Padres Podcast EP 8: Who Will Be The Starting Infield?

Thursday, March 8th

Chris and Rich finally answer yesterday's trivia question. Also on the docket: THe Padres' bad-luck outfielder and our forecast on the Padres starting infield?


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They insist the San Diego podcast back so hot from the Padres radio network should plea deals harder hit one big. I rushed geragos again. On the watch him. I gave it your Padre radio podcast crew. That's RBIs richer over there and I thought you know I got to come up with a Twitter handle name for my podcasts side. Taking a look at the third strike Chris would be good so you hit. I got one. Oh will let the words the left Douglas. Well as well as the winner Ernie are all used to say. Standing by standing there like. Standing there like the wind blew bias I don't know yeah I remember way yes standing there Monica on a street corner as the wind blew by via via we're earning are well the account the I'll be that guy but the I'll be that guy hey look if you are a Fernando Tatis banner at least furious fan and there are many view. He not going to be happy when I tell yeah. Who the starting an infield is going to be for the Padres come opening day 2018. We will get to that. Is the bullpen cart idea already. Over before it begins no there oh rich we will talk about that as well. But we will start with a question we talked about yesterday. And we owe everybody an apology I mean look we're not beyond doing now we brought up a trivia question yesterday. And then we tried to come up with the answer to our own trivia question. And we didn't come up with the answers so today we've got it for you at least win and who's this week. The OT yesterday that was. Weak knee Dallas week it's like it's that he try to tell meals and don't let that didn't have a whole bottle roll I mean that was just week. The worst in the world and he can do edit your question Korea to stop everybody and you know the answer your try it question yes and anybody who doesn't our podcast yesterday all day all night. Last night they had a chance that they could they get through and this morning they woke up still thinking it through and now. We are gonna finally put their mind eighties but you know what I want to congratulate you too you're gonna put me down I'm gonna congratulate you. 'cause when we were kicked in and around yesterday you actually came up with two of the three guys. That was the correct answer and the question was named V three. Pitchers who have made ten or more opening day starts. Since the year 2000. And the question was brought up because Justin Verlander this year will start for Houston on opening day LB is tenth opening day start. So he will become the fourth pitcher in this exclusive club. You came up with two of them militants Qichen names around. Roy holiday. Doc Holliday. And king Felix Felix Hernandez I'm very proud of you for coming up with two out of three but she did not get the leader in this category. While I you'll take got to fight it to 750 for the state vital three for four. That's a lot of where I might win the player of the game mistake after the game yes so that's. Pretty good but here's the answers to that you've been waiting for now we we we giving you Verlander is going to be make in number ten Felix Hernandez has made ten. Doc Holliday made ten rest in peace. But these guys made more opening day start since the year 2000 and any other pitcher in Major League Baseball and now all of you can. Stun you are friends with this knowledge. Here's CC sabathia. CC sabathia he's made eleven opening day start since the year 2000 so. And I guy I don't know how many different teams he's done that way. Leave Cleveland and Milwaukee. And the Yankees. Missing anybody. Now I think he got a mall I thought you might lead Milwaukee out that you did you're right but did he make an opening day start from Milwaukee eras who just a rental at the end of the season I think it was a renal the end of the season. So I think it starts or for Cleveland in the Yankees but CC. His number 11 in that category. Is Tyson Ross going to be number two to enact categories he can get his second opening day start in three years. I think a lot gonna depend on how he does today while we're talking he's got three innings against the giants in the spring training game. It's certainly fight to see who's gonna get taxes 12 spots left open because we know that. Part almost got one. And actually low Mets got one Purdue almost got one click Richards got one Brian Mitchell by reason of him not having options is gonna have the fourth. So as a Tyson Ross is gonna come in there. And wanna be amazing Tyson Ross makes it even if you leapfrogged to front to beat the opening day starter knowing that he's fighting for that fifth position because if you don't have an ace. In the above the rotations pretty flat as far as towel everybody's just about the same. So stuff like I got a base and I got weep over five and got guys that are all basically. At the same level none of them. Ace