FM 94.9 Prime Plays of the Week

Thursday, June 8th

What were the prime 9 plays of the week for the Padres? Listen to find out! 


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My Grey's fan. Right now. Now look where the front nine plays of the week and then not before nine Padres radio. We rank him friar fans and we let you'd debate on here's a list of the biggest nine plays her down FM 94 nights this week. That's videos RBIs rich richer era. Hello get Padre fans time now for our prime none of Padres front nine on FM 99 the best nine plays of the week is ranked by yes. Now it's up to you decide whether we got to write what we got it wrong tweet to us. At Padres radio tell us what you think of our ninth biggest plays of the week. Any green his praised Custer renfro first pitch selection lately after starting the season up. Jason pitches out of the strike zone he's really tightened things up this is a great example the ball game on June 4. Vs Jeff Hoffman of the Colorado Rockies Hoffman had been dealing. But a direct pros are able to work to cap the real one and forces hopman throw in yet another fastball. Boom is over time. You spill. He actually put a death. Figuratively I configure out to that thing got Eddie long long wait hit off the tee. And that the third decked. But the western metal supply company building it was a bomb and get out there there's eleventh home run of the season. I tied for a break the snowman of the week. You know what let's go back to the ball game on May 31. And talk about great defense of place that's what all tied in the seventh inning vs Chicago lose for double on the mount. Every gets Jason Heyward to strike out to begin the inning Wilson contreras gets hit by a pitch can be seen as so many times. Walk hit by pitch almost sent the pitcher gets into a jam but not this time because behind the least for dumb up he gets to help from some of his friends this is number eight. And one of it is grounded up the middle selected diving stop behind the bag at second growth from a a huge second out. And prayers goes to third but client grounds out to select David makes an outstanding play and Teddy gonna hang has done. What a play Diana Davis. What a play by Leon Harris I won't tell you this I've learned this giveaway stars for just any old place. That was an absolute web gem late in the ball game. Help them lose for double get out of that inning because he has Anderson Russell to fly out to end the inning. And saved the tie just the way it was. Seven. Artery tied for number seven how about this a four all tie with Colorado back on June 2 Alan Cordoba leads off the fifth inning with a double. I get runners in scoring position Yana nervous so large take coming up to the plate vs Marquez who works at two hitters count totaled good things are gonna happen. Well he's like well. Absolutely. No more time. Padres were down three nothing now they leave the six the whole world. I love crooked numbers take the Moline 64. It's number seven this week. Six Carter nobody what's going to be number six how about we go back to may 31 French she'd Cordero all right Fred she runs it's a one all tie in the eighth inning Chicago brings in. Koji going to horror. The gets Nazis or to swing and there's one ways to get some striking out now. Newly promoted French she Cordero steps up to the plate. Trying to start a rally trying to start a rally in this one all tie Padres really need to get to the goalie gets Koji you are and that's exactly what he does. Any hits this one out to deep right center field Hayward is running back Hayward is looking up his foot off the base of the wall. Cordero is rounding second bases could go for third the throw it. Any data added to triple with one out. We're pretty good aero. They say the most exciting played baseball's triple off all that was exciting because it sets up the Padres. Replace little peace in our. I'm not a problem night in just a little bit run French you run his first ever big league trouble. All right number five number five number five W go to may thirtieth game two against the Chicago Cubs cubs are up one zip. Going into the bottom of the second inning Eddie Butler is on the bump French chic or Darryl leads off with a base hit. After spend your bird strikes out Butler starts off Austin hedges with a fastball on the dirt. Then he gets called strike at a changeup he tries to go back to the heater with a 11 count. Not a good idea mister Butler. And it just kept going to go to goal and the. Eight frozen rope didn't get up but it got out he hits a laser beam. The two run bomb. That was a shot that's comfortable five. Therefore. Artery suffered a report of affordable foremost go back to may thirtieth against the cubs hunter renfro Cuomo is he awfully good fifth inning it's two all score. She no one out base hits by the sea and eagle Padraig is virtually Marti