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Friday, June 23rd

What were the prime 9 plays of the week for the Padres? Listen to find out! 


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My Grey's fan. Right now. Now look where the front nine plays of the week and then not before nine Padres radio. We rank him friar fans and we let you'd debate on here's a list of the biggest nine plays her down FM 94 nights this week. That's videos RBIs rich richer era. Welcome everybody to this week's edition. The Padres primetime and FM 94 iMac comes from Tamara the nine best players in the C Diego Padres week. Picked by pass right by us got a comment you can always find us on Twitter at Padres really just let's get started shall we. June 16 vs the brewers' old arcade solo shot gave times he'd been. But will Myers strikes out Don Harrison Martin comes to the plate he falls behind. 02 swings and misses a couple of fouls off fastball and I only stop listening to cutters to run out and shoot 250 cutter. One too many verses young nervous. This Christmas. Like today in the air in the right field and I mean it was. Rushed. Have a solid day. You just untie the ball games on in the eighth inning here in Milwaukee and he knew that we. An egregious. Bridges on the flip. But he knew it was absolutely gone at it close viable Padres. Yana Harris Allard is with the farm that's good for him tonight. June 16 vs bill blocking assertion no matter today in a break numbering twelve power. Our here's how the ball game against those if you realize that his aborted due to an air thank you for your draws block. Sometimes in this country's first couple on everything and then this will not be the case this time as well Myers it's one a country mile. There and it's been at this a high fly ball that. It's center field Broxton gonna. Last long gone well Myers three run home run. In the book is how to start a baseball game road trip error walk and 8 and it did central. Home run by well alive three nothing on graves. That's wills thirteenth bomb of the year let's get the snowman this week the rate. Seven. Lucky number seven. Eloquent advocate doing all the bottom of the eighth inning countries down by running Eric things. Who had beaten the country's every which way key and home run line drive suited done at all walk off jobs. Who's looking a bust this little the Padres need to keep it close and Alan cornerbacks well he's denied Eric games of this great play different receptor human history. Make himself a sensational catch in left field. That's as good as any outfielder so far this year. Hey that's good for number seven I always love when hundreds of flash and leather. Six. Never sixers go back to Saturday. Vs Milwaukee. Well let's watch him partisan and aren't used to win a ball game goes it's gonna go into extra innings the brewers. Bring in Carlos horrors to face CD of the conference. For gets a first two hitters out no problems we'll Mars and wrong lock to win still sex. And it comes Johnny nervous large he wants kept to a tube. Going up couple baseball's towards is worried about will quietly countries not to steal the base maybe should have paid a little bit more attention Leon Harris. Probably stores on the YouTube hits our high fly ball that did not feel that's fair it is dawn looking closer way it's fair it's gonna. And took us a little straighter. So far they have come as I've ever seen them when they got to from the Yankees in the Headley field and idealism they don't handsomely for the San Diego Padres right now I'm alive. In right field there's who leaked Myers scored the head of a it's a two run home run it's my 300. Yeah on Aramis with a two run bomb that's good for over six. Surprise. Number five French she Cordero with the David he'll never forget who backed monumental for the rest of doctors Yunus and nine men to the plate. The bottom of the second inning. I mean you'll remember that overture really to remember at least twenty remember. For the rest of his life because one of those nine minutes into the plate as the rookie spreadsheet we're bureau he did something he had never done before in the big leagues. This is something he's good tells kids about his ran into the break rank it. We'll see just baseball. Because at some very first home run his big league. You want it that's it here the other way let feel pretty deep deep ball is going back you balls look it up these bodies on Ricky Cordero force Major League home run. An opposite field two run shot. And the Padres are finally gone Bronson Arroyo here this second inning and it says sixteen game. A day that the Cordero felt remember for the rest of the license first ever big things. Number four. Number four how about this we just talk about French Guerrero. The day before his first big league home run he has the baseball I'm sure it'll be able meant so that the kids will have one day. But the very next week yes. The success he had. They want here's what happened today after French in his first home run against the Cincinnati Reds he has occurred because he hit not only