Episode 1: Padres Hot Stove Podcast

Thursday, November 9th

Rich Herrera talks with Ben Higgins and AJ Cassavell about the World Series, MLB offseason & of course, the Padres offseason so far! 


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They assist us in Diego hot stove podcast back so hot. From the Padres radio network should really deals harder hit one big. I rushed geragos again. On the watch it here rich richer rare. Well it's time to. World Series. After the champions and our dreams of these. As long as we get ready. We're joined by my compatriots. That big of. Part of our broadcast crew Europe countries radio network and I want to bring you on Ben for the very first podcast because I think you more than anybody else I know has aid. As are all on. The scale you understand and you understand the history but the San Diego Padres and every season we talk about. Wait till next year wait till next year we told mixtures on what are your thoughts on the twice seventeenth season what we can start looking forward to a 2018 how you don't. And get rich Amanda if they go it's my first game in 1978. When I was three years old so I have certainly been riding the rollercoaster with the Padres for several decades that make you qualified as Soviet but certainly has suffered and and celebrated a little bit with operations over the years that you all. A little bit at least at least that was only three years it could have been worse like that that's what drivers butted in when I was fifteen in 1970 gonna be really field. Odom you don't we're also looking at you know where Morgenstern giving this some historic time for the city of Padres. Because you're gonna get some milestones of the will be sitting in the next couple seasons. Absolutely you know that first seat in 1969. Work approaching the fiftieth anniversary of Padres baseball. I still hope that one day I'll get to see that no hitter in thrown by a Padres pitcher it's still haven't happened it's got to. Almost statistically. Incredible that it happened to but that's just one of those things about being a Padres India it joke about the fact that still haven't seen that though better yet it may be. One of these days rich will get to watch what. What's the closest that you remember. Well there's number of great call the mean that the story the best story want of course the clay Kirby game was I've that he actually even before my time but that was went clay Kirby actually got pulled after eight innings of a no hitter beacons for a pinch hitter late in the game and then made the Padres blew it in the ninth inning and it always is gone down they go to the second season Padres baseball. Those you know the curse of clay Kirby that's like. They can't get one they they took a chance to wave from a pitcher. Long ago against the Dodgers. I would say and it's 2010 or 2011 that I'd say two outs in the ninth inning. Have been blue Dolly blew the no hitter that they Palin are blue in the game that was would have been a combined order. Had they done it but they now there's been a number of close calls over the years. I did seem to personally go against the Padres both back at Qualcomm Stadium I saw AJ Burnett and why killed nine walked one hit batter no hitter against the Padres and Kaymer won by bud Smith does anyone remembers. Who he looked at the St. Louis Cardinals a when he didn't in the Padre that the two are seen in person. I was also young I was at Pedro Martinez perfect game into the tenth inning. When dip Roberts broke down one up with the double at at the murder. Heathrow is trying to go over the ten hitting perfect game but Padres ended up a break it down one Utley. Actually if you have seen Josh Beckett threw one for the Marlins. Aside Edwin Jackson throw one for the Diamondbacks. I saw I was Dallas Braden is perfect game on Mother's Day. Which should go out of the most remarkable feats ever seen I've seen a number of them over the years so. And and we hope you will see that one day is it that go park in the very near future. The detention that the drama the bill is to me is one of the great things about baseball is that you never know when it's gonna happen and you know after I'm I'm the time that throughout the re giving I noticed when they're still at zero and it column but W period until after maybe after five I just certainly a it would now it's just it's starting at a little interest in. And then once you get to the sick betting every out there and becomes you can count you know at a depth of single digit defeat you get there and it just the attention like it exponentially. Goes up with every batter it's it's really really cool. You wanna go to the scenario. Let's say it's a game against the Chicago Cubs starts late in the afternoon here. And your dual and what what time you guys on on child that. Usually six corny is one of our head of that's perfect so let's say it's 4 o'clock start out here. Right you are alone does don't you. Yeah McIlroy it would already read our I wouldn't Elizabeth Arnold looks at yet it's a edu coat down for the no hitter. Do you move OK so let's say I'll take that these in Alvin you've got to stay here at the studio you can't leave. If it's two hours into the game were probably like the sixth seventh inning inured to on the 620 here on channel ten. Do you say the word no hitter. Yes I LL I I might not until ten because it on TV can't during you know don't show any highlights during the game and built over but I'm not one of those like. Jinx people like I think as a broadcaster. If you're not talking about it you're not doing your job I mean what someone flips on the radio and they're listening to the Padres radio and there's a no hitter in the eighth inning that. You know Ted just hearing that they've made you know they're afraid to tell you that I can dance around it because if he gets around and people are paying attention they may not know and illiterates history and progress. You need to know that's that's itself as you. Should you. Believe me every no hitter that ever happened before