Clayton Kershaw that's not an insult that just a budget how good Clayton Kershaw has that. Hit he makes that that spot in the rotation it might be the number one spot in the rotation. Because the depth of the San Diego Padres minor leaguers hasn't gotten here to the big leagues yet in the pitching department. That would really be a story Tyson Ross opening day starter 2016. Basically out of baseball. I mean he was with the Texas organization that basically out of based on 2007 team. Could be opening day starter again in 2018 that's not what Andy Greene said that's who we are some rising and talking about. But it makes a little sense he's got some experience in that department. We had some fun talking about. Johnny amassed there and there's no there's no way to segue into Johnny Le master but the if you don't know who Johnny Le master is he was a shortstop a weak hitting shortstop for the San Francisco Giants back in this. 1980s. Mostly. And the giants were bad in those days and when they lost the fans really would get on Johnny master and they would boo him and mercifully. John mastered did one of the great things of all time. Instead it put the name a master on the back of his uniform one night he put the name boo. He figured if there was gonna boo him every time he comes up. He might as well at least identify with the Jersey name and you could find pictures of that on YouTube or just Google it but it's pretty funny John master doing bill. But you know who took that and gave us a story as to how the long pants started in Major League Baseball and I think it's important. That we understand this because nowadays. Very few guys. Wear their pants up to show the Sox everybody wears Japan will Meyers I mean I mean his pants. Doesn't he almost took it on the into the back of his cleats I mean it's so his pants he wears and so long but none of this would've ever happened. There weren't full war. George hander cuts the Georgia and so the story goes and George Hendrick had some time with the Padres tip of the story goes. If he doesn't talk to the media that's why this is in the well known story his rookie year they asked the question. They kind of misquoted and took that cop text. Embarrassed me that they're tucked right against either is tell stories at this is not there one story. So for George coming through the minor leagues you remember. Back in the day you can find the pictures on line Tony Gwynn playing for the Las Vegas. Padres not the fifty ones not the that this was stars. Writes every team. Every team would just take their big league. Uniforms senate triple those Tripoli uniforms nine year old gets a double on don't want. So cousins first coming up its lowest level minor leagues he's wearing uniform. Pants that are. Probably the ten years and media right didn't fit too well now if you very nose or hand me downs or white. You know their hand me down for reason in their party worn out. So by the time he got on the elastic on the bottom which used all the pants up. Could completely. Evaporated. So he's used tall guy was faster at running at a double pulling into second base trying to slide is patently as a fallen down trip over himself. I ever get to the big leagues or my pants down. She gets a big leagues stylish as an insult and Wendy does this is it apples canceling now. Not only down to the ankle like what will wears and just kind of halfway down. Everybody freaked out this is the same time as the the Olympics are going on Mexico in 1960. Available. Yeah and those guys are raising their fists in the air black power and really guys weren't. Allowed to express themselves back in those days and George Hendrick was kind of one of the first to do it. So peoples as PS down and he doesn't happen media. Sales and people frequently poses pants legs down not his pants down that was Steve Lyons if that's excitement but it still think that purpose. So it. The pants late in the pen makes our fallen down and leaves them down. Annals and people freaking out because they're thinking he's making a political statement which she was not but he impact anybody's all the speculation. Of people running amok. On. He wears him down commissioner since the telegraph. Your being fine so and so for. Being out of uniform. Senate telegraph on Morse code it was about one guerrillas and yeah those don't is don't ever I should tell you don't have no idea sorry I actually sent a telegram to people wait wait wait back of the day. Obviously gets the telegram. Since the check next week gets votes and I decides to things he says. He sensed but have backed the commissioner Kuhn says I'm. Clinton how much is going to be for the season I raised my pants that looked on the up about picks up Ellington went like this. And any got two pairs of of pants couple bottoms. Off one so loaded on to the bottom of the other so now they really went down it was ankles. Everybody's freaking out that you know is desecrated in the gains the only guy in baseball Dillon has only got a baseball doing so he he's planning gets ridiculous. Thank goodness. Probably