Padres Podcast EP 9: Chris and Rich want an Ace, 25-man roster forecast

Friday, March 9th

Chris and Rich want an ace. Are the Padres actually going to get one? Plus a forecast of the final 25-man roster.

That and more in today's Padres Radio podcast.


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Since the San Diego hot still podcast backstop. From the Padres radio network should really deals harder hit one big. I rushed Greg rose again. Friday march. They give you the odd reason tired when. If you damage the whole thing the entire roster. When it's gonna look like on opening day. It's looking more and more like rich that Jake period is going to be. Pitching on opening day when the San Diego Padres take on the Milwaukee Brewers the question is. And patient for the Padres at the brewers the Padres and actually. All of a sudden. Appeared according to some reports. As an outside shot to maybe go after Jake area and a meanwhile. Odds on favorite to get him as the Milwaukee Brewers a one way or another we may see him in San Diego on March 29 love to see him in the Padres. I would have thought you were nuts and not woken up this morning about 4:30 AM Michael start blowing up. Because. A couple big free agents have signed to contracts they were not intending to side. Cargo is going back to the Colorado Rockies that's bad news for the west he is off offer 45 million dollars last year. Euro last year for 34 year deal sorted out. He's gonna get about six million dollars. I'm Eric hot Eric Hosmer comes over to the Padres his running mate Michael stock missiles looking for the same got to deal hos Scott. Instead he's gonna settle for one year deal around 67 million dollars 22 point seven million over two years. With the mutual option for both teams and players on that deal. The big gauge the big name free agents did not get their money Yu Darvish gutter customer did got his but the rest are just standing there. Like crystal a called third straw. Cats in the end right now it looks like. If that's what the market's gonna bear out Darvish got his money. King got his which was blow what everybody thought Hosmer got what he was looking out with a deal that the Padres may happen with a compromise. Was Scott Boras. Now you've got on the stock is going back for last the market value. You've got a cargo going back for less than market value so that tells Jake Gary at a Lance Lynn. And Alex Cobb you guys are gonna have to blink and figure out what to do so. We'll all that being said. It is not beyond the realm of possibility Scott Boras has a good working relationship with a major prowler hee-seop easily got the weekend's big ordeal that you sign up patient the each other work. Through the Eric Hosmer. Negotiations. And if your Jake period in your looking for a one your landing spot. With a club option AG prowler has the capability of being that create of knowing that. I've got McKenzie or come and if I can get area are right now to be that one that I need to compete remember we said 13 and five. Survive. Succeed in sustain. Bull you're one right now it's going to be hard to survive without one I get Ariana. Man them rotation instantly gets better now I am truly want and like a slot 23415. Look different when you're landing spot seeding goes awfully nice place for area ago. And show everybody he can pitch in and go back into the free agent market next year knock it over the Padres because they have the guys coming. So it's not a rent a player rocket give anything like it seems like a really good fit. For both. Abstinence and agree to that I mean it Jake Gary had came to the Padres and telling you what all of a sudden people are gonna start thinking about when that we buyer playoff tickets. Now I don't know that he can change it that much but he did win the Cy Young a couple of years ago. And it's not like he's fallen miserably off the map he's on eighteen and eight and fourteen in ten to two years since he won the Cy Young so. Jake Gary had a he's an ace. And there's no question about speaking of AME ace up your sleeve. What's your favorite part I was thinking this when I assignment a think another ace up the sleeve do you remember the claim black Mariah remember that game. Seven cards that black Riley played seven stud and then the highest paid in the hole. Automatically split the pot so if you had the ace of spades in the hole you automatically split the pot. I'm thinking in May be Jake Gary at a could be that ace of spades in the hole for the Padres and all of a sudden this whole season changes like back. The worry real TV show instead of a fake radio show so I can just look at you know everyone look at you as crazy as I am looking into right now. Look the one. Now but I think you're right. Not a card game but about it you bring in Jake Gary at a he needs landing spot. He knows teams are gonna give up much from. Also after a member of I think you'll have to give away some. Some compensation going back. The Padres have their farm system ranked number one they can afford to do it there's a lot of reasons why this makes sense there's a lot of reasons why it doesn't make sense. But I'll tell you what. The ups and downs of the Eric Hosmer negotiations for the season let you know that don't count prowler out. Count this thing out there I can happen and then and then like I said now the odds are still I mean it would put not to where it is gonna wind up and and the odds on favorite is still Milwaukee. Zone and that's who the Padres based on opening day. So maybe if your age a row you step in the news sailor on a face to carry it on opening there and on them on my side. Can be very very interest in the arteries to go from a