Episode 2: Padres Hot Stove Podcast

Friday, November 17th

On episode two of the Padres Hot Stove Podcast, Rich talks with Scott Miller and Dennis Lin! 


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They assist us in Diego hot stove podcast back so hot. From the Padres radio network should really deals harder hit one big. I rushed geragos again. On the watch it here rich richer rarer. Welcome everybody the condition of our hot stove podcast for the Padres. Offseason knowing baseball what are we. You just did not. So check yet know where fox sports game. Pregame show. Also read live report in one of my country and MLB network. Radio that he's got to get everything you do is always important. I think. I thank you got everything gradual and yet who has. There is double what coming out of march what Bob troops buried but we can get that later on the metal side of baseball duke has been a long time metal skills coach. Or Sampras as a giant now. The Red Sox are about twelve years before that. And more excited. About the book I caught there with them but well that's apps for next for -- I did everything I I don't. Attracted of that book though on camera biz who wrote a book and you know Cameron is he's got to coach for the Condo. His book just came after in the World Series where he updated his book about the mental side of the game. Excellent you know I have a copy book sitting right here and you're right you know a lot of players around the league used to. Yeah Ali and edit on eight. About did get off track but but with them two straight book. While they wait to theirs and we have a chapter. Kind of like giving their history of mental skills coaching in the game. And obviously there's not that. Much that it stretched that long before. The last few years. But camera there's included with the chapter in my pocket camper this book and up about he was a pioneer whipped up. But then California angels. And people and great story about tried you know the pitching coach ray Laxman abided him a Marcel last abided. To work with the pitchers and let's just say bad manager Jean Marc. Looked at him when he showed up spring training in Palm Springs a year as a the plate yet arrived Ji Bok Boca based on guys like why it is so you know what are you talking about metals skills so. Anyway yeah interesting but yet Kenny is in our book absolutely an. You look around all of baseball and we're gonna get the potter's dissect toward ritual Ronald baseball. It is becoming. Such a specialized sport nutritionist to Kenny scientologists. To mental coaches to having assisted hitting coaches I mean before you got a couple coaches. Normally there were friends with the manager he gave his buddy's job and now you look at it I mean you have so much specialty. Work and out of baseball staff that you wouldn't recognize the staff from let's say 1520 years ago. Now I mean you know you we've seen already a couple games of this. This what are including the Detroit Tigers Seattle Mariners. Among other they hired eight quality control coach. You know we've heard all about. I got workspace coached third base coach bullpen coach pitching coach. Now we're at quality control coaches and you also your right everything's going. Special as Asian man. You know we're battle skills. I think a lot of teams are are starting to buy into that I Lee Adler what I wrote. That part of the book light summer I think 23 or 2014. Of the thirty head. A metal tools coat or two or three in some form. And you're right I mean cat in the eighties is one wade came and a baseball different training methods. And then after that nutritional. Values instead of guys get eaten cheeseburgers late at night value post games grads. In the clubhouse as you've got yelled real the British and you know very healthy food. As we've gone from changing training methods that changing nutrition. And now you know I think you know metal skills as it is is kind of the next front here that teams are conquering soaked. Yet it's not a lot in the book it's a lot of that is his career algae. Used mental skills car about a thirteen year career including. 1990 succeed and what the NL west champions San Diego Padres. He pitched what the last game that clinched the division title in that or the partners in that stadium. And second. What is really gets and that's the players he's worked with a cut to lob. Jon Lester. And can't be result of the cubs' Rich Hill the Los Angeles Dodgers. And job. I Andrew Miller the relief specialist in the Cleveland Indians those four guys in particular play big roles in this book or do they were good enough to open up. You just look at the difference between the clubhouse is at Qualcomm Jack Murphy stadium vs which Avant that go. Mean I remember when I first broke in and I'm not that'll. There was big candy practical many can't do you want the big rap that yeah of a it's not the detonate the hostage you want it and unity and bring in fast food and now I remember is that the San Francisco. There was the first to get rid of the candy rack. Only dark truck it's our normal I was traveling with Tampa Bay Rays. It was only by season though Pete. Because it was the better for you. Ed and now team higher and higher wrote GAAP less fat. On. It and now you look at it even in the minor leagues in the Padres do this that. And the minor leagues the clubhouse staff the provides the meal. Asked to go organic now so they get better protein and better food for the players that they struggled. Yeah and that the bottom line at all via medical skills area of the game. Or that nutritional aspects you were just talking about you know bottom line be it for the libraries