Cincinnati he was to assists and yes it's nice later square. He's gets Cincinnati comes to first base compete. Cuts like style ideas sound man is being. Can I Wear the Catholic illustrious pig you're an investor in the game and we're continuing ought. Pete was the second after Pete and everybody else in baseball that a by the way when except that telegram telegraph what are to bully can see how much will be for the season. Commissioner cinema. Telegram back that's it forget it. That's nice stability community you know there's that there's a story that goes along with that in the NBA Derrick Coleman who was kind of a bad boy. Back in the day went to Syracuse and New Jersey Nets high draft choice but I never really lived up to his potential but the NBA put a dress code him. And they said you got to Wear a suit. To every game and the suit on the bench if you're not playing in a suit when you leave the arena they wanted to guys to look sharp their comments and I'm not wearing an suit. So the NBA find him. There Coleman sent a message back to the NBA said just tell me how much it's going to be for the rest of the season because I'm not going to be wearing a suit. And out and dear Derrick Coleman to all of his fans but so George hander wasn't the first cut to have that situation but now. You know why a lot of guys in Major League Baseball around and around with a long pants do you like the pants up like him blast. You know like a blast property likable and woody. And years ago. I love Obama up by wanna see the socks the socks are there for a reason I love baseball socks I love it when. Who is it Brad hand there where some way up still just under the mean I mean exceed that to me is just. That's the way it was supposed to be done originally that's which should still be done now I know I'm old school one. So I've got 17 o'clock walks while he's still playing baseball. Paying an on as long as he can back and let the bones weak but if anybody has summer travel team might need one for seventeen year old helped me out here. We will move up the North County able go anywhere. Arm. Verses he dislocated. Tebow I mean it wears pants and me and blast the pants and Pall mall Malia pace to make it worst Europe's. And little end to this day he he knows that he can't Wear it but in Downey asked where but now they're actually making Chris. They're bloomers that they're cut short. Their baggy so they look like the old Brooklyn dodger uniforms right so they're trying to can make combine and I think Major League Baseball would like to see these guys bring me the pant legs. Up a little bit. Just in general and show more soccer you show a little more soc guys c'mon you wanna know why did you. Because stance is that official sock of Major League Baseball. We gotta get that in yes exactly you go by him. It echo park in the in the gift shop to buy in the same sock that the pondered where you saw the warrant a different kind of Sox got a goofy wacky Sox. During the all star game I got a couple Paris I got a I got their Tony Gwynn. Stance Sox that it where. Nice you know on them on right now. Did you at a guy tell me once in the seasonal football front in my knees take your best of ability. As an athlete is your availability. And I was up as a great line and basically what it means of years if you're hurt you can't play you can't do anything. And this gets us talking a little bit about out stickers and I feel bad for this guy. This outfielder. Tons of talent Padres 112014. Missed most of the season 2017. Missed almost all of did actually missed the entire season last year with a bad back. Now he's got an elbow injury Andy Greene says he's not going to be ready for opening day. The only thing that helps does it is clear up the outfield picture a little tiny bit. But you don't wanna take Alex Dickerson off for this mix a mean this is a guy that I I know the Padres. Feel has a future somewhere. So the short time though we worked together you know pretty positive Kyra right analog crowd response is always looking for the the positive. The positive spin on this is gonna get more opportunities for French she Cordero and and Perella in renfro in check how ski. Everybody else's try to make this ballclub because those at bats will be given to those guys so in you'll get more opportunities to see more players the mapping it. I talk to outs during fan fest that you know he worked off. To get back to the situation after the the back surgery I I remember two distinct things with the any green when he announced that their personal loss for the year. I told them I salute you look like you're visibly shaken because you're counting on this guys so much because. You'll believed in them than we talked about that get a band has been as excited to have Dickerson back in the fold so. I just feel for the guy hope and pray for him that he get through this thing he just seems snake bit. Yeah he's definitely snake bit right now and he's not going to be rated start the season we'll keep in mind that. You would think it would take several injuries during the course of