's in a swing Chase Headley. Out of there but. Yeah if your color look at him Macon Macon deals trying to open the gates will be here at the winter meetings. And again you'll see the country's being linked to care costs money to get PJ Cassel. Who treated out earlier today that gap those legitimate. Rumors we're hearing. That there is some kick the tires going on over there so Muslim meetings continue for the next couple days he'll start to see general managers who laid the framework. The last probably start completing those deals just like the stand deal got done immediately AJ was able to put together the deal to make the the moon for the pitcher in the third baseman coming home. We're so that's our podcast for today for the winter meetings we hope you've enjoyed all the coverage Jim. Yet it's been fun don't don't make sure to check in tomorrow and Thursday Thursday is as a woman say Asia caller's favorite day here in doing it means the rule five draft. So will be all over that and tomorrow will be able to talk to any dream. About it when everything is going on the winter meetings and see what his thoughts are the Chase Headley deal. So make sure to tune in for all events in sheriff all your friends all the coverage we had from here and Orlando so for Jim Russell arbitrary thanks for joining us here on the Padres. Hot stove podcast. Please ease the Padres radio. Life can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio and sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.