or the giants or the Indians or whoever it is. I'll as everybody knows this is a really really competitive game and now. As as as former. Boston general manager bench Eric told me up for an interview hurt a story Bleacher Report and ended up becoming part of partners bought. Is set talking about battle skills said he now it's incumbent on us as an organization. To make sure you know it's 7 o'clock o'clock when these guys go out like. That we covered all the bases and that they are ready to go physically. Mentally. Emotionally. All areas that they are we kept crying to perform. At bat he said because. It is so competitive anymore today. That no one victory somewhere along the line could mean the difference of a winning title bout winning a title yell. Earning millions of dollars matter in doubt whatever aside and now. So I'll make snaps that as we've become more light that I think is is hopefully as it is it's human beings in terms of at least. Understanding more about our bodies physically mentally emotionally. You know nutritionally. It it it stands to reason that that at the highest lapels of wherever you're talking about this this corporate. Corporations. Baseball. At the very high level that you would want the guys you're applauding you would want to give them every chance to succeed. I don't want any pitcher thought let's talk about the competition. You will be unique perspective. Because you do the work of fox were seeing Diego you do the work for Bleacher Report seat in you do work an MLB network radio so. You you were a couple different hat so you do the local work. On television that you know. Pretty much the intimate details of the San Diego Padres. But you'll also know the intimate details of everybody else in the in the National League west so. Is we are embarking on this hot stove wanted to picture pops up. What should top the of the couple's story lines which took away from last year's San Diego Padres and how that kinda. Morphed into what we're look during the hot stove and then the story lines of the national west which. Scott what I've known your for a while. I am very reminiscent of the America of the American League east when it was the beast in the UN teams up and down the can all win. This west looks like it's gonna be the next power division baseball. Yeah yeah it does mean you look at it I don't think all doctors are going anywhere anytime soon and I mean obviously. Yet they finally broke route this year even elevated way or Thursday at least got there which still amazed me says. Well this last. Mott. Somebody people talk about eight Dodgers have won or surge since 1988 and I always feel sort collected people like. To me that a basic thing is look at the Dodgers have won the world servers and 88 it's that. They have had even played world sellers in 88 for winning every then there virtual franchise in baseball. With those deep pockets within that. To be shut our world there are a lot as the main. I think we learned the last couple years you know there there about twelve edit. Front office led by president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman. Which just about every year you know by a former general manager under. Up from far and I immediately formerly of Oakland giant firm formerly San Diego and Arizona. Bob Dallek sent apple who just left to become the Dodgers to become new manager of the bridge. The Dodgers. That they're big. That they're danger right now because they've got a ton of money. They've got buried they're Smart people running the team. And they guy. Very young talent you know we saw that in in house speaker breaking out last year in Cody Ballinger. Breaking out this year this past year. So you're right about. I like it compares all the American League. East because the Dodgers I mean are almost like the Yankees wore for a while without a title of course. But in terms of money big market. You know talents good people running it. Errors or bounced back really quickly you know are they gonna go 93. 69 again this year. I don't know about anatomy but they they had an impressive impressive turnaround from last about sixteen seasons at seventy seat at. But you know their lower Colorado. Has our guys young you know good young players I mean you know Nolan are now third base camp like him. The fact that ball wild card teams came out of the nationally last. The fact that all three of the final stroke nationally manager of the year came out the last. It it's it's Digisette very competitive but last takeaways yet yet. Tempers got giants to be underestimated I don't think anybody. Anybody anywhere where you couldn't stop anybody going in the last. That would've said the partners are not get finished last the fact that the top and about finishing ahead of the giants by seven games. Was a base. And I'll. So the question for the giant you look at that roster Buster Posey Brandon belt and Brandon Crawford. You know Johnny wait so if he doesn't opt out waiting to hear on natural gypsum larger national Bob Gardner's and he comes at you look at it like. How could deck crew prosecute port 98 but the upside is. At about a year hack because they collapse started the second at sixteen season so the big debate. We're the giants are concerned and were cited out the winner and then actually has. Are they. Given the things I just ticked off aren't they just a couple shop old pieces away. From getting back on their feet again. For. Guys like our pants they just they got too old. And you know even Buster Posey may be glory days have passed by hello there so I'm not saying they have got saint. That's a question. In other words. The giants are they do for a major