the year for out stickers and get a chance. In 2018 because you've got so many guys that are now gone ahead of them including Perella including ran pros argued there Myers in the outfield now. And my new personal favorite. Wasn't really plan on talking about France sheet today but. Pritchett Cordero I did not realize this guy almost went 20/20 twenty last year in the minor leagues I'm talking about. Twenty doubles twenty triples twenty home runs. He had to keep this by a couple in one of the two categories but a one of the three categories but it. Any greens hitting it goes 20/20 one he's got my guy and he's slogan at the big league level as well when he makes contacts. That's his only. Is a little bug right now as he strikes out a little bit too much but it. When he hits the ball he hits it hard. I think the addition of friction Cordero makes this ballclub. They they they're starting to to get a critical mass. That we could start talking about the little arbitrary open so I always tell people you have to have enough or is in the water order for you to have a good baseball club. So a year ago two years ago was if Wellemeyer works can have a great season. The Padres have an opportunity to play great baseball. Now this year you have wars. If will miers or hunter renfro or Eric house more or close April or Fred she Cordero. That means government debt than they have enough or the water than they could circle of places. Yeah they got a lot of guys that if did they don't need one guy have a good year they get out they have a bunch of possibilities. Are let's go to the other side of the ball because you know what. Most of the spring training really the talk has been about the Padres offense I wrote a blog and today about the machine. And no way these guys are scoring runs. But we know the preventing runs is a big deal as well. Hand as much as we've all fallen in love with Fernando Tatis junior as much as we've all fallen in love with Luis urea. I do not think either of those two guys aid Ambien big league ball club I think they're both gonna get sent down. But opening day infield for the Padres here's what I think it's gonna look like march 29 against the Milwaukee Brewers you're gonna see Eric Hosmer. Obviously at first base. And as he Carlos this why at second. You're gonna see Freddie gallons at short and you're gonna see Chase Headley at third. And a lot of people are gonna bark about this and so what about these young kids that you're talking about wired they've there the reason. Andy Green loves the sound that infield because the defense comply. You have to have defense if you're going to contend he has an eagle potter's nor B of our ballclub. You better at defense how many times last year that we see guys not getting to balls that hit the shortstop. Well Derek I bar but he didn't have a range that you need your probable pitchers like for Tomo and include Richard so. For the Padres they increase their run productivity but these flip side of that in this day of analytics as you also have to. Decrease the runs a lot. The differential between the two was big so. Preventing runs as just in this important as scoring runs if you look at the grand scheme of things going back to money ball. It's Vlade on Michael lewis' book burner while a little bit and moving. But if you got a guy named crystal. It or Scott Hatteberg let's say. It could for Scott Hatteberg right money ball he should have it. Because he never nobody could have ever made it look any better one of these days we'll to a little podcast on all the factually incorrect things while money ball. Ron Washington said he never put its trust got our first house. I will tell you that it was Billy yelling Art Howe more than Ari how yelling at Billy. Movie. I had so let me go off a little tension here so really good friend of mine was the video coordinator. In the in in Oakland at the time now it is the assistant. General manager I think of the openings. But back and work with the Tampa Bay but he goes he said Billie called down. Into the clubhouse and he had a little office off the side where they have the video room. He walked in there Brad Pitt goes to Brad Pitt was sitting at prop eight shared busy I morality is just trying to figure out what. Being a clubhouse was like. Sort of laid back to this run differential. Coming one's gonna score how many can I prevent run prevention is just as big in the analytic some baseball today. As anything also the old adage was after a great defense up the middle. Catcher shortstop second baseman center field I've got a good spine of defense up the middle we can win. Now you look at this ballclub. They're going to be able to turn double plays with the best of the good. Great last year the do better this year they'll be able to pick up any ball hit that in Phil helper double helped Clayton Richard help the ballclub. Question. Is it's the god I didn't think was gonna come to spring training with the Padres. In Chase Headley going to be your every game third baseman and what will be expectations for the country and be. Will it be