someone tried to jinx it and it didn't get jinx every single time it didn't it win it happened it didn't get Jake they'll get jinxed you know not all of them actually. All part of Meehan. I will I will on purpose mentions the law against the if it's going for the other team. 100%. Start winning in mentioning politics in the series. They're hurt everybody. Well I've got blamed for urging them before you know social media just areas yup art when you mentioned in and of course it does give broken up a few minutes later that it's your fault you're responsible but I you know what I can take that as part of my job that you wanna blame me. Uptake the end don't they don't blame the pitcher who actually gave up that it go ahead and blame the Cuban broadcaster tweet about it. He would go blame the guy on channels and that comes on after designated survivor it's his fault the no hitter blew up. Exactly. Regret make a lot of sense even at the pocket a stock while the World Series obviously watched that I mentioned Houston. I'm hoping for a streak comes out with the next. Future covers things Diego Padres 20/20 one world champions elated with the Houston Astros. That was the greatest I told you so moment and cover in history having Sports Illustrated busted at a celebration. Dance when the Houston Astros won it you rarely get to look. Smartheat Egypt a look dumb. In media and broadcasting a lot. You rarely get such a clear cut example looking Smart. So that was very cool or prevent writer and Sports Illustrated to have that covered the big to bring out from three years ago it was a great series that I game two was gonna go down as you know one of the 1015 best World Series games of all time that they may be it's still dug in and out completely overshadowed by the craziness. Of the thirteen twelve game unbelievable. You know maybe game seven was not the most entertaining game seven ever bit the fact that the the series went seven and had two such unbelievable games before it. I think puts it down in history as as one of the better World Series that we've seen. OK so there's two things to take away from the World Series number one. Why not us if Houston can do it why can't San Diego Dodi was just a number years ago. The the Houston Astros are losing a hundred games per season you have like one player that you wouldn't wanna watch and Jose L to me at a bunch of guys that that you did he care about. While their AAA ball club was playing for the national championship. Fast for a couple years. The San Diego Padres are a year away from. The Al paso ball club playing in winning the PC I'll hand the ball club struggling in the big leagues and you see all this talent rise in the top. So should the Houston Astros World Series victory give you some hope in San Diego. I you know I I think you should have already had simple because that's that's the way sports did you know one thing it's possible. Intel it happen. I mean the Red Sox you know 2004. That the cubs last year the masters never even won a single World Series game in their history. And they win the World Series this year sports is still. With examples of teams that were nothing and in the New England Patriots when I was growing up that they stuck. Terrible way of oil laughingstock franchise in the NFL will get what now the other the dominant franchise for that decade and a half. In the National Football League sports goes in cycle every team has attempted to get it up Smart people. And I do you think the Padres have some Smart people you get good good ownership of the general managers Smart manager. It doesn't guarantee anything cutie blocked. You know you need to hit on a couple of prospects maybe a trade free agent signing a two. Stay healthy that's that the huge thing is sometimes out of your control but absolutely. It is possible any team can do it in the Padres. Certainly at least have that that spew Bruin. That you know you can say it in a couple of years could could yield a product similar to what we saw for the Houston Astros this year. Do you think the recipes are. Quite similar. Yeah absolutely their civil war I mean I UW the Astros. And it ended up having a little lot more games for the Padres have so far in their in their kind of rebuilding turnaround process I mean they were perennial. Hundred lost steam in wall some people but Padres gonna lose a hundred games and I I actually thought it was certainly possible going into the season and come close. They date far exceeded what people thought so maybe without the same horrific. You know building up process the Padres get the same result when you look at prospects. Like elk or control. I'll like Fernando Tatis junior you know that they that he's a regular gore accused the door on these and it. These guys could be that the Dallas cycle. Alex Bregman the George springer for the Padres and a couple of years. Will let me I don't know that's the great thing about baseball they get a lot of things can happen between. Now and then but they certainly Europe trapped. To give that a shot and put together something similar. So here's my take on the span. This is from historical. Standpoint of seeing this up but up close and personal so I've been around the game for a little while and I saw the Oakland is drawing money ball a close and personal. I saw Tampa Bay go for the double raised the race to the World Series to the beast of the east. I see the symbol IC is similar recipe electric shock by the students brewing. But the one thing I see that's different here in San Diego. Is Oakland. Was predicated upon the Big Three and they went on founded many arms as they code in have to read that rose to the top. But outside of that was there were some position players but they weren't the Fernando Tatis is a we're talking about. Our team debate was all about arms and the position players that came along for the ride here I think IC a better balance. I've kind of like you do when Houston where you've got some good arms that are coming through the count on trolls. I mention MacKenzie gore. There