Hoffman Goes To The Hall of Fame Podcast

Saturday, January 27th

Rich sits down with former teammate Mark Sweeney to talk about Trevor Hoffman and we hear from Trevor about going to the Hall of Fame 


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Since the San Diego hot still podcast back so hot. From the Padres radio network should plea deals mother hit one big. Rush defense goes again. Watch here is richer rare. Welcome everybody in this week's edition potter's house podcasts this edition is dedicated to. Trevor hop Didi gets the call this week third time's a charm for hot feet and he's going to Cooperstown or part. Team he'll be a member of all the pain abducted this. JaJuan. Along with Trevor Hoffman. We already know that and a career high schools Allen travels the union Jack Boris is going yet elected by the writers along with Trevor hospital be Vlad Guerrero Chipper Jones. In Jim Thome that is one hack. Bubble hall of fame class so shortly after hopman weather is getting the call saying welcome the hall of fame. And we saw on TV Jeff finals in the present hall they made this announcement. Now as we head into the later innings of this announcement it's important to note that every team including the wanna Cooperstown. Needs lights out closures and today we acquired another one for a ridiculously good bullpen. Is that hells bells on hearing in the background Trevor Hoffman welcomed little fan. Over eighteen seasons sixteenths in San Diego Padres uniform Trevor appeared in a 1035 games and save 601 of them. He was the first pitcher ever to reach the 50600. Safe but those and today he ranked second all time. The sporting news's National League fireman of the year twice when the NL relate to leap forward twice finishing in the top ten of NL Cy Young award voting four times. Seven time all star posted forty or more saves nine times. Twice leading the NL in saves and on July 20 and I think Cooperstown. It will be Trevor time when he joins the ultimate team. Congratulations Trevor Hoffman all of Cooperstown is looking forward to welcoming him. We were down town that's social tap watching on television. I think the hundred employees were gathered. Watching on the big screen in that it was just a magical moment to be down there soon after. A press conference was arranged in front of the Padres oh hall of fame in of course drop and a member of that hall of fame now a member of Cooperstown hall and gets inducted in July. So is everybody was gathering waiting for Trevor come I got a chance to sit down with fox sports San Diego's Mark Sweeney who hit against him. And played with Trevor Hoffman so are going to be interest and get his spots on Hoffman. As an opponent in a teammate so let's talk about Trevor Hoffman going a hall of fame your thoughts. It's about time for me. I thought he was a first ballot hall favor in the way he conducted himself the way he. Prepared and also as a specialty. In that air. He was one of two guys that you can actually say word dominant there's other other guys Billy Wagner is another one of those guys. But Trevor says self apart especially in the National League. And I think there's bias towards it because I've not only that a teammate it is but I faced him. He was a dominating guy it was it was lights out says he came in so. I thousand matter time I'm just happy it happened. Is it teammate. Fondest memory. Think you learn from him things you wanted to all fans your kids your grandkids one day about the whole thing replete with you know rich have a six year old in. What do Mattel about Trevor is that he was a professional through and true every single day whether he's preparing for his craft. But also. In the times when you fail. He impressed me the most and it was few and far between but. When he failed he faced everything as a professional. One about his business and the next day it was wiped away so. He had that ability use a lead player obviously that's the reason why we're talking about him as a hall of Famer. But I'm Devlin and say that that's what I am that's why learned the most from Emmys approach every single day. As a teammate when he walked out. And the music started. The fans went crazy there was electricity did you feel as a teammate and oh yeah. If we felt that there. It had to be a rare occurrence that he was gonna fail but most times he succeeded it. It reminds me in 1998. He failed ones as more is Alou we ended up going on winning that game. But as a solo home run to left field but. Everything else seem like everyone was guessing against Trevor Hoffman and their guests are wrong every time. The summit facing him go on that other dugout the music's blaring your standing on that what's going through your mind. Guy you've got to control your emotions because you know he does. It was a huge challenge for me. And most times than not I am I went down and not feeling good about myself but I love those challenges. You knew what he is gonna bring to the table so you had to be at your best. You knew. That change was coming that nasty filthy. I'm gonna roll over a fight coaches jelly leg on it you know it's common. Is there a feeling of helplessness did you know what's coming in you're probably not gonna put it in play or. Or squared up he had as a lot of helplessness when years the thinking about that but if you throw your fastball don't miss it. What he did really well as he placed his fast volley locate his fastball down and away. Better than most and he controlled pitching lanes as well as soon as anyone I've ever faced. But that changeup was always in the back here mind you just knew that you couldn't square it up not many people dead even when you're sitting on it that's the reason why. He had that I'll pitch it was always in your mind as an opponent and he used it to his advantage. Finally is never the Padres family talk a lot of fans today and they are just getting it is like they are going into the hall of fame what do you think this means for Padre fans. Well it's as good as it gets because this project is Padre fan base knows what Trevor meant to this whole city. We're looking for a hero because obviously Tony wins passing. Jerry Coleman all of those situations. History of building your history. Now Trevor has the hall of fame behind his name in we are thrilled form I know the potter fans are gonna give it to be. And representation in July when he makes that announcement and hopefully I'll be there as well thank you so much my pleasure. Our thanks to Mark Sweeney joining us from fox sports scene Diego itself. Let's hear from the man himself Trevor hop and came out. To thunderous applause for the fans that showed up. To see him the media was gathered that television stations went live there or play and hell's bells he walked up. Here's a Trevor had to say as he stepped the microphone. Well. First off excuse for everyone for coming out. Come on such short notice not really. Surely weigh one way or