major overhaul right now. Or this winter and make rear porch he moves and get right back you know and we all had that heart called might be our calls of any team this winner. And and I look at it is you know Steve entered sitting out there girls Stanton. And I don't know what makes the most sense that would scare the heck out of me is to see him about last. Yeah because you know. The separate system giants as I said it. There offense is that pretty decrepit lately at their pitching they yup they they lived up years ago when winning those or slurs on their pitching every. You'll Matt Cain I don't have the numbers randomly but you know and obviously mecky just retired by. There are some spec if it. He was criminally under supported when he pitched over his career right the giants. Sport like to rear view on score him in like something like fifty or sixty or discouraged and if they had. It has it has record when he was picked up four runs for him. Was phenomenal and and eat it now so this. The giant that led by gains by Lincecum by Bob Gardner. And they just not able put up a productive. Consistently productive offense out there. So your point Richard if they were able figure out a way to trade Giancarlo Stanton and I they have the money. He's all about 297. Billion dollars over the next many many years. I'll they had that. The Marlins won a top prospects back. Giant farm system as is ranked by most of those who ranked farm systems baseball America MLB pipeline. As among the bottom bottom why farms systems oh. I don't know their prospects but. Also your political outlets all the doctors figured out a way to trade for him. Errors owning any of them we do not step from the Los Angeles area. Any likes it. Out west. And he has a complete blanket no trade clause so he can direct. To a degree here's where he's gonna go with the Marlins. So not to depress pottery fixed. Bristol looking at is read a process. On how the pod race. Keep their head above water continue on this path because I've said this gotten recently as before I came to San Diego. And I look at the Padres. The plan have put together is solid if they expected their inning you've yet. The middle infielders that seemed to be getting closer and closer. You've got the pitchers and getting closer closer. If your Padres beat him if you could just hold on I know you've been told us forever. This is going to be well ballclub. But not for a couple years. Yeah that that thing you're you have to lack the Fernando Tatis and juniors. It end and urged it. Rest of the Leo that the studs down on the system missed the pitcher to match you got like Walter lock it. And Miguel Diaz and and and you know even a couple of the older guys out on trilogy a bit. On the other that there are slightly older guys their only 2241122. Google it's like it's an. Yeah but I think you're exactly right the pot theories that their best that right now. Is to stick close to the plan they have you know and that. You have I mean a lot of people say within the game. For example. Date they could be player ONG Karl stand at sacred. Yup because of all the arm the young guys they have that they could there team that we get that mark what they want in young talent. And all aside you could have hit the homer a year hitter in practical part. And while that mountain high in May be. Maybe. Maybe can work but I question. I think the best bet is to not. Get distracted by that shiny objects like Giancarlo Stanton and make sure you keep the guts of this farm system don't I well site. What I liked Alley at Bleacher Report the other day didn't know where he's spent my longtime colleague would vote used this CBS sports that come together. And it is Danny just last week texted me say it just not to discount. That without watching mayors are always worked for the past couple weeks. Some guy tells me the pot might have the best farm system and baseball and bell what date actually equity in the San Diego. And you hear things like that in in that's where it's it's you can get skeptic. Well when you hear how these people talk like AJ crawler and general manager you know ownership Peter Seidler round dollar when you hear. Day out. Talking about it we've got a great farm system. It's easy either maybe take that with a grain of salt because hey. They're the ones run and show what are they supposed to we're doing it up right. When you hear from people outside the organization. Such as this gal that I just mentioned when you hear people on the ground. Watching meteors are always yet and watching you know the the mid west lead over the summer I'll in you hear those people say hey. There's not going on Saturday may have the best pot farm system around. That's what future tensions all I do like. There's no question of meat from talking to people around me gain the depositors are on the right. And Ed is. Strong as we talk about the decision booting the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. Stop happened. You know I mean look at Houston they took the other the bottle right for the quote on quote thank you whatever word you want news Bob stripping down rebuilding. The other the bottle they would Sports Illustrated cover Darlington 2014. They. Build a great system. That lost a hundred plus games years Guerrero. And they came back this year. And you know what if you. Larger than this World Series just in dollars and cents or so of the doubters and I look at their payroll look at all the extra players app. And the Astros were unbelievable. And that's. Again another example it arteries we know are doing things that he was solid and bad while our belt do last year. I'll know Jose Perella well