Episode 7: Padres Hot Stove Podcast

Wednesday, December 27th

Remembering the great Dick Enberg


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They assist us in Diego hot stove podcast back so hot. From the Padres radio network should really deals mother hit one big. I rushed and rose again. Okay. On the watch. Here rich richer rare it. Welcome everybody to this week's edition of the the Padres. Spring training while we have you can't have. He and hundreds had to remind them off. Two during the offseason. But primarily document and Dick and berg getting a chance to work with them and he's joining us here on the show how aria. Oh well rich thanks very much for every mile that OSHA were under better certain. You know I I on the news came through one Twitter. I think Exxon Dennis in -- first like no this can't be right we just saw him. It pick apart a couple months ago this this is wrong this is wrong. Yeah and I think it's it's exactly the same reaction. You know we all had I've seen of a couple of times briefly in the hot seat and I'd be doing a lot of traveling. You know he's got. Three grandkids and they would go in and out and he seemed so busy it was busy doing some things and so would podcasts and the guys always it's it's amazing energy I thought the same thing at that back I double and triple check with. With people without getting. Note too expensive we closed its alien privacy right away just a permit that would make it reasons. Shocked and surprised and saddened as so I think everybody else once. Wanted to get you worth fox and get judiciary your memories a Dick and we're getting a chance to work closely with him. There's a great video that's gunfire rule of view. Int in Sweeney and in mud. Giving him this final send off his final game behind the Mike for the for the Padres. Well I I've got to tell gators in extraordinary experience or. Those listeners have been Willis for a while I would like him over to sell well went went fox that the contract carried Audrey. You know particularly been there. More grip so more sweet and I started Ed oh you're you're getting an opportunity to work with a legend. And at a very fortunate career and I've worked with some extremely talented people. Big name folks and and you get a tip the work with the Dick van Bergen just don't know what to expect and got to tell you he is. Going to be was beeper like I mean it's just the way it worked between us he would so gracious and so warm and soul. Thoughtful. A million stories come to mind everytime I think of enmity I can tell you to doubt well. We traveled with the teen doing the pre and post game show unlike what we you know we shall studios looking on the road so. Dick and I shared key row on the plane every flight because they wrote together and I. Called him mr. invert her about two months despite you know in constantly telling me you've got to start calling me by my purse they. Get I can or can't get past that a federal as a reference. Singer had a or what but it it took me months to start calling addicted bit of mr. and bird and and I can tell you that the kind of guy he was. Obviously I think your listeners know this is a bit of extraordinary talent NG Spann had and there are you. On this planet who do what we do for a living who couldn't even speak in the same atmosphere. Heated. But he would. Beat the seat ahead of me I would I come down the I'll go to sit down and lecture you already have org usual which was a peanut butter jelly sandwich on wheat. And we're past that you would care he had me half and second later the lighted that it would come by. And meet a beer and you would have shortened it. And I'd always laugh but it they that right there tell you well we have some commonalities. Than there is any different than elegance. Clinton like Palmer and and Dick Edberg and no more a big graphically illustrated. Had ample appeared he'd be in today and he's got a good short day. And that in just. Well I give you one other quick story you have the second he would build a weekly. It's so 2012. The team is currently playing in Washington. And then we're going to Philadelphia and that's one of those travel deals where. You're busing between. DC and Philadelphia. And or maybe it was still located deep seated it's not important other than that they were there I let me wielding on the bus didn't have anything it was over mother's. And I had said something about that to the guys we got an airport I mean the boat and lay don't forget saying you know I electorate trying to working maybe for Mother's Day that was global. I was reading about it I just ahead of the that was gonna go at that. Long story short ID given not only do word Mario hotel probably around 111130. That night and I opened the door. And here's Dick Edberg standing there with a little gift bag. And something in his hand any and meet up pocket square and that high and their pink and he says. Here you go just so you never have to go without pink on mother Tuesday. And it just turned around and walk bluntly hey what do committee account article go to sleep but what did you sub but that's the kind of ball guy. Is he what's he discovered us all the time he taught us what he could. In the with Dick it was the kind of deal where he can teach you up and down at great it's like in the job at the end of the day he was working and the extraordinary skill set. That the ref that was mortal just didn't have the whole idea would it be to try to do I just didn't have the talent. But it forever grateful for all but he'd he'd done. Professionally and did like a lot of people. With a heavy heart this holiday season. Fox sports Ian eagle ran the the