the Chase Headley that was here before the Chase Headley that we have when he team. I think Chase Headley has going back to Johnny law master for a second and trying to tie this thing together a little bit I Chase Headley has the best chance of being chased boo. And that's because Padre fans remember what he's capable of doing. He was a number one draft choice didn't really pan out then had a monster year then went to New York for awhile now he's back now he's taking a spot. That I think a lot of Padre fans would like to go to de Villa in the way ever go to Louis walk Payer go to Spansion burger go to. You know one of these young guys. So Headley is gonna have to produce an April or he's gonna be chased bu I I think. And and that's just part of the pressure being a big league athlete make and thirteen million dollars. He makes. Feel forum yet know there's a lot of pressure on him and in this is at the crossroads in his career what does he become. Your apartment go back the run differential so if Chris Allah was a young stud hitter coming upright he's just Erica dropped the ball. In your war is about three and a half the year that you by having a ball club you'll help us win three in apps or games the average. Major leaguer. Offensively. But your defense is atrocious press you can take it you can't you can't catch a fly ball you you couldn't. You couldn't do anything to ease all your catcher called. And if guys that I couldn't catch cold and your defense is so bad that you actually cost your ballclub five. Runs or five wins a year. Your your net debt is your reliability. So for all these guys have dropped their gap like at the cover up well maybe not but I but I can prevent enough so much plus minuses. I belong on line. I think here's a good way also looking out and let's compare to what is a look at shortstop for second pretty gal dispersants Fernando Tatis junior. Let's say at this point pretty gal this season and a proven everyday shortstop in the major leagues is. 25%. Better defensively than Fernando Tatis junior just because he's been around longer he's got more experience this kid has tons of talent but still needs more season and etc. Defensively. That means. That Fernando Tatis were he playing shortstop. Would have to heat hits. At least 25% better than Freddie Galveston it's. To make up for the defense apart of it and I think that's who were talking about here and I think that's an Andy greens they can and get every team. Writes her own algorithm they have computer performances of their put all the stuff and some people. Well emphasized defense some people of size hitting some people have to size walks vs strikeouts but yet you're actually right. He he has three better overall. Than than the other guy in and firm firm for Freddie got us I think country dance. Let me ask you this. Padre fans there's a cups take sit you wanna start a conversation on the project and it's gonna get heated. Two things. Ask him talk of the Padres could never find a shortstop and we should there where the brown uniforms those two things I can walk up anybody's bad and it's a half hour conversation. Padre fans are so desperate to have an everyday shortstop because they haven't had ones. Oh long Khalil Greene was the last one honestly. All yeah I mean you haven't had one for so long human had one that you could sit there for 5678910. Years with all due respect nobody appreciate it cool little green when he was here but they appreciate him now because he was a solid everyday shortstop for five years. At the time exactly so. They want a short people here at city wanna shortstop so bad that they are just waiting there. Cityscape here XP here for the next ten years you've got to be patient you're gonna like Freddie jobless awful lot and the nice thing is a guy outlets. Has this one year deal in east days. You can also move him around to play a little bit of the other infield positions and you get more wars in the wac. That's a look at the Padres infield defense having the outfield defense is going to be so much better now guys payment. I'm calling you out. I'm calling up Chris when he called me out and won't because history week but the podcast. A trivia question that you didn't put it occurred to. You've said that you're gonna give me the starting for the yet in the in the infield I did our regular tea Hosmer. SY. Galveston and Hadley that's going to be opening day starting four I'm not necessarily agree with that I think that's what's gonna be the case on an askew on opening gala was April. Close April row is going to be. My goodness I think he's going to be first guy off the bench I don't think he's gonna start I think some people haven't factored in his opening gala field I'm. I you know. He could be because. Milwaukee. Will probably go chasing Anderson is a left hander but I think that Danny green's gonna wanna get about a hundred pro in on opening day because he Mattias lefties. And I think you'll see rent from left and you'll see Margo and senator Daniel C Myers and right and Corel will start the season on the bench