Matt Stairs joins Gwynn and Chris

Monday, April 16th

Padres hitting coach Matt Stairs joined Gwynn and Chris to talk about the recent power surge for the Padres 


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We have a special guests with us today. Padres didn't colts coach Matt Stairs in the building Matt are you dorm rather. Not too bad Milosevic for restarting our demand so little ugly also look at this white walls might have got through with these guys and the theory come on hello we know. I'll go ahead and models. The deck is regular c'mon down I think c'mon up. And if so Matt you guys just took three of four from the giants. After after kind of land and it their first game guys swung the bats pretty good the last three games how has this ball club. Taken to your philosophy of his. It you know I think we've we evolve don't Bork been a stubborn pattern and trying to work walks and don't work accountants and some reduce the under the bid to depict what could happen. And I used to we wouldn't assessor Rivera get pictures and use them not to have battled that a good series Colorado and then. They'll first came here I use at least they're related Jacob look at it happens baseball. But in the last three days I think that's the the mindset of of having a good little pal while after that first game. Getting back in the that he concept of of team we win the team that that's not public so the last three against the giants. Matt the talk a little bit about these young guys have in a way even Perella in particular I'll throw French Cordero in and I know we can add smothers it. I mean this sit here at the ballpark yesterday they look like they couldn't wait to get in the on deck circle and then they couldn't wait to get out of the on deck circle and into the batter's box exit the daily look. Hungry up there at the plate I don't know how to quite categorize that it. There like they are. While take him does so it's all comes down to confidence to new orders like to review some days you don't want to live up batter's box like really have to hit. They're not and again it's it's not we worked on three days ago where it's what the what this path do is extremely Layton and the American to donor retention. Elf relatives just per Ella me just go up stern he is learn how to get the ball near a little more and Andy's excited and amended guys again you used to the first were there young. You know they're from almost got that rides the waves of things are also well they're on they're the kind of not that sort of mope around but there he insisted they're solar struggled Burton and drop down button. That's when when they're hitting all the conferences there which is nice not to get rid from. Every about what's going on throughout the last three games him and and the darted against this year we've we've battled. But when you're younger there's often looked Betty wanna run that batter's box and figurative head. We're here with hitting coach Matt Stairs. Suffered a cynical Padres who met. You're an old school guy I learned a lot from you in my year playing with you how do you. How do you kind of can mix the two of this new analytical. Crowd in baseball and you know the old school philosophy that. Oh a lot of a lot of guys in your air really came up learn a new way to learning how to hit. Lot of tickets at the end of the day if you break down everyone's wearing. It's exactly in my contact. Just a matter how you get there. You know I them or talked about the launch angle and we thought of a launch angle backed him there when I played but we do call launch angle recalls drive the ball to gaps for us it's. Nothing back from that driver pick up some you know now what's the talk him down the launch area wanted to velocity and you know back Leo we want to hit the ball hard look at who wanted the ball hard and farm animals though the bottom line in and really it's it's seeing some of of the the way you wanted to say it. With the new era in our you can break now slowing him and talked about you with hedges so there we talked about Muslim Beckham wants to doesn't sixteen home runs and AAA him. First you know listen closely you are right my Elwood doesn't go there will really. Of course it does not just one of those things where we talked about it and he it's when you think about it I think that people have troubled the launch time when Ahmad sort of players are really sat down talked to about it. In the proper way of doing a lot to handle. I really don't I mean I know when I went into the filibuster the first sugarcoat. That Derek had no idea how to get the bombing are properly. He also lesser storm old school we didn't have anyone pick what back album won't lift to resolve. You know try to try to kill a source public sector mission to line drives or what happens he backs but nothing to build a ballpark. That's over color guy driving a gaps. And also I got along. They'll all yen from oracle. Outside guys is that one got a Phillies at last here that Hoskins guy he seemed to get the idea of launch angle and he had that he actually figured it out here at nickel was. And mail via the U blood Billick but you didn't think about it don't. It's got to think about trying to drop that back elbow and also an immediate up perfect angle going to the baseball. Spoke to record the time remember late and they are acorda timed it into the ground ball into the regulars playing. You know suffered a mega centers about who do the postal slowing uses the you have to. A short memory and you really don't think about just recommend that the normal swing and Evernote quirks. You know I I'd get it it's just I get a and I understand a Mac and I am wash stuck in my adult time. And I understand their approach Talbot direction that's that the not a lot of different things what they do in the Beckham on Beckham in the dugout in the locker room. It's all about direction but at the end of the day. I don't care if your bay brew of sorts you're or whoever set now. You're so I resumed their sectional on a contact list matter how you get there. Before we let you go I wanna ask you about one player in particular who. And it showed so much stairs spring training continues to show off his power here lately and Chris are real label what would. What do you see in him what does what makes him so special when he gets out there especially against lefthanded pitching. He repeats this went over and over he has the same. He has pretty much the same load with the electric benefits. His hands the only time he ever gets in trouble. If he's late. When he's late everything rush is not made you want to take batting practice in the and the ball. You know comes off you know probably the top three are on the team out of at a velocity in batting practice and allowed me got big lobster cams. Most among guys when they get depressed domestic. He has domestic and again I mean how that is when you're when you're timing was off just my completely up and is not here. Mechanics just you know majority or timers opposite effects are slowing but you're timing is on the lives that could. For them because there's not many guys in Bristol that are better than them and that's why you start to see who walks. He started to recognize pitches because he's actually on Simon and being able to recognize pitches and then. He's an attention all of a sudden it's a home run regular quicker than yesterday yes I want to has taken a first pitch. All of a sudden now he reload the fastballs in the gets by the head but he reacted to the home run. That tells you how good his hands Erik there. You know what like I can attest to that because when I when I watched a replay of it. The contact was just in front of his front leg that's not normal for a guy who's trying to you know get a ball out of ball park though it was clear that it was just a reaction. The one I don't put attendance. And that is the wind the one guy that I might put up against you in a waiver right now is hitters this Perella I mean I don't. Three hits a game is getting normal for him and and he's just didn't. Lie I mean single double triple yesterday just. Fantastic you must be having a lot of fun working with these kids. Collided on the work of love these guys and an auditor has some commonly used when a million little reminders of you know. Or whether they can help them in and out there with thriller. You know I think he's a little frustrated because you'd knock him a lot of balls in the air properly. The last three games we've we've talked about. You know the different way uptick in the solar music more hands since that's there's more back then and he's actually been driving the ball you know close to the ball sort of go home runs dismissed the home run to let go just. You know it all comes back to where he has such a great past you know few breakdowns swings. He's another gathered pizza sort over and over and over mend our time he gets in trouble when he tries to hit home runs. No he'll say are trying to hit a home run to stop crime in the past. I got home my little heart. If you think about going back there and and and that's where we talk about lessons more. The less movement you use your upper body the more energy use the better bet the better about spending on the ball by the ball goes so. You know it's it's but he didn't hit my five wood whatever 78 doubles. Don't think it's five home runs on the year and it's reported but the two doubles. I'd be happening a lot but and that's integrate kitty had to bolster impaired on the consistent basis. Who that found the guys reluctant and it's nice and the other big thing about young players that they cannot panic. The eagle for five Borough for free game throw Californians. Don't panic don't change it and it's gonna work goes so it's not fun and I think. And I think with the numbers that we sold so far this year with the walks. I'm pleased with that we've we've ever given a lot about the way. And it is you can see they're getting more confident Symbian on.