Episode 6: Padres Hot Stove Podcast

Thursday, December 21st

Rich talks with Tony Gwynn Jr about the recent Padres moves bringing in Freddy Galvis along with the Hosmer rumors and then chats with Eno Sarris of Fan Graphs about Bryan Mitchell 


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They assist us in Diego hot stove podcast back so hot. From the Padres radio network should really deals mother hit one big. I rushed and rose again. Okay. On the watch. Here rich richer rare it. All right let's kick off our pre Christmas podcast by Brittany and what the numbers the country. He's been part of our radio pregame show. He's been on the radio Booth who won Minnesota. Every position. On the Padres broadcast. Network across TV and radio that's Tony Gwynn junior joining us here. On our ponders cuts robot broadcast that's true Tony I think you're the only one who's to in the studio on TV in a radio bit in the Booth. For radio and TV this season. Yeah that's true I get some air super utility. I hear the items you'll golf you don't want to work out they don't want to be on duty. Where I enjoy. Now finally the holidays hopefully that you have all the shopping don't really take care for the kids. I got everything they hear in the air owner yet but still need to yeah. What I know it then today it will be recently. Christmas. Are you look good shopper like do you know what to get kids in the past the wife and in how do you figure out what a gift for the white. Where's she's going to be happy. Very good question is it some time and years and figured. That have that out let. Part of it I do that I like. That it changes every year you know kids. It is something new and hot that they like every year so it changes. Are alike were on Apple's. Which he would see dropped hints like all year long I'd have to be sure and. See there's some great advice or they're now what I do with mice and Brittany is he'll give me the list of top ticket that rates can afford them. Rigs there are all out of it in the eye and give him everything he wants off the list and what but I torturing them throughout the month. I have about I like that. That we're going about it that I do think that. Yes see it on my wife. I've done since we got marriages deceptive the bar so low so we'll go get her give a go buyer like. Fort Morgan that things. And I'll get one. Of each size. Just like it people on the spot like what Sizemore. I don't know it's like action it's small medium large and explored imported from its. You could figure out which ones you wanna take. But he exactly as you know what I've learned is legal under cloud producers certain. Companies are certain clothing. Bit differently so I learned. Do the same thing out of my coupled dip aside oral it is the same company yet and grow ala corner you can plot line. You see that's pretty good that's pretty gut you're also has been pretty good is in the offseason for the CAD or partners we'll talk little baseball. What do you think so far what AJ. Has done. In what he's got a place. I I'd I'd like all the moves. They get start started oceans that you know and some guy like Matt Stairs. At the hitting coach and I am very community with plate with the union 2000 and eases you really good. At understanding the young got a young player. But he stern in his lot with it and you definitely are and I think. That going to. Really helped I think from the young artery hitters. Who struggled a little bit accurate times but I think is gonna bring some consistency. He has a really. One of the best stating that. So I think that was excellent signing bring Matt Stairs aren't. And let I think. The Padres. At least in the RC has shown that. It seemed like emotional and at that that they're really waiting on net I'm line three or four years. Try to. Jumpstart try to get to the play a factor but it seems like they're trying to. Was that timeline about you make a tree. Three gallons of acting is excellent acting and it is ball perfectly. To shortstop. The young shortstop at that you know 27 I believe. So. You can get the guys who play shortstop learned of the likes of Chase Utley Jimmy Rollins he's going to he has that edit. Yeah he's bright he's the type of guy that. I'd played with him in 2014. Each of these type of guy that everybody just kind of gravitate to. I now not a big talker. Goes out does this thing in and by the way he played. And I and all that what you need in a lot of respect from the position. Orders let's go back to Matt Stairs for just a second now I've known Mac. Probably the almost twenty years. I'll when he came up with the openings. I could threaten I couldn't think of a better human being and no doubt I am told you the story now all share with you. I was in Arizona wants. What are the BA's replaying the Arizona Diamondbacks. And I'd get a scheduled early morning radio show you doubles before Tony went externally at 3 AM on the West Coast. Yeah there excellent brand of ballparks this guy to get led into that time was Banc one announced Chase Field. They did the show when I got done it's like slick seven ADM and today games like going to be at the ball by going to be