Julio he's. Grading 28 up part of their young. War but are also why the way he developed and all mark go. You know then you grounded minor somebody's gotta talk about it and you know it it it it's coming and sometimes it comes a little boy you know he you don't want it. So that people are all what also expectations. They all gonna come sooner than later. But it can't I mean the cubs. A year had scheduled before they won a world servers member your report. They go in the actually championship serves we're about swapped them in everybody pretty much agreed. That was a year to earth in the cubs nobody was expecting that from the cup so. You know we'll see how it plays out with all the young ballot but you know at least you can say now there's a lot of young talent in the public system. It's not dissimilar than when it worked in Oakland. And was there for money ball. In one Exxon Tampa they were first. That would run across a lot. When they term drought that they'll raise up raise Ian NIC sold much of it. It it's like history repeating so I get a little excited. I'm soft paddling right now because I don't think it's just quite there yet. But it will be here sooner rather than later and you'll see it come. Well and that that's why I'm yeah that that's a good way and that's that's why I said. What did about as Chicago Cubs yeah I mean it when the world surged two years ago but. You are quite a scene. What the Nazis and everybody was talking it becomes how to young talent they're going to be good really soon. In the ticket he'd nobody was saying cubs are going to be good. Right now. Now and it really want and until the second half let's tweak it in the cups made an incredible run in August and September of that year. Obsolete at the beginning when he hit in the cup war quite sure what they had made in the eight. They could not say with certainty they were ready right there. Yeah a look at the way the other lands you know we've heard curb the past couple years. Public that we are also now and Byron botched and that boxed and had to retreat false starts on the east. He's part of that reason to be honest with you while on guard fired they're like last year Terry Ryan aspires general manager because. Yeah they do at this young talent but you just don't know one young tell it's gonna blossom and they bought. Box and and so now we're going to be ready to ritual years ago. And boxed and had two were two years and overall war he came up in salt flat on space and awards and at all last year finally. That he began. To show what he can do and and when he did that. All the sudden the twins what two and 98 cost team or wherever they weren't 4016. Two oh wild card team and 2070. You know granted it was. Wasn't tied to say on guard her job orchard and why you look at what is now it's like you could see them. You know as a contender for the next several years. I appreciate you take it time oh to join us on our podcast though will hit chew up again before you get to Peoria what do you do when right now what's going on on what's coming up Bleacher Report T get any vacation time legally trips here. You know big collection Gretchen yeah I saw why I had last week off this week I'm I'm working about it general managers meeting will be at the winter meetings in Orlando Florida. We're in now early December that the tent the fourteenth but duck. I'm a little bit on log off to work and a free agents like rumors lies straight bill stop this week. I'll next week I'm actually taken Thanksgiving week off. Then back on per couple weeks including the winter meetings said that. Go lightly stop light. Right from the winter meetings ma. Going to Europe my wife and hired on my daughter's safe studying abroad in London right now. And now we're gonna go over me earned several she's done Peter Amsterdam on population data and and we're gonna do a good time up there a back in January ready. By the way to get your concerts and last time you won the big Triplett was Australia right. Yeah your right back and I shall LB network radio are believed that day I was leading runner like 1130. Yeah out of LA at 1130 that night late last January. And I think you you you're article posted on MLB network radio for like maybe eleventh. To add that not what Altman finished packing it went to Australia so yes that would Bruce Springsteen shell. All I think not no big show com. I saw in late September. May best staples at the San Diego blues festival ballot on. Where I think god it was a mission bay but right now they are great venue great fun. Mavis staples as an American bludgeoned formerly at staples singers 72 right now nude disc out called it all I was was black. Great stuff. You know I just saw show geared Carlsbad. A couple nights ago you'll recognize this band for sure. Tiny little theater Carlsbad Sunday evening. Our friend. And now retired base coach Tim Flannery as. We play. They played Carol just our natural talked to all our Trent land on a Sunday night he's doing really good. Think he's played them or show up north but here this weekend up in Fresno and it in the Bay Area but duck yet right now ought. Nothing major. I'd I'd probably grew Springsteen saxophone player Jake Clemons is a solo tour I think. He's going to account but down in downtown San Diego on December 4 but I think I may have to hit that shot going we're Bruschi I am only sacked where about. And other and that all but one of my favorite bands all right house called the drive by truckers from Alabama. Kind of southern rock another plan up and LA in February demonstrated that people spring training so. You're right I am a music guy I'll keep almost trap just seeing Bob