okay. I'm in this that there have been yesterday we brought that weak stuff. We asked trivia question don't know the answer. I'm never gonna live that down I have a feeling with mr. RBI richer and that's fair enough that's fair enough. Speaking men while Margo and defense. Do you buy the story. There Willie Mays. Was so good in center field. And so fast. And it's so much anticipation. That Willie Mays once. Asked center fielder. Caught a foul ball. You believe that's true. Or do you believe that's tall tale. I Ritalin is a biography a couple of years ago. All right say it's true. Of me and I know you don't you want Carolinas say it's true. Okay why two things there's. I know I've spoken to a lot of people negative. That played with and against. And in managed the same hate it. If you see Willie Mays the ballpark you as a as a body and the with the president's body. And the body mentally if for the longest time. Liked me. So other people lock up and Willie would just keep descend because he theories here's the thing about Willie Mays. Know everybody wants something from him even if you walk up to tell outrageous you want to do you want him to hear you tell him I agree. You wanna tell a story about Richard dad said about your grandfather's and bottom nobody is walks up to Willie in the it doesn't want something right. So. Yet been protected because if not people just take it from them all the time so the body man that he had liked me. So if you walked up the body men said go away Willie Woodley look up if the body and set a well is good guy. Willing and open up and he would be gregarious with he would be very very nice men. So luckily for me the body and I'm like me so I got a chance to stop the remains open knots and or friends but it. That's spent time with them. So pretty sweet it's tough man it's like. I was in Oakland one day. There worth the first pictures coming out I heard the announcer brought out the first pitch. The dominant tomorrow zero. And like this heat sync on demolishing only some yeah it. Holy crap I ran out of the press box Rand Abbott Abbas grabbed a baseball stood there dumbfounded couldn't say anything holding it. Will my hand shaking mr. mine shield you sign a baseball for me. To get to see greatness like that so anyway. The reason I think it's true is because the winds were so tricky in San Francisco that he probably went chasing one of the gap in it to come all the way over the left field line right they'll wind. Colin felt territory. I've never seen it I don't think anybody's ever seen anyone actually do it if Willie Mays did it I believe it. But it may seem ammo Margo is fast enough to do it some day and especially the way Andy Green places outfield and infield he shades guys. Which you know the big time shifts. You get. And number eight hitter up there whose swing in late on a fastball a man Wal-Mart goes plain and you know right center field almost right field. Maybe one day we'll see him catch a foul ball pumped about that. Mom. Where would be with his ball park when that happened because. Because eighteen yet has the right fielder would have to totally misplayed the ball or not see the ball for the center fielder to pass him. Can go catch the ball so maybe it's Wrigley Field will hawk well in the wind blowing it kind of balls while he takes them past. Past and you owe it all but they build our will much. Are well admired it does have a bad day he just can't find the ball and M man well Margot as the go over and save them the Marcos jumping up out of the other brick wall taking it from State Department. That the awesome would that be awesome and I you know what else would be awesome as they brought in the relievers in the bullpen car. And we talked about this yesterday. But this idea may die before it gets started my goodness some of the Padre relievers were asked about it yesterday. And on the news that the airs on the Diamondbacks are gonna bring back the bullpen cart and caddie and their players and a golf cart with the airs on Manhattan helmet on top with a bunch of advertising now public. And and I our first reaction was. Hot grease need to be the second team to get one of these things. Craig stamina I'm not call an amount but he was one quoted today so I will mention he said look I'm used to getting my. Game face on when I rode in from the opener jog in from the bullpen. I don't know that I would have the same success coming in and a golf cart. So that's the other side of the schooling and the Padres say look we we like the idea but we have a whole lot of the things we have to deal with a made up my plays are the the bullpen card out in center field have to create some space so anyway. This is not an idea that it's going to be happening next week for the Padres anyway we know that I hope it happens you know China. The thing is that. First thought anybody plays Major League baseball's never experienced that in never seen it with their own eyes and Major League Baseball field day. But the bullpen card how cool was because in your little cagey about maybe they give you write