are some other arms that are down there ready go but to also have the Josh mailers to Fernando Tatis juniors there's as many potential. Everyday starters to contribute on the field is there are on the map. Every team can have a different mix. You know every championship team needed so market at that dominating rotation and then he donated much that if you know how to win it to the water three to two game and you do with pitching and defense others again just have some bombers and you put up 67 runs and yet your pitching is good but it doesn't have to be great maybe there's there's a balance in there as well you've got that you get a good offense you've got a good pitching staff neither has to beat. You know the best in the league if you combine them together every every mixes a little bit different there's no one formula I think we've learned that. Let me times over the years in baseball little one formula. To win a championship you just have to be able to score more runs the the other team and in part that's holding them down part of that. Putting runs together whether it's through base running in manufacturing runs are sitting back and waiting for the three run home run like Earl Weaver used to do there's different ways to to win baseball games and operate I think the process that they're going to everyone talked about while we're waiting for the young. Guys do it to maturity to turn into the players that part of it but the other it's figuring out. How they're going to win games once they get there what kind of team. Are they going to be that interrupting and agreed a to figure that out that he goes along because that you can have a great team but if you if you try to put you know us less. The circle in the square hole of the round pick in the square hole. You're not going to be as successfully get a friend that the right combination of players to them the right style for those guys to play. Let's take the other half the World Series which is the Dodgers having amazing season coming up one game short. Od did you see the odds on favorite with a World Series is next year. Doctors. Absolutely 110%. Correct. Moments after the. I think that's the mistake I make a mistake that rich so. Well I you know there's. They think there's nothing harder in in sports especially in baseball in in repeat in in what was blessed and we had a back to back. World Series champion yankees. Round the turn of the century. Right it's very hard to win twice that are the only thing I think harder than winning twice in a row is getting right to the edge to to a game seven total World Series. And then losing and then coming back the next year and then having a great year and that's the Dodgers are never gonna win again they they're gonna be good they're going to be. Right there that. You know they had to use pitching all the way to November. You know they they they glad for that kick a hole into the next beat him on teams I think Dutch as you can have a bit of angle over. Next year that's gonna make it difficult for them to duplicate their success. Of this week tonight actually more worried about the Dodgers and maybe this is bad news for the pot since they have since they're kind of aiming toward 2019 in the playoff round. If you're 2019 that after they can't get over over the hangover next season. What's interesting Jim Hickey who's now just got hired as the pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs he was the last pitching coach when the Houston Astros went to the World Series. Yours ago. In key commissioned the study. To move. Have their front office figure out. What was the effects on the pitcher's the next season after pitching longer having a shorter respite having shorter recovery time. In action being delayed getting ready for the next season because they'd be dual use things that women go they go on and what's on ABC is that Kimmel. To economics guy. Among area to be able to actually go after it would start yet so that it didn't stars are all what Jimmy Kimmel. They're doing all these things at least not great there banquets. They have last time musically a month longer than it reveals to recover in the league and get ready the next season so there's definitely hangover especially for pitchers. The next season so if on the Dodgers are looking to do with Yu Darvish. What I do with Audrey ether of the hell lot of questions at. Unfortunately for Padres and everybody else nationally west they have a lot of answers but there's a team that I don't think as a settled. Is a team that came with a game winning the World Series. Yeah I bet they're arguably bad with Cody Ballinger in Korea seeker in you know that they're young all right let's let's Gary about the Dodgers they have that. Virtually unlimited payroll they really even uses I mean after the guys that were contributing. In their playoff run were minimum salary. Guys they developed. In their own system I mean bacon they could start shedding some big money in the next couple of years and then be able to refuel load with gigantic free agents to complement those players the Dodgers are always going to be dangerous internationally west which makes the job. For the Padres that much to offer but we get as rich it's it's the wild card era and you don't have to finish First Act. A you don't even have to finish second but third place team in the National League west Colorado Rockies made the playoffs this year -- didn't work out for a minute when that wild card game but we've seen it before where you'd sneak in that you get the right time -- -- -- you win that wild card game yeah upsets over the the first round and and vineyard national championship series here's your Geary went away from a World Series title it if as happened it will happen again that doesn't mean you have to win your division you world champion. So interest and you look at the Dodgers the emerged to Chris Taylor he's sock Corey seeger you sob sellinger. You saw. Austin barn she saw all these young kids and you're actually right sold easily get rid of the you years do