seeger so honorable Dan Bartlett. This Saturday after the World Series November 4 upn the form a lot sandals but read a little tour seeger and 72. Not to back troubling and it hit a post on the rest Tuesday postponed Ellen show. Edberg for surgery in the city going to be back out rescheduling shows in the spring so. I would guess you are structure or or threat rock and rollers while we can't some of our guys like seeger did not the data for so long or not too much time left. You never see. Oh boy I'll. Probably at Springsteen actually as I like that got a strange being probable match which you refer to it as. Although she liked spurs back then street then maybe thirty sometimes. Hole. Bob could yet top that are. Act. Like I don't give a popular. Well I locals are dead guy president parents yet. How I see now. Opted balked at about fifteen or sixteen graduate upper spot thirty sometimes I mean. You know it's a good question I would say structures stand out that probably that very first time I saw Springsteen was. What. I've missed being in the eighty's I I. Lot start albeit by growing up in a small comet Michigan. While forty minutes out of Detroit. We're out of high school I didn't see many characters because you know my parents were like you are not going up to a concert in Detroit young man. A so I'd like. First however let's bring in street band reunion tour when they get. 1999. And job. I didn't and it never seen with these street ban hour's time ago. And now. So light that you played what they start in Europe they came back to the states I was covering the twins. And now they're they played over a month they played like six teams shows that the battle alliance and jurors. And don't bury. Like sector or why should go it was a Thursday night and the twins. Were playing Yankee Stadium on Friday Saturday Sunday so I was wondering what truck load early Thursday. And one out to the meadowlands on wall been sick and everything was sold about ended up buying a ticket from a guy. Outside. I like eight by Turkey like Goddard wanna get it done here at the veto a teenaged my teenaged not supposed to be going. Property could and he was that is why he's such a your release it without okay that could break so we get pretty gutsy about ten rows up behind stage. And I'll sort pocket and in the hour before the show. And M and or about forty minutes then and talking before this shall start and guys like. You know what. Straight stallion was eighty bucks here's forty bucks back I can not overcharge you could use that clearly your Springsteen guys. You know your stuff you really enjoyable ought to. I'm an adult I told him I said. You keep the money I'm happy you're pitching was handling the and he was like no he he insisted he would do so then. The show was great. It was it was a new church I see who actually it's Springsteen in New Jersey it it is would be like going to ask in Vatican City it's in the pulpit Vatican City I mean that it desperate Jersey screeched Youngstown State. So anyway app shelves. Other launch or Jack. Was like how you get back in Manhattan I said I just gonna grab. A cab. I'd like watch my wife and I can have so they work hard I appreciate it you know you got to do that. He says beyond this is the last here is like its seat of the sixty shelter it's about ten. He says this is our last one shall we export urged we got a Limbaugh. And we would be happy apple remote take you back with. It back up a Long Island City sold like race car tires as would travel long battle. So all we walk out shielding was so don't take. And take it back to walk out. And there's like these white stretch limos lined up outside guys like there's hours hop in the limo and drive back and he drops off to. All were addressed the operate their hotel midtown Manhattan's so. You'll Belleville park on burst out as hard bypassed but the ratio outside Australia last year. World unbelievable. You know I it that's about bankruptcy. Yet that's sure Auburn. I've been really lucky this number of all the artists have been great. Why seed out just impressed I want it you know it petered analyst together just like you to talk music. For a couple of hours are and that'll those Sternberg and the Tampa Bay because I think he sealed Springsteen about forty times. Okay yup and I talked with Peter Wright Peter Alstott I plug and play guitar. A couple spring training ago Jake Peavy had a job. His foundation net at a fund raiser it is the first operation. And it was a fundraiser was at a club and Scott Steelers aren't as he be played with those abandoned at a number of people. Opening acts before Jake you know ban. And Gammons came down in EE play guitar opera couple songs. During that. That's it and out. Yet Peter's great guy great obviously great brand great baseball guy great music guy and I yeah I got a big kick in and he was like an electric charges. That shell camera so it was pretty funny to watch. Wow if I don't get a chance to talk to before Thanksgiving next week happy Thanksgiving to you would your family and we got to catch up against him. This sounds great virtue is well happy Thanksgiving you and your family and your first one out here all your some rockets and high school and you guys broke a lot. Thank you so much. Let's continue our podcast this week in check in with the gentleman who he's got a lot in his plea. He's had general manager's meetings he's got owners meetings but the biggest thing on his plate this week. Is it's USC UCLA we Denis Lindsay and the union Tribune joining us here. On our podcast Dennis are you feeling good about the trojans this weekend. They're considering UCLA has had the equivalent. High