his second. Lettuce farm Bob and his big league career when she comes to. It is one woman and a high fly ball to straightaway center fielder Hamilton racing back racing back looking up how about another. Craig T Cordero had his first Major League home run last night and he goes deep again here tonight. Three nothing Padres in the third. And the first pitches hit well lasted deep right center field lucky enough it's all on his second home run they gave it its third the last two. And Reggie port Garros shows more powers his first career multi homer game five nothing Padres in the seventh. French eight times to. Three. Number three this week let's go to Saturday the seventeenth vs Milwaukee there's a young kid with the media countries abroad up mean film he's talking just kind of keep it went on football and this one's got a little Harry Padres brewers went at it innings. With the hunters and shoot. In the tenth inning only industry. Broxton hit two run bomb in the bottom of the tenth and social policy on top. Rocks that's what bothered folks who run shot we got to go to eleven innings suspension berg. And chased Arnault will go deep solo shots in the top of the eleventh in the green has little open to try to finish off this ballgame to a one out. In the bottom of the eleventh and they turn to the rookie Phil made time to come in to try to close out the ball game. The one to get a missed like three this ball game belongs to my scent of the Padres and the first Major League save. New York right hander Phil made time from Paducah Kentucky. The pride of Paducah Kentucky picks up his first name is big league career congratulations bill. That's number three. You're too. No adults what's going to be good enough for number two is asking you really good thing this time and our FM 949. Politics. Friday night count out the match and the thirteenth. Richard on the mound vs those of things he did an outstanding seventh inning shutout baseball. He doesn't it very very strong he had given up runs reds' rally though in that eighth inning first two hitters and I can report. Solution to want nobody else. But then Clayton fights back he strikes out Hamilton in scooter gymnast she's got two out Joey bottle up with a plea she just misses. Now the bases loaded tear comes Danny Green to go get Clayton Richard acquaintances and now I'm okay. Steve's the ball and walks out comes back leaves open the bounces are good what get out of this inning and that's exactly what he does. And at first they travel slowly thirds bid to Byrd charging fair Hansbrough he got am. Wanna play back Corey stated where. You ball goes after the first big kid in a slow roller to the last time. They teach yards debate the plane and late Richard is threw eight shutout innings. Clayton Richard he's been injured bird. You're gonna have recovered to this week on the Padres crime nine countdown I'll slip through our played so far this week number nine. So large a solo shot vs the brewers. Number eight will Myers going deep vs brewers number seven. Alan Cordoba robbing their names of a base hit against the brewers number six so our faith dominating big home run. Against Milwaukee. Let's go to five French Quarter its first ever big league home run he'll think better of that. This spreadsheet into the very next day number three Phil made Tom's first big leagues and Porsche number two playing Richard. Talking Andy Green and leaving him the ball gaming gets out of beginning. He goes he shot out right so what's number one. Time to find out. Number one it's the play everybody baseball's talking about Rizzo gates here's the deal bottom of the sixth in Chicago Rizzo. Leads off with a three bankruptcy and Apple's strikeout beverage prescribed to the blade runner at third. One out. Bryant loose ball in the center fielder in baseball but talk about the split since. I'm running attack and was Obama. The play Paul god thank you your pound the ball flight. Double play Bryan Phillips under feel bad Caesar you aren't terrific. Mets Cesar throws a seed. To home plate. Anthony Rizzo had plenty of opportunity and take a wide. Played to angle to go to the outside steady comes right back on top book in crashes collision apple played well lost and hedges. He's out as hedges holds off the ball. Everybody baseball's talking about this did he need take out the runner didn't break the rules and illegal slider was a cheap shot. Baseball looked into it's a yes absolutely violent world war Iraq had to suspend or fine you went people around sandy would talk about that ever since that's number one. On this week prime nine what do you think tell us what you think of our primetime podcaster did tweet to us at Padres right you'd find them FaceBook. FaceBook dot com slash partners for him until we get together and actually covered trip thanks for joining us for the primetime on FM 94 and. So Padres fans what do you think of our list this week to week two at cent Padres radio our comments on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio check back on Padres radio dot com for a new podcast every week.