Jon Miller Joins Gwynn and Chris!

Friday, April 13th

Hall of fame broadcaster, Jon Miller, joined Gwynn and Chris and told some AMAZING stories! You MUST listen! 


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Joining us from the park. The great hall of fame broadcaster one of my idols. Jon Miller voice of the San Francisco Giants John thanks so much for coming on the program today. In I know it says you're very busy getting ready for a ball game and it's very kind of you to join us how our user so. Well I'm I'm happy to to be here and I'm I'm extremely well I'm at the my favorite place in the world to be used in a ballpark so. I mean this one is a good one but any ballpark will do for me. Yes. Jockey you just today it taken a manic gone a little different direction here will we'll talk a little bit about the giants but. The career of broadcasting did you ever think that it would take you the places that it's taking you end. And to the heights that it's taking you and and all of the kinds of things that you've been able to experience just as a guy who probably sound pretty your TV like I did when housing didn't call now games. I grew up in the east bay across the bay from San Francisco and a place called the Hayward. And I've played strata Matic baseball that you give him extra automatic I have a game at home. We in those days back in the early sixties. It was a game that you played with dice and there was cards for every player in the it was a few. Replay the entire previous keys and over again. The pennant races in the statistics along come on about this the way they did in real life so I bought this game and I found that I've played the game and it was much more fun. If I broadcast again. And I didn't just broadcast the game I had been the crowd I make right choices at the that was the public address announcer. I was the ballpark organist unit and it was that it was kind of an odd sight if you were walking in on me because I'd be there here's the pitch. Face it. Yeah. Tune in to it and doing the right fielder Hilton. Number nine million. Roger Maris and number nine. I. And if it was dodger game I'd be good as the 0101 PH base hit to Olathe. Are. I would be that the wrong. Clearly. Your satellite he had Hartford you know the John Ramsey very distinctive anyway I guess I was preparing myself for this at the and and it was sort of amazing that I at a being able to actually do that for a living when I got a job. During the Oakland a's games 1974 I was 22 years old. Which is sort of a miracle in and of itself. And I called a monitored. You know I told her about getting the job it's and that is the great thing is I don't have to do the crowd noise so actually this crowd and all the ballpark. You know if you did these games now you have to do the crowd. Well he's struggling a little bit with the crowd there you know the game. That's one of the big things changed in the game over the years the the size of the crowds in those days back in the sixties into the seventies. Teams were shooting to draw a million friends if you drew a million that was pretty good. The giants moved in Candlestick Park. In 1960 and they were draw anywhere from one point 5000001 point seven in and year after year that was second most in the National League. And often in the in the all of Major League Baseball only to the Dodgers who routinely drew two million and a graduate draw three million. They were drug in two point 62 point five in two point seven. And and that's just the way it was when Oakland moved to the Bay Area. The giant tennis was cut in half immediately. Instead of drawing a 1000005000006. They drew 800000 and Oakland which came from Kansas City. Over in Oakland they were drawn 800000 and see if this if it's not possible 1974. But first you're doing Major League Baseball the a's had just won two straight World Series. Three straight division titles. And it's seven before they did it all again they won their third straight World Series that year and that paid attendance for the season 840000. And digest that for just among one. 840000. And they played the Baltimore Orioles who it year after year after year they have agreed teams. From the late sixties and seventies yeah and they've played each other in the league championship series or goes through 930000. And a lot of the games that the games sold out of the league championship series and open they were getting. You know 40000. Because they had the weekends they got to Baltimore the get 24000 on Tuesday at 29000 on Wednesday with. By the blue taken on my Quaid are my vitamin took on Palmer fact one of the game. And they drew 24000 four's so. The it would be a much different era. The stuff we can't take for granted the size of the crowds in the the difference at different attendance levels that's not the way it was in those days. This is the great Jon Miller joining us here on the Gwynn and Chris get together to psych can sit back and listen all day if you if you like if you don't mind missing made the game tonight John you can just talk called Molly indicate what do you say you do you every did you keep. For the heck of it they signed Charlie Finley checked. Does that I think would be a rare item. He did cheap owner of the Oakland a's back when you were first tire right. Yeah he he was. I likened him to a Ebenezer Scrooge. That the Dickens novel. And really at just before Christmas he called assault and we have because I had to work with a with a broadcasters worked in the offseason. We got two weeks vacation. And or I got one week as I was in new guy and a that's that's all we got I was. The fact with money more the other broadcasts have been there for years and years the two of us were the year book sales staff. We think get commission. And let's Levin let me tell you he got what he paid for with us because. -- I didn't know anything about selling your book dads and I didn't really care about it. My best flying through I call somebody. Oh on a and the user Grotrian they'd always say all hell not interested and then they start asking questions about the days that we've talked for 3040 minutes about the ball club as it moves they've made that might make in this. Which I was happy to do that you know I was had nothing else to do except make another phone call with somebody who did not by wanna buy an ad in the the major vote. But he called us in on a Sunday before Christmas. And we wrote letters. To last year's season ticket holders. Urging them to re up yet and then we composed that letter to prospective season ticket holders urging them to bomb. And this took hours yeah I think it was just lonely and it was Christmas as you want some companies so and that's the way it was. You know it was. Everything was there except a line of I suppose to be wanna Christmas Day off. Against please answer hoping well you be sure you get here all the early the next day then. Charlie recently he was a character of the game he was only built two I have players. When they had no free agency and it was about to start because catfish from the year I was there. Catfish under the get to the World Series to play the Dodgers and the day before they have the workout at Dodger Stadium before game one. And I go out on the field and there are. Hundreds of reporters all crowded around catfish daughter who was the if you want one in five games for the is that year. And he had announced. That Charlie Finley has. Breached his contract and he was there for a free agent he had decided however he was going to complete the World Series with the team. Fair is fair. And then he would become a free agent in the course Charlie that well that we have the reserve because you can't create well the courts make him a freeagent. And that was a revelation. It was better than what the union had hoped it would be. Because it seemed like every team in baseball lined up at his home in Hartford. North Carolina. And make their case and and the Yankees were the ones you've got to but the money was. It beyond what anybody had ever gotten before the while. That is what we can have if we get the free agency and really old started right right there with Charlie Finley. Reaching catfish hunters contract so I was there it's sort of a a turning point in. Major League Baseball history that the year I was there they had arbitration for the first. So things are already starting to change in that regard. And there was also all that was the beginning of the end of the day's run of championships they won three in a row and to me were one of the great teams of all time. And they really don't get their just and they don't get talked about it as much as they should. I certainly remember them and John there what do you what a thrill is to have eon and listen to your stories I I have about twenty more questions than I may have a ball game to get ready for I have a pregame show to do but. My goodness thank you so much for coming on what an honor to have you on and congratulations on your great career and thanks for sharing some of the way this year. Hey I. I'm gonna use this line tonight because. I'm always looking for good lines are ready yet. Low. Ball one. So to you if you tell your guys Jesse. And and in your guys that you may be that I'm using that today. They can't have it. Another one that I'm thinking that today yeah and an imminently in and secretive about it here's the line but he. Line drive news. Follow. Hockey at. It's the timing there that the applause at that you've got to try to. But you have to it it has did that my advice. It has to be appropriate catches for today you can't just say that it's fair ball for a you have to use it when it's appropriate that the cute little. I yields below thank you John. Thanks.