noble. No contending you know players not just waiting around couple more years. All of a sudden. Making some serious noise I mean ever has taken a blast right now. They Digi Carrie at an of people are compared to last anymore illusion pic above them and how would you how would you move them above. San Francisco is going to be completely different ballclub. Colorado just got cargo back. Boy there's a final left handed reliever I am so happy to hear that news is all I have to do is throw a curve ball. Within ten feet of the outside corner and cargo suing in men so I'm fine with. You've got. Arizona Diamondbacks which I think will back slide but again that was a playoff team last actually backs like 500. Three teams in the playoffs last year plus the giants have with the Padres and spent. I just now and I'm getting excited all of a sudden I really don't let me knocked this down I'm excited about this as well. I'm op that's why is up at 530 of texting making phone calls trying to find out this is legit. It's legit it's legit and it makes more phone calls this afternoon to see if I get even more details but this is legit and if your country yet. Again we talked about that guy that thinks the world's gonna end in ten minutes and a guy that thinks he's gonna live forever. Somewhere between the middle as were area are right now. Is. In conjunction with the cynical countries that. You know if you don't get your hopes up you wanna get chart broken but needless if you wanna be optimistic gulf port because you top this it was a singular cause. On the other in the last thing for area today if he's gonna go somewhere for a year. And try to keep his value. Echo park is probably the best place you can go all right speaking of legit. Travesty in house yesterday flashed the legit speed that we have talked about for him inside the park home run against the cubs. Jane koskie makes his team he's gonna make it on his speed. Man well Margot senator field. We know he can cover a lot of ground we are talking about saving runs offensively. If you're the Padres. The whole lot worse and if you had Margo and Jack how's the inner outfield together. Iran Zach gonna say. On this gonna save a lot because they can flat out get it that's why when you look route we're talking about. Asked Angela Burt last year. Where is she gonna fit in how does genachowski cracked this Al stickers obviously. Not could be ready to go UCLA UCL tear. Which stands for. Older collateral ligament thank you very much wow like those I think you did real well on the French Cordero is either gonna play every mirrors and go to replied that's my opinion. So can change house he'd go out there NB eight late inning replacement shall remember that's. Will Myers is going to be playing in left field. It's going to be a veteran times for him because he hasn't put up their for a while try this two year experiment of for space. Don't be surprised because he genachowski make in the club in his role being out late inning replacement in Seattle lead in the need defense replacement will Meyers at a double switch. Asked about Manuel Margo we haven't talked a lot about him we've talked about all the battles going on to spring we've talked about the young players that he's area. Everybody like that Manuel Margo I don't as he's been forgotten figure. We know he's there there's not a lot of reason to talk about him he's going to be in center field is going to be lead Noth on opening day. The second big season he's coming off a great rookie year picked to finish sixth in the rookie of the year balloting last year. Thirteen home runs surprised everybody seventeen stolen bases. But I have to be honest with rich I'm a little concerned when I look back at his season and icy 35 walks and I know that he's a free swinger. But if he's gonna bat lead off in the major leagues he has to be on base more than he was last year 313 on base percentage. Not gonna cut it and amen mom Margo talks about hey I wanna be a superstar. Mean the first step for him being kind of becoming a superstar. Is the leave that bad and shoulders once in awhile picks some advice from taking a third strike Chris once in awhile man well what do you think. Talk about man well Margot the received this year in year one. Earlier this evening and similar goals in your three earning your five of the 13 fighter plane he's young played. 23. He's a young player with very limited service time lots of them. Lots injuries that have kept them off the field for extended amounts of time. Here's an icy icy and aggressive hitter I don't see I don't CNN display at a pricey and aggressive that are. That works to put the ball in play that's attacking strikes early. In the in the back so he's put a lot of balls in play he's going to be aggressive. So there's a fine line right. Let's go back to Matt Stairs of money ball the masters is their drama ball. The whole process that started all of this labor metrics was Billy being the general manager of the openings was trying to figure out why the New York Yankees richest and every year. Any note any notice that. The New York Yankees some more pitches per game than anybody else in baseball some more relief pitchers meaning that they worked the count. They worked the count that worked the count and they got an excuse me. The soft underbelly of the bullpen as much as they could so they were beating up. Guys in the seventh and eighth inning before you got before you got to the closers. So Billy said listen we need to draw walks we need to have higher on base percent which you do need in baseball. But. So in the opening his organization when Matt Stairs was there. They had a rule you weren't allowed you weren't