there. In a couple of hours to does make sense to go back to hotel room and go back. To the ballpark so to a place I could find the senate Italy down and take a little map was in the dugout. But down in the visitors' dugout but I laid out of the bench those taken an app down there and stairs walks over you re going to. I'd do the radio show the starting at 3 AM just recently here for. Exit Gaza Strip on plays later taken out. He has come across so we invited me into the clubhouse and the the guys out there watching TV. And you opera we saw them drinking is a city or don't care. In just nobody's ever done that to me before in the twenty years of covering the game. That just shows me what a good dude years. He would siege is standup act means we had a year to doubt it. TE RRE. A lot kind of the guy the guys who soon would add. So I equals I mean he uses. He's a little scary Smart. Really hitting guidance and at least as a person let me see it get better. He's she she is our hockey player at art right. Typical black guy I enjoyed being. At. So. You sets up them and I want to elaborate on this just a second tell me why. If Tony Gwynn junior says he's a good hitting guys give me the particulars on why you would give neck and a stamp of approval. I act date that lucky. It could hitting coach but it really. Our centers around a few things one is obviously a it and stand in. Juliet yet understand. The people you'll think guys are working. And it is 33 got to be able to explain in different language and acting differently it would let art and about in Spanish. Talking about. How different words. You know fired differently in it in guys' brains you know are they say they backed. That means something completely different. A little tired and it might mean to look at it on and so you acted yet to be able to identify. What poll trigger word czar that. Group net debt decked. Redneck picnic in that the player gravitate to. And that certain word that they Abbott dot gravitate to or they don't understand so. Matt has the abilities being built differently and perhaps all the good it. All the different hitting coaches can do that and I think that's why. He's an lurched as. And negotiators say they are miles I nearly made up. Oh what was young the young cute that they came up at the end of all around. Alarm. It's weird name to cause I could pronounce it. I don't you're talking about a look at of this regret. It but. He's. He's upset that bet tears are so. Street that is why I think he's an easy. And will do so much. Didn't do so some etiquette thinkers ballclub this year are there. So I learn something so when you come to latency and to the Padres assures a broadcaster it there's a learning Kirk. For for you there was more Rinker for me. The more you around the ball club the more that you talk the more you were you kind of get a better feel of where the club is and where they're going yeah on. Slice but a lot of time land of the winter meetings around. Major problem probably more time I've ever spent an agent. And I came with a couple things that came away with that he's got one your plan. A three year plan and find your plan I'm I'm I'm I'm he didn't say this but here's what I think they look like. You're what mr. survive. Yeah to survive every Europe and Ashley west. In the in the fist fight that your with the Dodgers in the the Rockies in the giants in in the Diamondbacks that's a fist fights he got to survive now one. Three year plan I think is for success I wanna be successful three years now because in building towards it championship. It in the five year plan I'm looking at is sustainability at a white keep this little opportunity going as long as I can't. Somewhere and different things about the ballclub on what I ask you question about the survival this year. Skip Schumacher in said that he's been recruiting him forever because he's got energy he brings open the clubhouse. Now wanting to being in San Diego for the first year I noticed that I didn't see a lot of energy agency a lot of loud voices in the clubhouse. When he and he said he's gonna bring energy you know he's going to be there. I almost think that wow this really was is a brilliant move bringing Schumacher in because he's gonna bring up the energy level for bunch kids are learning how to play in the big leagues. Well first off please forgive me in your commitment. It is another reason why I. I'll see and so bad at the party bring in that it skip Schumacher is likely to get my whole career. It would start it would take that back and start with this coach stepped. Started knows one thing right you have any green. Grinder. You. Skip Schumacher grind. We are you know I been granted a long time I met here at. That bet that steps. Your ball hit it. That awkward but it will step in the budget or so. Although coaching staff you know we have so much. That you know we have so much impact on the players around at the bottom players get into that rubbed off on players players recognize it immediately in. Brilliant guy like Stewart and Martin who. But what did I mean she played in you know beauty and moved out argue without losing to an infielder. Made