tribute tool did to him. A did for him mine after after he retired and I've I I've taken I've watched the three times. In in every time I walk away with something more from. The prep work that he did. His signature home buying. You know he paid his dues to get to worry was in yet accounted he had. Korea that just went boom straight through the roof put my gosh that he'd make the most of every little thing that came his way. I'll keep this guy had any work epic unlike anyone I've seen in the business now. As I mentioned before I've I've seen some really talented people and all of them. Very hard working you don't get to that level. Professionally in anybody's craft right if you got really willing to commit to open war court but this is a guy who by the time he was working with the Padres. Had more than made his bones in the business and could have been that since mailed it and take it one sheet approach now and and done a game really all the cops already chosen to and I don't think anybody would have complained. But this is the guy who would spend hours and I literally mean hours every game. Prepping reading your between the out of herald newspaper prepping the details hawking the players talking to coaches. Talking with scouts Elmer repealed without down in the club house. Tireless and eight if you ever thought it taken to dale you sure better not do it around Dick embers he'd never say anything. But he never happen. Because it is it the way he worked just drove everybody and I like to think. The guys who have worked with in the gal as well. We'd also say the same thing I think you need to exponentially better individually. Because of that work ethic. And and as a collective. While we may not reach the benchmark attache in May expect of us I can honestly tell you it was never a lack of trying. And I think Dick lead the charge with I've never seen anybody prepare for any. The weight he'd ever lately. In really isn't that the key to greatness that they make everybody around them better. I think so. I think so yeah we permit the develop players. You know Michael Jordan never let the light you know that big body around the better and I agree I think that these. And it was the way he did it to that meet you feel. Special and included not not threatened like you better do this or else it was more. Just a he had such a load and a passion for. Baseball whatever sports he was covering it with infection we talk about a game all the current you always wondered your opinion. Or you know offering his own he would. Indeed you feel like your opinion. Mattered he made you feel like you'd mattered and I I believe he may say and feel that way in my mind. They are very few broadcasters of sport. Who have the latitude because sometimes games don't allow that time but to have each group connection like a personal connection with the player. Most sports. Basketball. Sports with clock moved so quickly. The broadcast there is just going to be the traffic cop in the go between you really do you know brought up with baseball it's much more personal sport. In the hole and lend itself to that. It did have that ability to meet you feel as though you kind of knew. And Dick didn't really care much if you and he wondered if you like him but he wanted you to feel that though you were in or and it you were entertained. And that you still connected. To the scene. And I think uses by the broadcaster ads I certainly can say that I have ever worked with for sure. And may and then I've ever seen because I've never seen anybody with the versatility. In her resident. There you have it. Basketball baseball football means is that little kid growing up you probably watched him called the Minnesota Vikings and and Turkey and scrambling around. Carl are watching Brett do the right exactly that your book. Pumps it with those guys I was little kid and that was that voice will come out of that television this is unreal. I gotta be to Bermuda and you're talking about the Olympics. Wimbledon and and beyond that. The play by play is one thing hosting is another you know that their sports challenge talk a little while much but. Great Britain but beyond that. VS series that he wrote that were his signature is Wimbledon coverage or the Olympics. She could bright. More westerly than anyone I've ever seen. And and god knows that signature delivery to cadence understanding new launch drama it all the ingredients that would becoming a 88 quintessential. Broadcaster ate it in a real tight in an industry had every one of those ingredients and it were other broadcasters. Who were strewn merely tell even an Al Michaels are cheap Jack and where they couldn't touch it. Was in the field of of of SA right he was a writer this is a guy like one national Emmys as a writer off camera. Production in addition to the broadcasting work if you'd done I can talk about 42 NFL season. I didn't ever do an article seasons beats before hampered your listeners among our viewers a reason or. And you know every single gable I want to quit you get used to in U Selig wouldn't either Milwaukee to insulate or guarantees they would eight national championships. You go to professional boxer. He called and Ali. Big couple perhaps I can remember the Olympic event on this globe. At some point he did it and probably did it multiple corrects. And then to have that talent in seeing being called the Padre games for so long. Was a treat I wanted to ask you something because. You'll you know a lot of different things in you have such a storied career what Tuesday and got to sit down with you wanna talk about. Your coverage of September 11 than in all the things that you've done