eligible for a minor league award should more walks than strikeouts. For the period of that award was given so they were encouraging guys to be less aggressive to take more walks. Well I'm not sure where the wind is but I can't be a guy that just has my bat the shoulder getting in getting it pitcher's counts as I'm taking pictures trying to draw a walk. As opposed to a guy's gonna go there like flat world swing from his nose was toast what are is out there by the way got a great I got a great story about Vlad Guerrero for. I'm mad while Margo was more bladder. Then he is money ball he's gonna be aggressive he's gonna swing. He's gonna put the ball in play and that's a good thing. He just needs to make sure that he puts the ball in play and he gets on base as well so he'll become more selective. But I don't wanna take the aggressiveness out of his at bats so it's a double what sort how aggressive wanna wanna be verses how patient I wanna be. That's the that's the outline that every can arrest figure. Indexing one treatment while Margo this year just how much is he walked just how much does team BS. A little more patient and he was a year ago and and like you said rich if he is more patient does at her it is. The ability to attack the baseball it's going to be kind of part of the to growing process for men while Margo. Let us. Can I just need ducked one and thing and has been dying on might it's obvious to member yesterday I called the Michelle Margo. Yes and he gave me a hard time. I realized last night why did. Because they're used to be a hockey player for that your your rivermen. Yeah name Michelle money Joseph. And so when I think of Margo I bottom Marge oh and that's lesson Michelle. Margo. And that's I think it's an interesting study in the human character that was like eighteen years ago announcing Minor League Hockey. I mean crept into my head yesterday and that's my column Michelle Margo ever have never apnea. Jack called a racial Margo but I was thinking Marshall Morton. So what's a sick at Marshall. And even though isn't anymore tea. What to name his name is Manuel Margo I was thinking of the Margo that was on TV. Here went on fox sports and Diego. Who just left us to go to do some sports in the Tampa Bay Rays I was thinking oh. Michelle Marco. Financing and Michelle months ago a former hockey player from like twenty years ago on my life. That's just how that worked hard at my Vladimir Guerrero story it's better if that's creepy that I was thinking of her and confusing your take hockey player of the good beautiful. Now like Richard think in a better climate for separately you know Vlad Guerrero going into the hall and there's that every tuchman is sort from those those those. When you watched them play did you ticking isn't the supply energy music is crazy. Does he swing and everything come and download the plate and no problem with a because he can't hit anything so eight you know look at mark him and comparing him to man while Marcos not chairman most young in his career. If a guy can hit any thing bouncing in their manes and Ian is a guy that I remember back in the Pittsburgh Pirates he could ounce of apparent he did it off the wall. And I don't mind I mean you'd I have no problem when so that that's what I think of when I think Vladimir Guerrero and I think it makes it awfully tough on a pitcher because. Pitchers can't nibble at all they can't. Get him to chase anything because he can hit everything. So here's the story a learned about Vlad Guerrero is in this and Jose Mota is one of the angels broadcasters in and Kevin Kennedy who who you know told me this story. That they actually would play game in the Dominican with license plates in the strikes on was the license plate that was sitting down. Behind hitters feet. That's where he got the strike is in as we call balls and strikes so they move that license plate around that's why. He was able to everything because as a kid he had to go down and get down license plate to sitting on the ground because if it that it's a strike. You couldn't get anything past year's most electable what the stick. That's why he was such a free swinger because of the kid playing that game he learn how to hit it up down and out no matter where was he can reach him put into place. A murderer was. The region later I think of the guy. Of the thinking that you can't buying your way off the island right you have to hitch your way off the island to get the big leagues I'd I don't know that he was the first guy to do it. That's always been the same right we can't point to way off there you can't walk your way off the island yet got a hit two way off the island. Are you ready for this now I got. The attributed. Not yet nuns come to mind yet. The Bleacher Report came out there 25 man roster final 25 man roster for the Padres Dave Sammy were three weeks ahead of the opening day but they say we know exactly what it's going to be. So I thought I'd run it down with a real quick. And the starting five Chad Rick Chad Richard clay Clayton Richard Chadwick who's Ted Richard you missed another former hockey player. Brian Mitchell Louise superdome home to Nelson lament Tyson Ross that's five they projected. Relievers. Hand Yates stamina. Film and mantown. Yet mate on the heat and the Japanese import. Adam December mean if it's only a little bit about him but he Bowman. Chris Young is a long man so that's thirteen pitchers. Break camp with thirteen they could break camp well but if they go thirteen that's the thirteen. Austin hedges AJ Ellis behind the plate Hosmer SY gal this Headley villain a waiver. Some nine expansion berg if he makes a U. If he makes it in their right UN a lunch. Outfield