Kyle Glaser Talks About Padres Top Prospects

Tuesday, April 17th

Kyle Glaser from Baseball America talks with Gwynn and Chris about the Padres top prospects and when we should expect to see them in the big leagues. 


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Our our next guest is. How Glaser from the national writers for baseball America how are you doing today thanks for joining us. My pleasure glad to be out if you guys. Good to have you with us Kyle and of course from a talk when I Taiwan I think baseball America of course I always think of all baseball when we will get it as a Major League stuff but it. Yet it you know the pod arrays were recently. Redid is the number one minor league system and all Major League Baseball. And I'm curious as to what you think now that that has kind of been. That tag has been placed on them for a month and a half or so. Does it fit. Well first of all read it for America actually happened number three and the reasons about what happened behind the Braves and yankees. The reason for that was because a lot of their talents on the lower levels the system. But this is a system that does have a really good mix of guys that are ready to contribute now. Joey look he he was one of their top ten prospects we are we had a lot they're pretty early on. And you know there is no never questioned him it's gonna be the first guy out of next wave of pitchers host and also my match. He's come up air flowers or behind Al awful wreck behind there are some good pitchers that are coming soon but most of the position players and and looked out. Really for the parkers I mean they've been last in the in the majors average in palm Bay's halt last year there. You know gather some struggled this year they really need a big influx of position players beyond just what they currently have what mark on renfro and those guys are all little further away and very high risk if the lower level so I think it could. It's attack to say that they have. As much upside as any system in baseball. But you know the Rick Rick Rubin who was their position players is a little high wage for anyone to say. Oh gosh these guys are all gonna head it's a lot reactor that was the great Yankee cap and go. That that's that's very very good point you you bring up there how 'cause I think most people gore who around the game know it's hard to really predict with. With prospects are gonna do especially when it's below the double A level. And and Biarritz it ceases gonna get an opportunity. To do it at that level. You know Tatis is one of those guys imminent in Aureus or two guys that I think come they come to mind with the Padres fans. What has been here. Impact those so thus far this season. Lawyers you know got off hearts are not outposts we'll got a little bit that the same guy who always has been continued ahead. While Turkey has kind of that the superstar big name guy courier who is the one that you're gonna get up first then you know you up while the two guys that would put a batting title it would it would be really serious. It's a pure hitter. And Turkey's is off to a slow start double layer speak out of every nineteen years old last year we would have been a high school like senior excused from the US. He be a freshman Calder now he's. They think you ought to have crossed with a double leg so that he could go a little more raw he's younger it's his skills so all around wolf more Ross he's going to be a little more time. Probably curious that I think there's a very good chance he continues hot cardinal this little slow down a side. Wolf CNN San Diego by June especially if Carlton soiree and of course spent a virtual heading you know under 200 of those second base options. RN I like it I like it and I like okay yeah I think there are some other guys that have been dead doing some things in the Padre organization that we we don't know is. As well as those two guys I mean an ending that he scenario I mean it isn't a home run in his first spring training here and I was ready to put him another hall of fame you know. And so is everybody else and various had a great spring but. Today are there some other guy is it deeper than that it's deeper than that at the position player. Lot so there's a lot of guys but they dollar and who they've all they're still waiting to emerge and it's so that's a position player group. That has died readers are a little bit lower on that I think general potter fans are getting excited about. In Korea already has two world from the guys that are a little eight ball right now. I get real areas a huge Dario but. Well one guy who's intriguing if Hudson pot to the third busiest in which is a position of need for the Parker's long term young kid big power with their other first round pick feeder and its account on true miracle our. Forgot what kills are now he's off to a decent start had a good second half last yourself I think constant part is probably the position player. Keep an eye on al-Qaeda very Kentucky's but. He's not quite the same level of how you're coping with heavy more solid state third base Mexico Latin pop down the road. That's interesting that's it that's of. A really solid point because. Again these somebody's prospects. I think you have to be careful of setting their expectations before they get here because Bessie for the phantom who don't get the opportunity to see these guys like you do. It's important so that expectations so you're not expecting them to come up here and just feet is that the next you know. Whoever it may be Courtney Ballinger whoever whoever they the young Ricky is at the time. Of these so the picks and prospects though even though there at a young. Does the lower levels. There's things to be a lot of talent or it's also about some of those guys. Well I thought the pitching prospects that there actually spread out you have Joel K these are secure about cal ought to Erik lauer. Those are popped and how the prospects. Lower your initial buyers because the core of the potter's have a master really good group of pitchers. I NAFTA group that it violators are much higher on all around where you say okay and position players users to potential all stars and other group the guys who might be helped things. Pictures there are five or six or seven guys you look at and say man. There's there's potentially. A big rotation that's part of the rotation healing America but we also know pitchers get hurt way way way more often guild outages ED tend to get treated equally so on the one hand yes the pondered how this this incredible pitching depth from can be core it'll blow away all the whipped and you know the jury locating now in the majors are. But pitchers get hurt because Pollock and help problematic you is you know the first of the of the pitchers wagered one year and he goes out Tommy John it just it's so risky and you hope they can all make it in reality probably only two or three well. I'm laser baseball America great stuff from you Kyle I. Is narrowed Connie anywhere in the minor league systems of any Major League Baseball team or is this and my hope is there any chance is something like this kind of spurs some kids here stateside this say hey wait a minute if he can do it I can do it do. You know the first ball so rare party as they once satellites have half a Pallet review that Korea Japan this is an individual who. We're doing things when really we haven't seen who is doing things we have nothing for a hundred years individually exodus say there's anyone that can do both took what he's doing them. It's really really rare to see you know bread and McKay who the colts player of the year last year for BA than a racist or he's gonna give it try. I won't say probably open up the possibility more you know now you know she's much you know if you let them try to play both ways whereas before it was no you have to pick one because. Hey you always had to pick one of the dead ball era now there's at least one guy they can point to modern major leagues doing it to Mike indicated tribe that. Let lets you know be clear this is so. Rare. I think it. Premature to suggest theirs and other guys out there who can do and I think there might be one in the next fifty years this is really rare stuff we're seeing. I know it's really funny because when people talk about it on there like we haven't seen this in years and I'm like. No we haven't seen this in over a hundred years there's nobody that is done with this guy or do. And as you just said there probably isn't anybody. Coming up behind him that can do with this guy can do Kyle we appreciate it. Which get a little more time to spend with you today coming up on our pregame but I hope we can catch up with the again enjoyed your insight and I know that. The Padres fans love fine now what's going on with their minor league itself. Will catch a tee again and have beyond we appreciate the time that stuck out.