they get rid of be shocked Peterson is a kid but he era dropped Peterson mean. They have so many different questions that they're gonna have to answer. The giants are gonna have to retool they've they've completely reshuffle their coaching staff. Does Arizona feel like they're close enough where that I can do anything to the after re load what is the Colorado Rockies afternoon so she see the the Padres. On the rise there's a bunch of great teams I would argue. That the National League west could be is deep and as thick as. The American League east was a decade ago with the with the Yankees in the Red Sox and Orioles in the blue jays in the race. It sure looks that way but then again we we thought the giants were playoff contender. Going into this beat them and they turned into one of the worst teams in all of baseball you're you're just a couple of bad breaks and injuries away from it falling apart and that's true whether you're the the Rockies the Diamondbacks. Less till the Dodgers but even the Dodgers a minute mile ten games in a row. That stood out. Pick it better and you know it is something would have been able to recover from that I give credit it to Dave Roberts opera you know these catatonic talent they should've. Did bounce back and they did it but something still recover from something like that and it can happen to anyone no matter how good you are. You just get no a bad on a bad rut a couple of injuries and all the sudden you look and you're you're twenty you're twenty games about their season's over I mean it happens to everyone rich. Absolutely Karzai has been Higgins those time. Without doing the Padres post game show during the offseason. Hello it actually you know I get Collie college football game last week Alexis stepped in university in full Florida in a year girl that it would. We're between Orlando and Daytona Beach like Florida under new riches everything's flat and you can't beat there's no monument that rattled with the glass or they all the swamp in trees and in flat and it was behind I get US he got a big win and their their look like they're gonna go to the divisional net he has played. Awesome might be go to. I could go to basketball game is welcome an up for US do you say about Eric keep a little bit duty during the out CM I get TV five days a week that mandate you know I don't like you get I get the boys go home I got the white maybe we we do like to each other a little bit more baseball beaten out that that part of it is well. I do have to sign my wife exit in the seasons since this miracle temporarily be suspended based. Yeah exactly so yeah yes he got to make up for all that time what do you miss the most is Lawson lost via. Because you're actually first guest and podcast and then could it can technically call you would guess that your partner crew. Now there's bullet book whatever you want them Abbott yes they have a co host the acting go either way but Tom you know I met with gay lead. The fact that there's a baseball game on every night. Football is one you know once a week you wait wait you wait to talk about paying to talk about more than you get tired talking about things get a late Bork baseball you turn the page every single bit of the news story was an in game. They keep on moving in law that can be a grind it when you've gone through a 162 games it's also the best thing because if you don't have to wait. For the next game become authority there you turn the agent in your group and on but hey party over a month into the offseason and that spring training in the year before you know it. How long does it take you start watching Ken burns' baseball. But the but I am I right about that point out the world you know I had the World Series a pig in my late week. Of no baseball often now used to start tennis -- like where to begin weight amiss and it it's it's been a week I'm ready for spring training desert land. Yesterday. Sitting on the count of myself and the one watch 42. So that we got done watching 42 boys will watch converged baseball. Hitting five of six and he's like they had real electors don't baseball tonight what do you expect me. The picnic there and they have valued at all like so much cocky little during the winter yeah it's that it's just the sale of Vegas go around the ice skater around it's it's not baseball now. The thing that gets me is I love college football on Saturday right game day. You get the early SEC games and get Big Ten games and get the pac twelve games to a football all day long and for me that's my best sports state during the fall. Put it's not baseball right can have a scheme seven days week there's always a game on so you know. Probably around Tuesday or Wednesday I'm sitting there watching Dan Higgins on channel ten going I love you Ben but I wish there was a game wanna watch. Yeah you know we need that the little secret is during the week and the winner would just let it making up stories things that would have been tiny stories in the sovereign it would blow it up I'll give up. A full minute acutely at some of the talk about it between all these games. And it it Europe PR person in the great time for sports is right now droplets if you want to covered drop a story in the middle of the week during boring football these in Europe by a week or something because we're we're definitely looking for something on television. If you could finally can all you can eat rid contest or taco eating contest you need a special correspondent let me know William. If it's local if it's local I'm all about and I'm all about the local San Diego's staff so yeah absolutely and we'll send you out threat to cover that. The only you need apple pie eating contest. Go turkeys coming up in every RK Ben thank you so much for joining us in her first podcast will be pocket do you throughout the the offseason as we get ready for splintering of I don't popped you. Can you mention it's already this time that I can actually wish you happy Thanksgiving I think I'm the first of this year wishing every. You'll see you liar but