and so. Three. Serviceable second baseman. Even at times sort of karma so it is I yet another said at the banking. By the artery green bringing up that gives you martyrdom around that that staff. I talked to John Rooney overcame walks and one of the cardinal play by play announcers. He actually was so excited for Schumacher because he is you're never gonna meet. A better person so I like the two editions of the staff we talked about Freddie got this white thought made more sense I nose tackles are as the name that was out there. But for Freddie doubtless one year left his contract he pleases freeagent. And that make sure that you don't have a logjam deferred and entities juniors ready to go. Yet now it make life. And he doesn't have to deal one years that know that the thing is eking he has the ability yet you'll see it. Of the year 23 years four years that need it depending on where. What would happen in the future. We're here so I mean this is one little thing again that is a sense that it. Parade by by AJ trailer. And with the with the rumors lawn about air Kotler. I mean. These gone back last year you wouldn't hearing rumors like that those who need it. Is it the Padres are interested in pushing this timeline. To be a little bit faster. Admit when you could surround the young talent with guys like that out. And it is happening economic here. That'll make clubhouse better mean now that that guy in network are being able to look to somebody who's in. Places that they are trying to go and is motivated for every. We slugged it out we got one of the only thing we got the only local Radio One on one interview with Scott when we are in Orlando. I've relationship those guys goes way way to know a lot of people work and obviously or hardness of the house got. Me when he was talking about. Talking about what customers looking for. Was almost as if he was reading a script of what AJ prowler house offer now that Marlins went back to Boston that was the other suitor. For Eric Hosmer I mean I'm even more optimistic today. Then I was effect I I resent my Twitter Tony to get more. To get more updates and more alerts. Because I think this thing is he has a real good chance to get done being even before we we break for Christmas. And listen acting. But ours are definitely in the fact that you have to. Fact that you had heard rumors I look at the fact there are still out here I mean is that he lit. Team that we're pursuing them. Now giant said it La Gloria you know about about an hour. Thirty minutes ago. Some of the bigger speakers are coming up aborted lit a country that is what. You got it is a chit chat all the right place. And that and I'm not trying to. Everybody's hopes but it certainly looks like the partners are put themselves in the position that and I immediately bring home an air out. One nice it would be if you could bring him in because I think. Look the one thing I exceed that I would love to have. On this ballclub for. 2018 and beyond is a guy like ha was gone pedigree he's won before yep he's a leader. So those things. I think department partly ballclub could use. On the position players I know they have leaders on the wrong way. They don't have any bag like air are intimately while we've been through World Series. And it is at all so. For me. I think it would be great cited it out of. Possibly in the best part about it seemed like will or RBC will whisper has been plant burst at the last two years. Struggled a little bit defensively. The fact that he's open to it and willing to probably move and out who. I think that makes it a lot easier for the arteries the orbit opposite. Direction position we do so. And I saw him when he came up as an outfielder he was slick everybody sees him as a slick up the older he can run naked he can get after it. I like that may I ask you this before we let you go because it's Christmas week we will take your time he's got some shopping to do but. It would get a veteran. Right you've been a round ball let's go to Milwaukee. He get that guy that's got that stature who's been an all star in he's got that World Series ring. What does that mean for the rest of the ballclub what kind of rub affect. It that you are Anke couple. When I was in Milwaukee in 08. We went out made shape see some bad. And our team would actually. Spiraling out of control it because. We have certain some gains in Iraq lead in division. Let's see he comes along pitches sent at it through that site it is who like. We're in like we just pulled in possibly the best pitcher in the league right now and the all the whole clubhouse boost. Seeing exports cheap out and yeah indeed Garnett biggest names but they were vital parts. Make another run at that that division. And into the into doubts and sign a guy like Jon Garland out of balance your ears and junior guard just won a World Series with the Yankees. All of a sudden had to walk in even if you don't know on base when we want industry intranet as that I just in time with those guys. They're competent start to grow on you and all the sudden you get. All or what you guys in the locker like we got sent blouse to compete every single