school run because that's a pretty good. It is I had to drop out out because. It's been an up and down here are trojans. Yeah aspect those creepy in the ranking order. Thirty pretty bad for the team's overall mindset. Good. What can you do written upon our college football and they got that evened out but they take more measured urged you. Approaching the season. A federal I'd never put up my putter counters three teams I pull for USC does that to a group as a kid rooting for. The University of Miami because I don't wanna sleep on the count is that's right white went to school. The Naval Academy because that's where my son goes to school so when I'm tweeting on Saturday about college football like a lot of people like he went committee you can't have more than one team. But I have to explain that either wanna keep peace in the house so I gotta root for three teams. Pepper respect. Yeah who wanted to. Cut there you go out like that he outlets like little countries baseball on one picture pops a whole bunch of stuff is. You know now or signaling get ready for the winter meetings coming up in December. I'm not. Busy offseason and so are the Padres but an interest in one with a couple of the coaches they brought in and some real nice articles that you wrote. About Matt Stairs and wanted to get your thoughts on on the two coaches and in what you've seen so far. This there's this there elect one because he's. Obviously. Blatant and you move forward kinda. Came kind of folk hero on told gulf here on C or getting home run in the post season yet the Dodgers. But I think there are a lot similarities and draw between know what the I work with parent or adult you know what he's locked in San Diego so that that would that repealing the fodder to. That I want you to needle move when it comes on base percentage for a lot of these young hitters and San Diego might not have the means exec level talent that the the only a last season good. You have are two and that should be in the pushing guys that Nader's work at the makers I can't see and they're dirty and want these national that he can you know get result out of the younger out of the analog sure. I like Nester so I've known him for about twenty years now when he played in Oakland. As when he first came up in and I just thought he was always very personable guy is some that you could relate to some that you talked to. And he he didn't have a big chip on his shoulder but she knew that kind of worked hard and he cried and I hope that's what he's able to impart to these these young hitters. Yeah you look at a guy who's in the broadcast news this year or not. You know aura that you would count that it does not yet be a coach. And eat colonel they're really into it on there he wanted to come back although he has those were this which managers there are so. As a status one Colombo and you know he on another pretty. Intriguing scenario can Diego and the chance worker or younger that I got better and entered and delicate mark you know law they're not view it's. I'm on the phone. I think it comes across. Anyone who's gonna be and you're figuring that it currently expectation that they. At the table that are you come to a coaching Asian again. There's a quiet smoldering intensity that I think you'd get from him and that's while also owes it think it was interesting you move John in Washington over to be assistant hitting coach. Because there's so much work these guys do and then adding skip Schumacher to come over to the ballclub get I think kind of more that Andy Greene kind of quiet intensity. Right and but you mentioned during Austin lucas' new coaches look at past and hitting it it in coach with double hit on or not spears. Actually did it job by and so what it. Well though he has and I can get in the hope. Other oddity in the pot. I wanted to get shared thoughts on as we get ready for all the hot stove the trades the free agents. A very interesting that. For the sitting upon countries they have they have a lot of players. And it seems like they have more depth than anything else in the year probably you know walked him a couple different positions and you written about. You know K can they move some players to find solution short term help. Yeah I think when you look at guys they couldn't do it they have a you can't surplus slower maybe caught up now GM I'm really yeah exactly. Yeah exactly. And at the first guy you look at it under its order they luckily it. Probably would've been treated and not gotten hurt this summer or trait alone that that hamstring injury around during BP leak are the only injuries nix the artery. Probably either guy you it if they. We are that are out there realist than when they're considered shopping guess there's thought to be a lot of the positions. That you contenders he's. He's so locked into that saw that that buried in the water in you know are like. But he also look dirty. Not getting any younger you obviously on the early contract for the under. Mission's security Europe coming up a moderate like Luis arrears. There's a lot code they'll look there are you. In and you look if if you lose him I think the team takes half a step back. But you're not gonna need that piece it becomes obsolete one year reais and everybody else gets your so it's almost like. It's a short term loss for a long term gain if you could get something back about. Yeah exactly in various they think it's going to be your allegation. He can be an every day other players that are level one. Be above average so well you never know that my. Upgrade in the scene or two yet Europe right now I am losing go export it out there are naturally. I I liked his