today you know it to the store the other day there and have all the Christmas decorations up personnel. You output cut 88 at Christmas is over the for the Valentine's Day stepping you know at Valentine's Day means rich all the great training pitchers and catchers. Reports. On Valentine's Day so it will be their before you know it. There you go hey Deb thanks we'll catch open you will soon tell people that I join Twitter. Art that then take him at any time rich finally he got that forcible stole his his couple of people looking usenet. That Twitter handles the ban was able to get that first and then next man. Figure. Let's continue our podcast by catching the guy that the he has an offseason because mine in the albeit that app on iPhone. Rogers dot com and will be back comment seems like every day EG Cassel is posting over and over and over against let's check in with him. On our very first obstacle podcast. Of the offseason as it ponders AJ did you get any time off. I'll get him come up but a little up Tikrit but my god man but for now not a lot even. On Patrick dot com be upbeat but they I'll I'll be updating. It daily. Through the audit. OK so for those that took. The post season off. Kind of gave themselves a little bit of a breather what's going on with the Padres what's all the latest news that that you think people need to be aware. Other than minor and actions essentially the way create and he works is. I capital on their World Series. All all players Kamal is it a bullet in every eighteen months of their rocket aired on forty guy. And so in that process the Padres. Options. Without it the department placed on waivers or guys Pakistan says it now Bill Carrick both are Christians reject all of it and cleared waivers. And declined. Despite the Miley got it and that created these that they are all free agent. The only shot seen Eric I'd are great and they are also pre. And though with all those movement that would. The Padres roster now down 38 players that leave room for. Obviously may be signing a new. And and they kind of tinker with it and you are in the forward. Does that preclude any of those guys coming back to San Diego. Not at all I think you look at what happened at the lack in the exact same thing. He he would send it actually eat so it created again and he signed the deal with the Padres again and he made a lot camp. And so I think it it was somebody that created the bigger guy department but to bring back Indy airy. Happy. He cracked and the boat who worked pretty useful to them Latina. I don't think. Any movement failing means I Pacman bat that it at varying degrees now. I think it would be a little more pride in the Christian read your regular Coast Guard who. Who bit timely. With a couple of double injury. And you get an opportunity at San Diego I think to be little more pride in making that. I think for the most part. None of those guys are our debt off off the table for the pocket. For me if I'm ranking I wanna see Stan and come back. That I wanna seizure seen come back because if you look at it there's a little bit arms in you have actually more depth than the starting rotation. With the guys establish themselves this year than Wu walked to the Peoria last year and beginning the spring training and all five jobs rougher wraps. Except he might be it independent analyst so valuable after. App there April I'm. You really can't let. Yeah you can't but I don't what it meant in terms of justice being kind of a veteran guy an honorable and and what about on but the thing he did with. And any work to do their work. Three innings in Horry on the and in it EA and get out of hand that he was in desperate type of guy you want on on I think he'll command. Some accurate than what. But it seemed that wouldn't want a ballot cried and I know ye. Area in coming back in Diego the right opera there on that same kind of deal the yeah its ride that echo park it like to see that. Were and there are potentially. Beef up to be worked out. You know and I look ahead. If you're of the Houston Astros your aging hinge would your wife and a lot easier if you have some like Craig stamina of the bullpen in the World Series. Yeah alert or threat and it. Is another exactly. Com I'm. Glad EG outlook that it. And it did end up winning the world is well the problem Brad. And make about the and how they want. If it seemed to work out that line. For you wanna. Won every ball and battle. Yet they did they really did end where you get OK so we are shocked with this went belly because before he came on the podcast that. You know you look at the Dodgers. They've got a big window of opportunity to tell our questions than. I was blown away. That the most vaunted bullpen in all of baseball really. Kind of disappeared towards in that World Series in the dodgers'. Yet they're up there on the ball and I think it was it was normal. A site and elegant all oval at work and if you look at the way eight man. They've Robert and the bullpen and not PayPal how I would. I I don't agree with an open but what it would look I didn't spot where. Every every single guy in you know that we're situated every single guy. Had at. There I'd get out there are two batters he get out. The point where one person. Didn't happen that night one Burton got knocked around. There was no contingency plan. It was thought adding it would epic flooding into the World Series starting game five of the World Series of odd game he had gotten that inning and had used pretty much everyone in and all the sudden get on Brandon McCarthy out there with the World Series as well on the line and so. You know what not surprising that after apartment. So resilient they seemed like in the battle back from just about anything. But I get a credit that it acted that is open is still very good Brandon Morrow an old old friend San Diego. In a free agent upbeat I'm sure he'd eat fruit and dull with the seat he had Newt command may be a bigger deal and yet this year but I mean. Ultimately creek creek Evan he's eaten at saint vote he's someone someone