day. And ultimately result will help maintain confidence. Let at a guy like that locker room I can't see it and that does is vital to us away. Is wanting to have but young guys who got to the moderately or let it. They've taken a while but when you can add a sprinkle in a guy. Who. Has been there been in in in the bin under the big lights that the title of the C. It is does not into your locker rooms to top that they get everybody in. Absolutely so a cross my fingers AJ if you wanna give us all a nice Christmas present. I think but I doubt that Hamas is coming to see in the would be something that everybody at CB would rejoice in publicly Tony did you see that cool picture. Alan Trammell getting off the plane with all that's Indian contingent. It so. Tram Ellen travels flying out the scene Diego. And I bring this up because it's a lot of people that you know there on the flight with a lethal this really cool story. Is he is currently behind in the bathroom and kind of walk on the case because who's waiting for the phone call to come to see others getting in the hall main. So everybody also was on that plane came out there waiting at baggage claim. And when Trammell came down the escalator in Orlando he gave the thumbs up and they all got excited took this picture so was Alan Trammell. Bruce boat she Trevor Hoffman. Brad Ross missed buddy black. And a boy John balks. I mean it I think everybody. Who. Got a ship to watch Rambo is career. Felt that he should be. I think. A lot of those guys and movement so early in the bank that he was finally beginning. In the saying we're eagle loss. And it is at the moment for him to finally. Three a little bit remote he'd ever admit that spontaneity out of opted by. It's up and as well deserve it. I think we're all very active. All right so again I'm hoping for a couple of the last we are progressive president Tony Gwynn junior coming home. To be a Padres broadcaster. This year I'm open for Haas. I would. I'm hope I'll I'll ultimately got Christmas Day maybe it is workers Tuesday at. The great. That would be awesome Tony. Again you did. Such phenomenal work. For everybody for us over on radio. Television you know and I've I'll say this team in front of Herbert I gushed about what an awesome. Job you did and what a better person you are. Easier even a better person off the year that you are on the year that yours and one of the really good guys and that was one of the joys this year. I think for Padre fans are for me personally getting a chance to work with duke it I can't wait till we get together children. Rip it or aren't there ye Merry Christmas to you and your family I'll catch you soon. You're the I've seen it before. Didn't get you spending time with them before this season but I will tell you all the people across this game. Truly one of the good guys Tony engine of America's Austin and family and I can't wait to get together with him. Data Peoria aren't we talked about pretty doubtless coming over we talked about Eric Osborne again. It's legit folks I will tell you this. Coming away from Orlando at the winter meetings and I got a chance stock a lot of different folks that are really connected. The Padres are legitimately in. On Eric Hosmer is they were legitimately legitimately. In on a tiny. It's a different feel. The studio partners because again I came away with that from AJ 13. In the five year plan. In the the one your plan Freddie jobless works. Maybe even in the three year plan. In not giving up the farm is part of the five year plan. The trade for Chase Headley and Brian Mitchell. Part of the one your plan. For Mitchell part of a three year plan Ian we'll see whether he can develop and part of the five year plan a sustainability. Eric Hosmer is 100%. For this year coming up 28 team. Your three which is success in your five the sustainability I think he Mitt he matches all three of those so when you're looking to see what the countries are doing. I think that the window to look at his. One year. Which is survived means being able to fight with the Dodgers were gonna get better the giants just got better by landing at the Longoria who I think is gonna have a bounce back here. I've seen Evan places rookie year. He's never really had anybody hit behind them consistently. To protect in the lineup Carlos Pena when he was comeback player of the year for a little bit but I mean of the rays who tried everybody and their brother. From. You name it Hank Blalock they brought in they brought in. Eric Hosmer they brought in. Pat Burl I mean they've tried everybody defines me hit behind him. Now of Buster Posey and Evan Longoria and you're gonna see a gold glove third baseman coming out west. Who's gonna show that he asked some pop he's not the home run hitter that he was. But he certainly a line drive hitter so he's going to be formidable. For everybody out in the nationally last watching him come out of the giants have gotten better the doctor's gonna get better the Diamondbacks are trying to get better. The Rockies are trying to get better. But the Padres are trying to get better and legitimately you know was at those. Big move is that your talking