your career. A bit today wanted to talk but to convert. I think he might tell me what you think this he might be the last. Play by play broadcaster to have these signature call. That everybody. Universally respects because it's natural when it wasn't. It wasn't tip sheet of when he said Oman. That punctuation mark. Knew you knew that there is something exciting happening even if your brain can process. Absolutely and to me is the last. Along with maybe an Al Michaels. Maybe you can put Bob Kostis is somewhere in the arena in the obviously their legend what they but. I would agree with your a couple of fronts. Deep. Came from an era where. Television wasn't fragmented now with eight million cable providers and they were any number of big name bigger women to pick from. To be your play by play voice sort Cingular and whether it was a whole football season and Olympics of marquee fight whatever. He was that good that he was their goal two guy he and even maybe the rigor or other people Platte. Not like now we're reaching a cable you know you Betty you can play by play guy plus per every game for every sport at every level at all. And some didn't feel ever and so you have to screen his way. Into your conscience. We're you'll find more more play by play guys now so over it every little element that immunity in signature it. To win the dial up the emotion you knew when to bring it down and that signature phrase that you remember. We all do so fondly Obama. Your listeners you don't know the history on that the priest is. It was a sale weaker from his daily from the midwest he spent time in the midwest you know specialties from finished route. It could very common refrain up here in the midwest you know O mite like oh dear like I did you really wanna pass judgment on it with more descriptive adjective. The tendency to just use that phrase homage to pick it up from relatives. And at it was it is apparently. And started. Using it periodically because he wanted to emphasize something dramatic put it more and overstate. Can detect and I would always talk about. We throw adjectives don't performances now and they don't lead us latitude for growth. Meaning a guy throws five innings and gives up two runs and punch it out and we see you great. What a great morbid if you don't believe well it Kershaw goes up and it. April 9 and strike out fifteen if I was great or are two runs would that make her. Right where you're expected. To excel like oh my. In the cold and intonation and anything he would add on that wave superlatives. We give him the latitude to really tell a great story and I thought that what. That's where the troops operator would you didn't yell for your attention he was so elegant with words and sort particulate. And so measured. Depth of I believe the freezing use. Carried more impact. Than. Screaming and yelling you would resonate in your heart with freezing eloquence and silence. Rare qualities I think in today's vantage. I mean. Bill Cain whose pulpit broadcaster with the opening win in this year. In he used holy Toledo he said. That he used to because as an exclamation point there in berg said it was a way to. So let people know so exciting happened without running or as you talk and superlatives there's really no morals to go like sent. It just wasn't. Own mind and standing next room so. So like this season summer on the press box and one of the rim he's there with some friends he's there in joy in the ball game. Lockett ever richer Erica I've just wanted to CI. I just couldn't bring myself the bother him. But what you should I I yelled at. You sit well I see fit more integrated all I know what it's like you know. You know everybody was up there wanted to shake up. But I would watch him in adams' I was like I watch him. In when he we would go out exit to cover some things and he was emcee it stands at one company should sell reaches. It's such a gentleman and finally one day. I think you're standing there. I was sitting next to you in the in the dugout he came out it he introduced himself to me like. And can purchase it although he knows my name he's heard me before I went back to being at a ten year old kid watching him on NBC. Like when fans wouldn't fans that walked up that you would pick and wanna just shake his. Well it was it was stunning because. He he never. Understood. Powell. Important he was the people he never. Really I think. Comfortable being the center of attention. He never felt like god you've ever wanted to take attention away from people who it is might eat well deserved it was spent in the seat being the Utley with the teens themselves. He always felt like he was eight. Just don't boy so connection to despair and he was always very gracious and I think. This humility in him made him a little bit on comparable receiving that type of contention he was extremely gracious act did I never and I can honestly say that. Biblical in turning what it never saw him anything but gracious. But I think there's a little bit of discomfort when you're not. From an air aware it's a mean mean me kind of saying he's not bad guys. He's the kind of guy who. Appreciated that people would complement his work. By. Puts the icing was of the mind that C. We just prefer to be part of your background they'd be part of your soundtrack but not center of attention whatever we saw in your you know. Ask for an autograph we don't we kind of look at you that would have a little sheepish embarrassment I agree that we do what he was thinking shock really mean you're okay sure. Is putting his thing but you come up and integration is he could be and sideways and just a you know there are some people are