leadership I like his that I like his enthusiasm. And he can be a very interesting piece to a ballclub that means of fifth infielder. On meets illegal play multiple positions and is gonna bring some good clubhouse chemistry to a ballclub. Yeah yeah they're they're looking for accurate possibly. Saw some heroic on that because input shorter he's racial that. A little bit Kurtz when he does come out he got the built wolf the car especially if they knew it all but it's a problem right away which intranet users that are a lot that it. Why is that why is have been such a book group. Well you know that couples he hadn't they had an answer and non returner. Current. Turned out that the kind of look forward he wandered I've gone all inaudible the united split it's. Just an extremely non premium positions profitable street merchant and you'll are you glee. So it's. Just it's just logical that it up for the though not position potter. Whatever reason happen Strickland along signature. When you look at some tees junior and you look at it to curious as well I mean it seems like. If those two come through that could be a big part of this ballclub going into the season after this for the season after that the other. I wanted to ask you about my asked EG about this on the podcast last week. What do you do with pearl. I like you have yet and as your favorite lust filled and the you don't you go what how it and then trick your own. I guess a tragic out he would call it that more along the line or outfielder hit up here in Alberta look I'm not compete. And that this could have those eight colors on this thing and you're right about and there were no injuries and Alex you're stacks the U together. In for Perella. Told me out with this. He hadn't played a lot of outfield so would you sign him out there he was an hack. He wasn't let balls go over said he will there were clank and off the glove he wasn't smooth but he did have that much experience out there correct. Yet here they're just don't have much experience they're playing an old son basis every day I don't around a lot that we're so just. Being able to get out here receive a day equivalent position. Check blood bought every single day that a little ball a lot beat yet you Utley all in Albert on a bit early in the early in the season and earn the more included the better beat. And so probably right now in little. Well below average the that Serbs Opel there and out stickers in the mis stepped they really like he's good Interpol are under as well so when you can make up on the that would often that role did. And the politics that that I think that only. Fair to expect progression a little bit that he that he is indeed a lot order taxis and on this he can make up. Because a Mecca for some of that be nonpolitical but it would adopt. Part because. It's funny because I would go and a couple managers office's office over the visiting clubhouse and I just kind of chit chat at the as a manager known in almost to the man. They'll ask who's this for relic that were ruled the come from how the world is he sitting over here is CAD gonna hurt the guy. Yeah I think this is one of those cases where a guy apparently want four. Is locked in Ali got it in now to pass Nortel and it'll. What are you hearing as far as the Padres its ideas mindset plan. How old they want to attack the offseason in the free agent market in if there's anything out there and horizon that they that they will. Well I think the main courier now is getting yeah getting more guys that Nader's make sure that the bulk of the Nader though. Minors where they get here that's obviously that was the bulk of blood lust Osce that's ultra quiet very quiet actually. And this lawsuit they wanna pick another important terms being better quote sell out our in that might be adding. That Easter to learn about Peter Arnett and expect Easter too because you know potter historically are pretty Ricky good they do a lot of Errol what Goldie right now. And you look at the market out there right now it's. Probably a lot they're gonna be huge Internet off season when got Bryce Harper in which our content. They'll also they might decided jumped on water you guys that are great for guy or two. And be with the club. Through wait wait when he when he won when they thought we did that and making the playoffs so that she east Carolina watch partners and they. We were to yuppie better than people think. In or he ain't. So I'm hearing two different ways the Padres are just doing their due diligence and talk to everybody and everybody talks everybody and I'm here a couple guys squeak and a little bit that. They legitimately could be looking at me a pretty decent free agent. And I think you comment that I I think he twittered about Eric Hosmer is somebody that the Padres might be linked to. Yeah I think we're due diligence here that doesn't change it back there stone and want shut Politico that. Scott sources reported it looked over us a numbering 200 billion based contract clutter that are given now. Is 83 million low Myers happened at the same position they're partners and out vehicles in factories you know where you can or sickened. Consider you know pony up money or I'll bite either gotten a lot and in. Which is something they need and they're often eat only 28 so well critically still being the prime when they're a competitive. And you know again you look at the other creation options that he's in next season. He's. He'd heard about those guys and ease guide to they think. I think they think would be good leader in. And that's something I'm looking for is once he eventually you'll lesion kids together. What what kind of