and monsters vs Andy Barr. Which brings hunter renfro to the dish she spits out an IV through my hour fastball for ball one. Then. Butler tries to double up on the two seam fastball coming right back got to see it's not go very wolf mr. Butler this is number four. Delivery of life. It's. We talked yesterday and that line drive away good that I hear about 2.0 things. Grand Slam and on that line drive right there. Two RBIs doubles court to migrate. That played so large it miers to give the punters afford to lead in that ball game hunter renfro were awfully good. Three. There were three number three number three is the magic doubles go back to June 2 how about this Padres don't war won the Colorado in the fourth inning after right a ship walks. To lead off the inning hunter renfro is gonna round out French she'd Cordero comes up next. Has it come back hurt that will score riot. So now what do we want. We want crooked numbers can be green is talked about all season long you have to string together bassist so the next batter up does Austin hatch cheap fouls off the juicy. On the next pitch he fouls off before she. Don't come back with that forced him one more country you know what's gonna happen to them three. Hi my ball and I just couldn't. So it's okay. It got to love it that's number three. To I did a pretty time for play an overdose how about this. We already played to the French report bureau triple how society. But it's just okay do you still ninety feet away what are you gonna do to try to beat the world champion Chicago Cubs. Or how about this tie ball game runnerup their yacht hairless Allard. Up on the mound and both the thing's gonna happen the San Diego Padres is you and service a large degree Ryan's opposite backed him up for him to first. Pick John Davis made scrambles second base they're gonna come home that Rowe waved. Every time he got under the tag. Contact play was not for the Padres and it pays off. 21 city they go to the bottom of the eighth. I give this prime nine number two crediting Johnny nervous a large teams put the ball in play and just for the base runner hustling and their shoving his foot and there. To score the winning run turns out to be the winning run that's good enough for number two. Number one I baseball fans time to get to the crime nine number one player of the week the Padres prime nine on FM 94 and I'm before definitely true view everything we have so far June 4. Puncher renfro was eleventh home run of the season. Number eight how but hang in a stark. Beyond Harris a large today helping out behind Luis predict almost preserving the tie against the Chicago Cubs. Number seven but we stainless a large today so largest the largest a large state work getting out and give the Padres a leap. Number six branching pork barrel the most exciting play baseball's triple. French he had it in the latest camera on the score. House playing number six never five may thirtieth game against the Chicago Cubs how about this one do not try to show. Austin has used multiple heaters and he's gonna take when people whose two run bomb. His ninth of the season number four puncher renfro hunter renfro was twelfth double of the season. Was good enough for fourth place in our prime nine number three. Boston had just know. Against Colorado on June 2 for the game winning hit got nervous Allard day. Driving in French -- order was good for number two Dallas get to the prime nine number one player of the week. Garrett FM 949 we go back to me 2500 down to nothing. Going into the bottom of the fourth inning with one out San Diego street to get a couple big sets. Hit by pitch to load a month vs Kyle Hendricks of the Chicago Cubs. 11 count Hendrix tries to sneak a third straight slider past tundra renfro. No no no my friend that's not a good idea because this is play number one on the Padres Friday ninth and after a night or not. What what it. Is needed a year to deep left field ever thought went back. He is that the long Grand Slam about current pro and it just like that for two Padres in the port. Was hugged her rent strokes Grand Slam bidder to be number one of the Padres front nine on FM 94 nights you tell us. You can take a senior tweets at Padres radio or use the hash tag country radio let us know what you think. The Padres plan nine from richer thanks so much for joining us. Special thanks to Jim Russell put our podcast together we do this every week we rank and you listen to him and you tell us was this the best nine plays the Padres this week. We think so if you agree you love your music at Padres radio and a richer thanks for joining us out of Padres prime ninth on FM knighted or not. So Padres fans what do you think of our list this week to week two at cent Padres radio or comment on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio check back on Padres radio dot com for a new podcast every week.