about but the ground work and when he sat down and talk with people. The really in the know knew we have Scott Miller here in San Diego was based here for Bleacher Report works at. With Tony over fox Sports Radio he's about a style then there's a lot of the guys that are dialed in that way and they all came away consensus and EG has got this thing going in the right way in that three and five year plan is gonna be something special CD no country Kansas for that for ever. So I'm just reporting back what I'm getting from baseball insiders. And I think if you look at it one year three year five year survived succeed sustain. He certainly meets all the secretaries of those are my surgeries I'm attaching who has won his three this five year plan we'll talk about that a lot. During the season one of the interesting notes so if you watched us from the winter meetings and I hope you enjoyed all the coverage we yet. Listen we we've fought hard to get the one on one with Scott Boras. We fought hard to get a lot of these interviews we talked to the puzzle fan. About Trent hopman one of the interest in was a Steve Phillips is a colleague of mine it MLB network radio was there and was able to catch up with him. He talked about Brian Mitchell. It checked that out. Talked about Brian Mitchell that he was the key of the trade. With the New York Yankees a brief Chase Utley over at the chase. I'm I'm 5050 whether he's gonna be what the Padres on. Would spring training the fighters to work out a deal the move might think they would. If not he's going to be along jab in the at third base spot with a lot of people find that job. You on here personal Artie is still out there does Johnny Russell Arctic get moved is if people will start now. Calling more. With some of these trees that you're seeing going down I think the one Gloria trade is gonna unlock a lot of other people because. The cardinals were looking and Evan Longoria as well matched up well. But the money just wasn't gonna go right because the rays were Naspers money. The giants and getting some money back and in you can read about those details that's what the carnal giants still didn't work out. But with that happening every got a comes off the board. Means that people are gonna readjust their boardwalk. And anything on here missile heartache is going to be someone that they're gonna call about I wouldn't be surprised the Baltimore Orioles call. Age April are looking for some relief help the brand hand is available if you wanna pay the right price again 135 your plans. Zach Britton is going to be gone for a while from the Baltimore also the Orioles. I need to find some bullpen help they might shark calling out to see Diego they're trying to deal Manny Machado put their marketing much luck and that we'll see what happens. But those are a couple of the moves to look at but but right up to get to immediately Steve Phillips and pulled me aside as listen here's the deal. Don't don't look at the headlines that deal with the New York Yankees the guy that they really really really want the really high on his Brian Mitchell. Who is a picture that's gonna come ovaries and the swing got back for an agent polar fewest or podcaster in the week. Now last week talked about Brian Mitchell on the upside on him Steve Phillips was all over that saying that there's a really good upside to him. You know see Harris. Who is a Saber attrition. Innocence. If you have a read this stuff you need to it's on then graft. What he immediately tweeted out look at Brian Mitchell and the only that he throws the talk about the spin or micro and need help but that's so I sat down with him. In we talked about from Brian Mitchell in he gave me some really good insight on the same Saber attrition side. Of what Brian Mitchell brings to the table. You group Greenpeace. About subprime between the newest us an eagle Padres pitcher. I heard them talk about the life fastball looks and the movement. But I thought yours was very interesting we talked about SpinRite can tell the pottery canceled about your analysis of their newest pitcher. Yeah I mean there are things he's really senator I would Brian Mitchell because he has a plus plus curve balls are very good curve ball and has like 96 hour fastball so you think. He's got everything he needs the problem as. The disease the past watching as mediocre movement and mediocre spend. And spin you really wanna be extreme you either wanna have really highs generally about spent so. I think this translates into is basically a bit of animal fastball so. He needs to really improve I think the commander and he can improve the command of it than all these so such a problem that it's kind of straight and has your respect. I can read and perhaps a little bit like a machine I can do my own rudimentary. Were guests of regressive analytics is what I've taught fans over the years but now according to hear what you're talking about. So for the fans out there scratches is like but he you know what are you talking about would spin rate mean can you put them layman's terms for me. Yeah well I mean there's one thing that's in. Seen a spin is that the contributes