your car after the game that you meet your data there any kind of opened cart. So that that's number one number two is all. All these players have so much mental mental. Coaching that they learn how to focus and refocus as the game goes also with those standards actually right that's where he's learned. Working with somebody on the mental side I focus as I walk in extra walking through the hitters are gonna see. You know some guys run. Like crazy or Craig leopards running in. From the outfield. Used to run past the mound he couldn't stop and time. I've talked to some relievers that would do that run and they said it was to get their heart pumping in and get allow they're going to get them fired up pretty ago. By the way makes me think of the greatest. Have entrance ever made by a Major League reliever. Number Heath Bell in the all star game when he came racing and and slid into the mound to get ready to pitch that was making a statement that no one's ever beat Dallas so I've talked to Cameron visit is the best sports psychologists in all of baseball which got a cup now. He said and I asked him because of the of the length of games that I thought that all these rituals they go to intimately focuses. Is right in the game along and what things that mission opera. He said they just do that because that's the pace you can always readjusted for them to take less time to prepare so. I think if you find the part. And you put a video in there and it's it's you know Craig's ten greatest appearance is in clumps Craig the music that he likes this is blasting in the bullpen cart. And I think that there is a way that you could tie that into your mental preparedness for the. I think you can also put a little some some little jet engines on the cart behind. Blow out a little fire like the old bat man car maker really look cool now let's update. The bullpen cart will hopefully the Padres will get the bullpen cart I wrote a blog today real quick as we wrap this thing up about the Denver. They are gonna have a tribute to Dick. Celebration of life this weekend at echo park. I know lot Padre fans are gonna tend sadly we're having too many of these celebrations of life that popular check out the blog today. Copy oval pace more honor to the great to Denver because we're gonna miss him this year. Absolutely did you get a chance to finish and I really didn't and I really wanted to because I grew up in LA. When he was doing the angels the rams and UCLA basketball NASA wrote about today but it. So he was a hero of mine without question that when he got the San Diego. I wasn't in really much of a positions. To see him I was sad I NC and probably. The report to mr. homestand. At the ballpark and I would increase America's friends he's eating dinner he's sitting behind as the press box why it's so much to go up. 'cause it's like meeting your panel and our business it's like meeting your idol it's like meeting will evenings. In in what we do one in the pocket so that. I just set I don't wanna walk up well I think excuse me mr. undermining your reaction I've always wanted to meet you this. You know here you're gonna grant so what you know you don't wanna do right you wanna you wanna embarrass yourself in you'll want him to look at you like you're an idiot. Because should've gone up to him and asked him. Hey Dick did you ever you play center field catch a foul ball like Willie Mays to admire their hero he got a kind of thrown them off any minor responded to you. Might apology to get lost my chair so IE I didn't do what I wanted to so baton. A guy family his stick and Burke we don't talk but like I don't know. I don't know I just can't keep it locked up on Bob. He has been one of the greatest bounces all time. So when they were sitting in the dugout before the game and it's I think it's pom rants. Tony Gwynn junior might have been there. They Jesse was there for a minute. Couple guys were just hang out after batting practice. That start rumors that their talk about whatever it he walks up. And the TV guys say idol of you do what he looks our remaining yes I am pix are like high temperature where I'd I know I'm most dynamic and so are. Why relatives are rich. And use it to introduce himself to you. It was so gracious and so nice we talked about the team we talk a little bit about broadcasting. He talked about the radio shows and we are to about Mike. It's one of those walls like public understanding your Dick Edberg I have pocketed Dick and Burke. And this is something that you know I ran back and wanted to tell everybody I bet Dick ever. I wish to take us LP but I just couldn't bring myself to ask if I can still be looking at. But the fact that I got stand there and have five quality minutes tock in elm. It's something that you know. Goes and goes in the mine because my diary is in the history books as does this radio podcast with Christian and Chris and rich. On the Padres radio now. Our. Teams is the Padres radio. Life can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio and sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.