out there use in the Bentley litigating and be trending toward open. Ian and this is true I'm sure I like it that you use starters. Less in relying horrible and I just. I just don't like it and almost the antithesis of what we used to see where a you've heard a surrogate fishing game now it seems like that where you were to the pendulum swung so far the other side. I don't know if this transitional work in baseball. Well it it one thing for the regular season not a into the policy and I think if you look at the Dodgers in the current round the work perfectly formed. Right com. And and ultimately what I'm out in the navy happened in England or it your relievers on. Are incredibly back I mean I think it will we want started to go deep in the game but. There's no one out there that that integrate that with the usefulness of starter who can hit seven great innings. By. You garbage in my opinion shouldn't starting game seven and then you Dartmouth in my opinion should have been removed. After eight batters and I think that it became pretty clear pretty fat idiot. Abbott and weird situation like that. It bet that not what you wanna get beat writing starter began looking into the situation all. But I think you'll find out what Verlander did we all plan value you. You what what clinker cut in the first round in all I'm valued at a Mormon. But. It's not. That did that. It started working deep into the game is not. Did entirely black if it you can get that back as possible when you have situations where guys yet. I get wrapped. I am I'm not. Com you did you get a chance and I know you written about Matt Stairs coming over wanted to get your thoughts. On on stairs can never be the new hitting instructor. What is his strength what do you think his his immediate goal short term and the long term for this club it's. Well I think short term it pretty obvious. You want to get on base percentage up. And that he he brought that up at a nonprofit that's where I wanted buying in to ballot what 1 o'clock a lot about. You brought it up or that I could bring up and I think. I don't watch the Padres. Note that he not made they gave they hit plenty of home run. That not yet not a problem the problem is that many young gators maybe get outside and so you don't necessarily understand that strength that swinging at pitches that. That aren't in the zone that you know what even if it they weren't the only issue between at a 21 item that kept on the outside corner you know. And so you've got I think that would want to pick. Or form are calm. It strengthen the hitting coach Mike Leary excellent communicators into the barrel very very positive guy. Com now is that mostly your day. We need to finally see it in action but it it it seemed like. He succeeded. In some ways in Philadelphia with a very similar cap young hitters and that the department of what happened in San Diego. And it's funny he is a product of money ball. Got there after Mark McGwire is treated when the is with the first team that really started stressed stressing the on base percentage and seeing big and try to draw more walks than you would strike out so. That plays right into what we see what the Padres room waved to me strikeouts. In too many guys giving a bad axle Cecil. Yeah and you know what attracted the most obviously I. Followed that their career and that would eat it but. Really impressive numbers in nineteen Eden packing Major League season with 356 on base percentage. That are due at pretty incredible and it is there's there's one home run and out mine mine mine. A little you can plot and the with the Tibetan nine. And I'll yet. Com and I had he can't use it in your mind of the guy at eighty to deliver on the situation or are big spotlight. But 36 on base over nineteen years that more than that 01 time. And maybe that not that more than the ball and power at the guy who took an at bat pretty insult. Equipment enabling it and bring it over into the keeping out back then and from everything I've heard it is now but yet the right mindset is so. We need to wait and see how what kind of effect yet Padre. It and I don't know man since. Gosh 19992000. When he when he was with the Oakland a's and I can't lead in the when I read that's that is like I all of map all the way to his career. Because we've known each other but nineteen years the big leagues that's a lot because. When you think of him you think of that big softball swing that he would have when he's trying to hit one for the downs but. He was a guy that would work added that was really Smart hitter. Yep and that it. If you look at it career in a slightly what. That's exactly what I want there haters can become. There's you would be Smart enough to play. In light. And then when he got to hit it on the the Padres. Mean willing to do damage to about everything they get an idiot like it not and and that really that it and gobble up and I'm not that. Hitter on the putt and he'd say you know what that guy that but pretty selective hitter that I'd hate and adopt at a place is room for improvement almost crop report. So eloquent human Carlos this why you rule lock him in together and see what kind of genius stuff they come up with. The slide when he came up the end of the season he was one that kind of was trending that way. Yet why 888 and point that you've eaten yet he had the debt. Yet that. Quality. Of the take it on the could heat up and and the that you don't swing at and let there that were non. Wait did but I I would I would argue that even room for improvement edit the one got Utley and pat without. And he did that really well for them in 2016. He comes back from a back injury. That'll that'll certainly help it that much but. Let that go across the board of movement that room for improvement that it will Meyer putter and brought in as many Margo and that about the state. Eight they art on eight all that and Wellemeyer threw a little been on sixteen could be. Op many Margo I think that that electric fifteen clipped at the probably around the league average. But there's room