business Richard you'd think you can see if they had an ego you're like well it. She is fairly well probably like it he really be a little error and I'm. You would never got like an anti could've been a note it would about it and I like that. You just what they got what more that way. Let me ask you this before you let you go and appreciate you spending some time opus on the top social. How does he change your professional life. Measurably. I think you know our team from hard working parents and we shared that commonality in war epic but he taught me. More about how to work there and he never literate in dramatic kick me in the rear end to get it but I think there were things. Where I would I I think I learned to work smarter is expected be applied here. Learn to apply my energies. In more efficient and effective ways where oh where to a heard phrases we're right I mean he knew I was gonna go out and tried to get the information. Prepare my best for the audience but I he taught me how to do it better how to do it smarter. And well I think anybody listening who is familiar with my work knows I certainly have a lot of room for growth and a lot of period the could stand to be improved. This is the guy who gives me and gave me something every day you know today. I'm going to try to do this a little better and true to do that a little bit better and walk away feeling. Like I was taking incremental. Steps toward. Improve it could he would always say but in his own words of himself I'm still looking for the perfect broadcasts. And he's been chasing it you know when you're sixty years in the business well. I understand what he means by that you do you'd never quite deliberate or at least you hope because in part because it slide because you're always working on. But he caught me. So wouldn't still. Elements toward gays in the writing the delivery the reading the ad living how to how to interview people better and proper questions in and types of questions to go toward. Just. A lot of mechanical stuff and I wanna bore your listeners with other than the say. Whatever you do for a living pitcher listening to this American having somebody in your office who use so. It got respect admire and appreciate. And and having that person who teach you how they do what they do whatever it is you do. And that's what it was like for me to work with picket. Wow I have got goose bumps just thinking about this in I appreciate you coming on I'm gonna ask you Padres questions or what you were doing during Nazis but I think. This conversation right here stands in its own just talking about the fact it did we got to be in the presence of greatness in our business. An icon American sports a voice that. Generations grew up with than you we offer our what the accolades but he was seeing the ozone Dick Denver. Yet and I think and figure rapid. Justice excellently has that that what you what you wanted to beat. San Diego's guy he took great pride in that that we had eight global. And national profile. He took great pride in. Seeing this total in this team in the Padres all the chargers when they were here whomever was here. He took pride in seeing them seat he you'd want to that with the aliens. In our area I don't know to be quite honest with you that he was ever as appreciated here locally. As I believe he deserved to be. But I think now we're we're like you will notice. People's opinions will I think begin to become. Shaped by the fact that there or just that. They're very few like him. You know what the doctors had been Scully then would say the same thing. They need is living primarily. Doing what sport for one team yet been at a little more curse written they've been that he gives himself credit for but. Mr. Byrd made news. Entire career. A round not only versatility but excellence in versatility. Excellence in versatility this whole difficult to retreat right we can all be mediocre and a number of it but I quit. Absolutely. Excellent. Virtually everything he touched from abroad camping to a teaching perspective every with the teacher to afford Brasilia. A broadcaster vin and ironically while it was a patent case he became a teacher yet but it looks like what's so. We're all forever grateful and appreciative. Again. I'll be happy talk about it Needham think anytime you like. Flattered that you'd you'd consider my opinion and speaking about mr. Burke very proud to be so honored at the. Aren't so let's deal were to bring you back on talked about the outs in the pocket but I think this just cancel our conversation. About to convert Mike I have a great says new year and I can't wait for us to get together dinners and get ready for baseball. They are Peter wrote I take care. Our thanks to Mike pom rants from fox sports scene Diego for joining us on hot stove podcast fortnight. He normally would get a couple castill talked a couple different subjects but I think. Right now. That's about as good as we can do yet just reflecting on memory. Hall of fame broadcaster San Diego's own. San Diego Padres own Dick amber. And reflecting on his life and how fortunate all of us all of us were to have him bring us so many memories of youth. Soul many Olympics Wimbledon baseball football. I think we're just lucky and blessed. That he came and oral lives than television radio were few lucky enough to get a chance to meet. In like Mike work with them so that's good to offer podcast for this week one wish everybody happy new year will be back with you next week. As we talk more Padres expo. Please he's got Padres great. Life can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio and sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.