Perella Margo Myers. Genachowski. Done. You noticed that I did not say French Cordero. Which isn't Stoner. But what is a stunner would be no counter renfro. In that 25 man alignment. Your thoughts my friend. It's worked out. At Perella. Margo Myers genachowski just four. Four outfielders in this in this now that's again with a thirteen man pitching staff but remember early in the season a lot of teams start with thirteen because guys aren't on his deep into games. But the wrong I don't think they start with a five man rotation. To begin with her have the fifth starter there are opening day because you got that off day on. Her Easter so you don't need that he'd you can carry one extra. One Erica extra position player for the first couple games. First three games until you get to them off in the bottom of the fifth. You think Connor renfro takes that spot Tyson Ross starts like on the miners and then comes via starter and then what ran for those now. No I think Jake Gary had a starts on opening day out of any high lie did I like get let's go all the way. Then Tyson Ross we can waive them is that we don't need him anymore so that means that according does that Bleacher Report were talking about mom. Scott Miller right. I think it's just the staff because they put together something for every team and I didn't go through every team's forty man roster I certainly with the Padres it's got to believe yet. The Scots the best Scots could do reluctant here in town. I'm used to barely be able to carry my jock by the way because I started at the LA times San Diego addition as a prep writer Scott Miller came along I'd teach him the ropes. Now he's like a hall of fame writer and I'm sitting here with you so. You know it's funny how things tend to work out the packets Donald scuttle anyway I do like Scott as well. Hello Scott Miller he's he's the best and fight the best dressed right colonel baseball's well. That tells me that there really is some pressure mounting. Because of Scott's involved and he he knows exactly what's going Emmys there's some pressure mounting. On hunter renfro in here's the thing you have to remember we talked about this with your favorite players like universal Arctic as a team gets better some of the better players on bad teams that. You glom onto. Leak the by the wayside Jonny Gomes on different places he was a fan favorite but then as Metallica better he became a role player. Probably 26. Times last year. And and now granted that was playing again almost everyday and facing a lot of tough right handed pitching that we we broke on his splits against lefties yesterday. He absolutely mashed left handers are you ready to give away those automatic twenty home runs that he's gonna hit against left handed pitching. I'm not but I will tell you is somebody who's been through money ball a couple different. Rebuilds there's always act guy who's that can't miss there's always that we talk but Delmon Young history. Number one draft pick. I didn't wasn't part of it plans when the when the rays went to the to the World Series when I worked there. There were guys like Adam Piet who was a boast be the next big things next big star behind Jason Giambi and Oakland during the money Boller. Didn't make it. Others always going to be a couple guys that you think the world of you project. And for whatever reason it just doesn't come together for them are ready to give up on upon hundreds of tiny. And stretch of imagination too much power too good aren't too good a defender. But the pressures on him and he's going to be here's the point. Chris I guess what I'm saying is. Everybody has potential. But when you get to that point where I need production I don't care what your potential is. You better produce and I think he's at that crossroad where he's gone from what kind of potential to you have to what are you gonna produce. What are you opposed and that skidded determine where you're gonna play. So the bottom line is I think when we look at the potential when he five man roster for opening day. Is what we said yesterday and what we said yesterday it was I said I thought spans Denver might be the odd guy out you bad meal once on that I'm probably lose lines. But now today. Maybe rent pros that odd guy out the point is somebody's going to be the odd guy out and it's going to be somebody who you're pretty familiar with as a Padre fan. And 88 that's a problem to have the B. Yeah it sucks the. You know you wanna keep the ball well give him your choice. Your choice do you want Eric Hosmer are you wanna have guys who were on on a sub 500 team last your stick around. That's the thing that caught when Eric house bruised and he is completely remade in flipped everything over. In actually kind of supercharged rebuild because now with Haas were sitting at first moving well over the outfield means there's less outfield spots now there's more doubt. And while there's a domino effect it can happen in the outfield. There's a domino effect it can happen in the infield to second base there's domino effect for for Spansion Burt. That one guy has changed the depth of this ballclub in four different position. That's amazing and it's gonna be really fascinating the next three weeks to watch how it plays out. And it's gonna be really interest in the next three weeks to watch now that Jake areas situation plays out. The Padres wind over golden with an ace before the start of the season. Well we don't know one thing we do you know we got two races here Chris and rich stature Padre radio podcast for. Please. He's got Padres radio. Flight can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio. Sign up for our newsletter on Padres radio dot com.