for that Rupert growth for all of the guys and that there Padre about it company's direct indicator for. I think the proof is the putting how many solo shots of the Padraig said it seemed like get all the put up those was. Single digits and didn't drive anybody yet except for that home run too many solo shots. Yet I mean that. That part of probably over under ought they all year and and the progress at all or franchise records but now on Sunday and I try to add in an atom. And it and it deadlock in the major economic ministry to block it so clearly there's room for improvement palm you're gonna get. Lower on base percentage is when you work with young hitters. And calm but part of that guy that needs change their change their approach and I think with. With some guy that might not in my. A lot about the politics we saw. Often it is gotten pretty good about and even I think later in the evening got a little chase happy. And so. It's an eight. Come doubted that that the number one tee at approximately six it's not even there ought there on base percentage needs to get better when a trend in the right direction. He age 85 fifth. If age controller goes shopping. What kind of store is he walking into if you see him going out looking for free agents. What trip to freeagent do you think he might go after 'cause he is there McEnroe after JD Martinez obviously they're not there yet. But what do you think some of the holes in my appealed to fill with a guy like a Jolie should scene where they take a nominal risk in the get a reward. I think it did you look at it that that. I mean type players who who could. But mentally ill boy who wondered if eaten. It become valuable that potentially in the trade market. And guys who look at look at the young. Players in the organization you look at. And let you coming up at shortstop area coming up at second base of the some of the attitude San Antonio. And Republican a whole lot there's. I went in 192020. In terms of which are those guys are. Our capable to meeting in Major League level and so they need to find guys you mentally ill avoid I think while ago about the opt in for a short stop. In looking for two. At minimum starting pitcher he's looking for depending on what happened that Craig and then in eighty Brett and the first two relievers and I would their backup catcher. Well you know and I'm looking at that shortstop on trying to figure around you know who kind of fits that bill. For shortstop. That you can go out there and find two years until the guys in the minor leagues are ready to go. One name out there that that interest me and it just kind of in the ship apparently they think I'm one year. Years while he's at the bar com. Ye. He is it better and there and you got a patent lucky I was nowhere near the under was when he won gold glove in Kansas City. But the pot is. Starting rotation and was number one in the acres in all race their defense not especially good and that I think had had. Upton to deal with some of the poor results from the starting pitchers. Obviously bump some of them in in some of the blame goes to the picture itself but. It would get better and you'll be and that would make it got out at shortstop they can do. It could. They could get bigger boot into it or not at the bar up the numbers are outweighed out EE also more than I did not rate a guy. By there's not a comma option that shortstop on the open market and the Padres aren't gonna go after big name and not gonna go back and trade. He is for the future to get someone they feel like. That it would be to get someone who leads only theoretically. Stopgap option open and at ease junior right. Are there any in trouble options for them. The G roll with him in. I mean if you can't get if you can't get that stop gap is still only the shortstop everyday. I don't think there there's internal options in in the form of and it elect a Allen Cordoba. But did not did not. Internal option we feel comfortable with and Everett at short but they will they will find someone in. Iran appellate talking about that. Basketball won and that's. I thought was just amazed. Hit all day long had had a great season but you list. Could not find a position I couldn't figure out what kind of position and he was balls to be and because there types or I would wander into the other in the other clubhouse and I sit and talk with me and my. The East Coast a big guy playing in the outfield over there. He's too big to be and I city's second baseman he's too big to be an infielder. Ease he doesn't have a natural position. But the guy can hit me did at times he did a really really really good job for the city upon countries that's was he Perot. You were cast him what's his future do you think. I think he's the favorite let on in the next week and he might be due for a Democrat and I I would really like Blakey. One at bat and it went up there with a long hard and he was elected and now. To the point where when he got a yeah. It dammit but then he. Eclectic unit and you're right he'll probably arrived in incident yeah under the seat in to the point where. I would call him an app would I would call him an aberrant left fielder but I'm not saying happened during the out of it and it played every day until. Lack here and they'll. Outfielder nick thing I think there's a lot going on. A lot like a market that many Margolis is the answer in center field and after that 87 guys. Fighting for proper spot on route but I would say entering the season that crowd favorite Bartlett. Feel yeah I agree because I thought Perot would deserve to play every day Margo I'm sold on I think he's the next all star. Renfro is got to cut down on the strikeouts and and raise the on base percentage and a forty diligent cow ski you've got to Dickerson if he comes back. There's a lot of guys aboard blast at all trying to get there. But they're just seems to be just a lot of of guys in the loans establish themselves. And that I think there's been seven. And that question mark entering our. I think probably. Four spot and Marco and