culture be out who's the team leaders that will eventually come to the forefront in its interest because 'cause I I also look at this. I think this year freeagent classes little thin mixtures could have some superstars but I don't know what's gonna have the depth. That it might have in years past. Yeah addict and he that is occurring on the book is next here so. The potters you get a guy now while other teams are. Maybe saving their money aura that even maybe that's actually that they're. Approach as well. What are you hearing so far about pitching in additions to. The starting the starting rotation guys out there that they are looking at or guys that are gonna get healthy and be able to the compete for spots. What still very early in the policies and obviously the unity trap not. But I Arctic that they're looking you know pretty much every. Affordable option out there a lot of like guys who. The without stack of one year yield go let media Colin. Starter who had a really rough here won't actually Baltimore. He got bubonic any hurdle. That might be accountable on it it was like bring back Chile shall seem although he Dicey and has so much interest and that should feel the at. So right now it's kind of Ike's weary people option out there except maybe. The really high price guide and that a lot go on right now there are a lot of concrete and so are. It seems to me like he would be a good landing spot for a player like that with the history they have. A reclamation projects and with the air balls please Knuble who listen guys. Yet I personally and I think any arena so this wouldn't want trees in that cycle it Laporte here now which look at part factored park doctors I don't know how much a crock you. A public analytical on break like that that ankle still want them most of pitcher friendly parks and on seventeen accord is part actors. And there are ball on at a tractor. Awkward and so that that factor for a lot of guys go to match. In house candidates. That are going to be healthy enough to compete does that give them some more depth who were they looking out. Yeah you like replica match on. Not knee surgery in early entry arm that the oh we all he. For spring training Rogge your own. Carburetor are a come back and armed dancer so I give them. Q you guys in house to like Peter worked there last spring on the same time they'll want to give opportunity. The guys who were double it has that he's in the night when they got like on troll out on troll logic connect. A few other guys they're so they definitely have captured in quotient debaters let us. Go out side as much what you get the wanna move back or better yet where can't you can't get through cute line catcher to direct. It. You you do need a couple of veteran arms out there Walter lock it's one that I think will be in the next. It's funny because the more Marv talking about the listen in you know Thanksgiving Day is coming up and crystal's room around the corner. I almost feel like or that. That two weeks before Christmas mode for the seeding the Padres that. You know the presents are under the under the tree but I can't touch him for awhile and it's just frustrating walking by looking at them. Knowing that something that's gonna happen but it's just not here yet and it's not gonna get here any time yet he keeps staring at those presents. Yeah a person like this that's port to spring training and get all the rumors over done with. Let's also and what you mean. Rich. Exactly and by the way what are hero what is what is discipline do for the holidays. So far this offseason constant relate back obviously. Or get to the winter meetings that you and chased. The neighborhood travel quite a bit these Italy and and I'm actually going to US ever Disco. This coming weeks earth isn't excited about that. Very nice very nice. Well Denis of I don't get a chance to talk to you before Thanksgiving thank you so much for doing this they appreciated. Enjoyed Thanksgiving holiday is in doubt. Burnett to catch up before the winter meetings. It hurt our our. All right thanks Dennis. You ask you to do it for this edition. The San Diego hot stove podcast talk upon trees baseball post richer thanks so much for joining us appreciate you. Spent some time with his vital get a chance stock before Thanksgiving happy Turkey to aid every body. Eyes is always get here sooner than we thought which reads were in closer closer. To spring training don't forget you to fight us on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio. You can also subscribe to this and put all the podcast on one feed on iTunes now on apple podcast a few well. So subscribe to the San Diego Padres rated podcasts on. Apple podcast used to be called iTunes. And we'll have these delivered if you subscribe street to York Smart to my teacher out iPhone or whatever you wanna use to listen to podcasts of how we appreciate that you can also find us on Twitter Padres radio that's also. Our home on Twitter in its ramparts network. So we appreciate you listening to our pockets and Hamachi I'm starting can expect for baseball I was excited last week. And then this week again talking with these guys I'm even more excited for the baseball season and it's going to be very interest in. Deceive the the maturation the Padres the next steps they take. During this offseason and in two. Spring training so from all of us here at departure is rated a thank you so much for joining us on our podcast in about a talked to before that happened and I have a happy thanks. Please. He's got Padres radioed. Flight can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio. 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