to movement because movement is basically how fast the ball spends and what sort of arm slot comes out of them were kind of grip you have our pets just. What produces movement. So in some way you could just say. His fastball you know has a lot of Ryder you know I spend it would be to have a lot of ride it would be kind of past or it jumped up on him. Whereas. Or you have a really low spin fast on us one stressful at disappears on. As a fastball that just tumbles away. Then when you don't have. Either of those in your in the middle that's when it's it's just it's easier to hit them blocks suggests he'd give me calm for someone who has that. Middle of the road SpinRite. That's that's really interest and I think actually Nathan you all it was very interesting because making evolving through. Who remember him he's a throw ninety and 99. He was with the Marlins and yankees and despite. In trying so hard his fastball was very credible. And I think one of the things he discovered better arm was actually that he hid his fast you know. When you throw 99 I think I can Astros fired writing but what when he got better later on was when he actually. He pushed his secondary pitches passed a 2% and was thrown the fossil like 4045. You know less often. Hid the fastball and then surprise people with it as opposed to featuring him first sector be an option for Mitchell to actually back curve also good if he does curveball cutter. And then you know surprises from fast forward Lamar that's related to have to deal with two pitching backwards exactly vision back. It's the case so home home neutral because I live in Baltimore strike and so. Little school baseball guy but I've had to learn. Saber metrics and a lot of things and sometimes people say rich community will get mad at me like houllier tools school you understand. Sometimes people of all school community like our tire you and your numbers according to end graphs. Rethink the little road is where everybody can understand what you're talking about an old school guy can talk about Louis Richard I can talk about. Well you know I do this a lot. As I talk to players announcement and bring assassin fires and I think in our own conversation we just had I think you can see it. We're talking about the same thing and world we're trying to describe the same thing we're trying to do the same place. And so maybe you know guys like me. Have to talk more rounds. Fastball tumbling her are popping up on your harrowing ride as opposed to you know focusing on the spin rate that. Sometimes just using has been right can be a faster way to talk about it so. I think did. Language is very important and if we are careful about our language and we tell good stories and the status. Just a part of the story and somehow I'm limited to without just being sort of fess politicizing of the status itself. That's that's where we have prime middle ground looks wanting you appreciate about the whole school baseball guys. You know. Especially from like mechanics and adjustments they do when I came into the clubhouse the first time I came from a little bit of a blogger in the basement. Analytic and you can't shout McLeod sort of mentality. And then when I got an Aaron they just open up these stories really same thing with the language and stories that. But the stories and had told me. All of the adjustments and make all the stuff they have to do on a daily basis how hard baseballs to play. And what it is that they have to do on a daily basis of the cat and mouse and our stuff I thought that was very illuminating and that's really are trying to do now is put those stories together with. You know the numbers stories together with the build schools stories of do this again appreciate tomorrow with us here thanks them. That's you know cirrus. And wraps really good dude I have wander in the season more. I really came away a lot hockey from. Hoping to join a podcast this week. I'm Tony Gwynn junior of course you know joining us here on the on the podcast I appreciate you coming on with us I appreciate you taking lessons Austin. Who talks whistle time since its messages here's your podcast for the week but he have a great Christmas in all the pottery and how wonderful Christmas BC. In we appreciate you joining us every week and again will ratchet this up as vehicles wrinkles from Peoria and we are with them underneath mark. Hundred is market indices and so. But retirement years. To be a baseball fan in I think it's going to be better time via pottery analysts of the blues. The aging pro bowlers put together in Orlando. In and get the 135. So for all of us here at partridge radio network thank you so much for joining us from a producer Jim Russell richer are looked hockey next week yes that's right will be new show next week. In between Christmas and yours hopefully our whole belief. And we talked about the cost of the first baseman they get that deal done. Two to bring him to cede the crush will seek a richer thanks to a hero ponders. Two days. He's a Padres radioed. Flight can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio. Sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.