now I I think went well and Carell are they. Com relevant to what he did last year renfro because of what organization is committed to mandate they obviously it may declared that you'll eat eat their regular future. Com. But there. Other options Cordero would probably impressive he took that back after great start cattle that much but it is eaten. Maybe picked it right he'd be he'd eat an option opt out and I think. If he can come. Act and you'd yet because I have I have a question mark about. Back injury occurred for 26 year old let it. It can come back healthy. He would be you'd go on happening it it would be really nice it would. And it worked its way in with with right he's. I mean he either either good left handed hitter actually get rid of the unique kind of nick could weigh in with Perella and renfro. In the corners and then I think it's better you know you've got candidate in koehlke either. Battle that backup. That you'll spot on utility. Each guy. Do you see the Padres being aggressive in the rule five draft and aimless and I think they've been the bout most successful wolf they team. Over the last couple years in all of Major League Baseball but there were times when you're carrying the three rule five guys that if it hampers you war. Winning every day but I look at an island like lose two runs I saw had shoulder difference in him catching beginning of the season towards the end of the year. I beckoned the aggressive. I know that they probably don't know yet quite yet because. I think there's still a couple of weeks or. Or I can be detected problems. On the rule five draft and go. It would we don't really know yet available. Com. But it unprecedented partnership probably going to be brought in and and adding it more likely than not it. Pick someone that that Miguel the end but we don't normal because they they. Proven that aid and that you can sit a guy in the into the bullpen got a lot. And you can have among Iraq and vocal guy. Reject as potential long term big league where patiently. For the rule five guys that you had this year. Do you think we'll see them on the big league roster or do they returned back to the minor leagues to finish their season. I have a hard time believing. Either an industry power are on the open there are certain maybe eighty. Court at amber at the end of the year. All three. Really need. Time and not get that in San Diego because the pot up at him on Iraq and one plane though. I think the current leader Angela double play. Miguel Diaz probably novelist. Allan Cordoba I I know what he won the actual ultimately do I think they might play in the morgue. Quality type role weren't clear around the infield and outfield. Well and then the comment at AAA alert or potentially double that I don't see any of them making Iraq at a camp I will say. I wouldn't have been deprived of guilt yet. I need leaders would audit would be giving the chance. That but I think it CNN the long term. Starter. No I'm right there with I think you're spot on that aren't so what does aging cast will do during the offseason besides. Honeymoon plans and writing every day. I can pretty much wrapped secret but nailed it I actually. And got a big hockey guy like at I took a vacation at Edmonton last weekend and lots couple are in there. It got kind of debated the future hockey. Actually shut down the right that we. Would get time I I. And in with that and gone on the Padres but elk and maybe maybe take some time that play that and the injured. Eight. And we'll let. It essentially at balance. In around about it at all that chance to maybe. It could be around that nude in place then and Vietnamese people in Korea is equal and needless you have to hockey team. And the New Jersey Devils fan probably probably the team. Had come and seen what that favorite favorite sports team. No would you consider yourself a long suffering doubles in Europe. We're gonna get him this year fan. I've seen recently up. And so I I don't think that that all night long suffering now. It's been fourteen years in the last one but. They've they've been pretty decent and that's fourteen years. So you know what the lap the last 45 years. It that the president papered the child attitude at and the devil and I am happy that. By early he still have the last teacher from their last Stanley Cup championship or Brett Harris open. I I have that he shared buried bottom my closet. Implement well throw it out Portland. T shirts violent as seriously do you really does teacher thirty do you know what that means to me were getting rid of that teacher. I. Yeah and you know it they would again. They went again I'll I'll I'll I'll happily buy and one and I'll play. There you go hey AJ thank you so much for coming on the podcast we're gonna hit chip a couple more times before we get down to Peoria. I wish this to Dan Higgins earlier and I guess it's time now last November I can wish happy Thanksgiving and I talked to before Turkey day. I think you can only on what. Let's listen work piecing it fury before you know right. Allman ideal and talk about our record. Hey AJ takes about to do this appreciated. Yet that's gonna do it for our first top so podcast of the offseason appreciate you spending some time with us had a nice conversation with a with their very own and against part of our broadcast crew here on the Dodgers network in the EG cast who. Don't telling. Them work part. It was a pretty good insights if you look at his target rate for free agents who will talk bore every week get together. And will bring different folks on have a lot during the offseason so. Make sure that you subscribe to our podcast. You could find it countries rated podcast on apple. On apple podcast now also want to ask you assess would put the Padres rewind put wallop on one feeds so it's easy again subscribe. In every time we do podcast automatically. Be set to you or iPhone and powder power realist podcast on apple. But I do ask one favor if you don't mind. Please leave us any rating. 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