the other was gonna happen but to you know Ron thank you for those kind words and certainly starts at the top of sorts of in our sampling mom's here today. My wife Tracy's here today all the rest of our family. You know it's. I've had great examples. In my life and I've been able to follow on. Evers is so as the little guy and then. It's pretty hard not to see the goodness and things that you're big Brothers do and what they do in their lives and how they impact their families and the support that I received from. All Mike Stanley's Tracy's family throughout this whole journey from. And and ultimately come to today is is it's really hard to describe how you're supposed to feel when. 212 shows up on your phone. Every kind of stops for a second. And then you hear. This or calls name on the on the other line and let you know that you've been inducted in. The dip blast so a lot of emotions. The most is that you think about your teammates. Think about. The grind that you go through. On a daily basis of this game demands a view. That's the fun part that's the journey that. You really embrace the fun part is getting well and perform on plated steel let's Hilton head the gift you give but it's the the preparation. That you received from everybody dead. Really makes an impact on how you go about your business. And ultimately getting to go on performance from the fans are great fans of San Diego. There's a great reward. I know we're gonna open up the some Q&A but. You know it has taken three years. You know I had the chance to watch Alan Trammell. Wait for his opportunity not too long ago and it and it took a long time for trim and the way he showed such grace and humility throughout the process. 800 days doesn't seem that big a deal doesn't guys hook up. Certainly proud certainly thankful. And I was greeted widow at such a warm welcome from all our staff here. A light in the tunnel to the Billick clubhouse that would hells bells played it really caught me off guard but to see everybody out in full force and well wishes its its been nonstop. For me to be able to be blessed like this is is is second and and so. But again I appreciate everybody coming I know we'll have some questions so we get a little more in depth on some things that you wanted to. I've been thinking about the last point four hours try to keep risen almost possible it's engulf them. Ultimate self Kennedy north downing today in some broad cup what will see about that. But anybody as and questions let's open it up during. His remarks there's a lot of interesting. Things that I took away from him reflecting on that moment of OEU. Now have made. The best team the greatest team. Is is Jeff finals of the said the most ridiculous bullpen that shall ever see a baseball but he he thought the ball to people. That helped him along the way at that this was. A really really nice sentiment from a hall of Famer. You know I think that that opportunity that I was given to be. Major League Baseball player you know it it and I think of Randy Smith you know taking a shot on me in Florida to bring me a rhetorical developed into a solar coming here but Randy. Believed in me believe in the Packers and who's getting back for the situation in the club was in. Kevin towers is at home right now. Can we think about what he's battle and a you know those of the people that's. Deserve. You know the opportunity here. Guy from San Diego talk about good thanks. Of course he's going in and he'll be immortalized next to mr. Padre Tony Gwynn. In he reflected on Tony Gwynn his career and what it's like to join that. Yeah I've always put Tony got a pretty high level. And so suited ultimately have shared a locker room with a man. Go into a pretty special place albeit. But two minutes on or something that. I won't sink in right away but I've always revered all my teammates. Not just the ones that other people heard about but the guys that. Truly you know work hard on a daily basis and try to get best of their ability no matter how long marker was. On your your suiting up next of people and you wanna you wanna sport that you must see everybody do well what are the. Biggest things that Trevor is gonna do this year I think in in in the celebration not just of him bottom of the Padres. And the fans in San Diego and and he had this message to the fans. Who supported him through all those jurors are really rose to their feet whenever he stepped on the field. In your Ernie CDC blaring over the speakers it's Jack Murphy Qualcomm. Pepco. Thank you you know it's figure goes without saying but it took to be able live to walk around town to be walk through the concourse Serpico. Sued to have that level support from from everyone. To just kind of pats on the back and say were root for who were trained Fauria and and hope you get. Enough votes to be one day inducted in the hall of fame on. It's it's it's it's also it's it's something to. They can get a little over overwhelming at times notre proud of you overload him for Mike Mike Stanley at times to always. You know dad this debt that Trevor this Trevor that but you know it it's it's genuine and I appreciate everyone in the community of San Diego. For their support and we're certainly gonna celebrate together. For the people see it Diego it's like they're going in this is going to be one heck of a summer we've got all chemical plants. As far as the tributes to Trevor popular throughout the season but. He had this message in wanted to relate this to the people see. Yeah I think it sounds we all know what the city's gone through the last 2440 months and something like this through the Padre organization being led by such great man. Stepping out front on how we are gonna lead this community through sport. Both amateur or professionally. But that's something personally be able to give joy to. The city and knowing that I've been backed by so many so well for so long. There's a lot of pride there there's a lot of the a lot of excitement to be able to give back finally other than just saying thank you I think people are gonna be able to stick to just got a little bit and say. You know he's he's one of bars and we're proud of them. It is going to be something special it'll be very special year of Major League Baseball here but the fact Trevor Hoffman. Gets his due recognition third time's a charm 79 point 9% of the voters. Sending him to Cooperstown. What's gonna do it for our podcast or today thank everybody for joining us downloading this may treat keep checking a Padres radio dot com. Our Twitter account is Padres radio. FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio as well. Arbitrary Jim Russell the producer of this podcast. Blah war is we get closer and closer to Peoria we get ready for baseball here. Well the potter's radio and. Please ease the Padres revealed that life can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio. Sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.