Padres Podcast EP10: It's All About The Future

Monday, March 12th

Chris and Disneyland Rich break down the Padres ascension from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland to hopefully, one day, Adventureland...


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They insist the San Diego podcast back so hot from the Padres radio network should plea deals harder hit one big. I rushed geragos again. On the watch. Welcome to our Padres radio podcasts Chris it's RBIs rich today were gonna tell you who deep. Best center fielder is pondering history. Hint. It's his birthday today but before we get to that. RBI rich. Little trip to Disneyland this weekend I understand. And I wanted to ask you this. Right off the top because I think we can weakened somehow connect this to a to the Audrey it's a little bit what is your favorite. Land in Disneyland. He's got all kinds of choices all kinds deposit I I you probably gonna pick country bear jamboree but I'm you know that's just my thigh. Critter country. Credits critter country now it'll probably it is England probably have to be. I'm nor square with pirates and pirates' Ian. And on it too but I will tell you this I saw a lot of Padraig caps I was surprised this time around. I'll locked doors you know proceed dodger caps an Angel counts as Johnny. Giants caps I saw I saw it doesn't Audrey cap. Okay I'm gonna connect now. Your trip to Disneyland the ponders here's Tom when do you said you saw a lot of Padres had tears my little joke of the day did you see that mall in. Tomorrow land. As early tomorrow land where the Padres are kind of kind of headed right now everybody's excited about. Our future. But up bump Chris will be here all week try the veal at trying to bilk the yet notes all about the featured and talk about. Survive. Succeed sustains absolutely. I think you're looking forward to the future. It is the part means some some historical context for you. What is. The contrary it's penciled bill good year after year after year after year after year after year after year. After while he does it about. A couple of years. I honestly think I'm gonna reputation on this IC AG buildings and it's and other successful gentlemen. Up. Except the World Series champion now I. See them. Bo bowling for the future. I'm Wendy it's paltry fans get excited in actually give themselves. That opportunities take that step in and actually believe. The and it's gonna really maybe someday actually happened I noted BP careful I don't want to hurt yourself. You know its interest because I blog about that exact thing today that day that the future's so bright. The whole thing and are the potter fans get when they're in a relieved by that it's bright but it tell you why they should start buying it it's right. And I think that some of them really are. I've flipped on to what they Collins now the worldwide leader right you know and I'm talking about the MLB home page today. This afternoon. Guess who was pictured front and center. On that page. For the worldwide leader's webpage. A tea it was MacKenzie gore. And with the headline of this is going to be the next great pitcher in big league baseball now. I know that type. But that's high by one I mean upon the Padres we already know on we are getting excited about Tatis. Where getting excited about Yuri asks. Contrail. Gore now there's other people get excited about these guys as well. I'm waiting to see hope this happens that Sports Illustrated does World Series champions. Five years now so they didn't let. The Astros those. Oddly dated in Tampa Bay were buried in an awful system naturally where they put that promise how good marks the system's hosts back. The thinks portal strip might go out there did you want those congress this year certainly can dual with. MacKenzie or stay with Tatis. It's so on and answer your previous question I think people are excited so all. What the key deal here is where the Padres organization to go from tomorrow land. Two or may be where they were before actually it was fancy. As we were a little too far away hour and tomorrow land. Eventually weakening getter cells to adventure. And that's Morgan's absence fun. Week. The guy says try the veal I'm not bad I was there for the year food wine festival. Over ad in DC. Is being able to say my way around. Wait a one it's pretty amazing. But I think that you write that you know before being muscled. Tomorrow. In tomorrow actually as applications that you see right especially early on its entry entities that some of the younger players teachers perform. In the early parts of spring training guinier at this option send backed out mightily camp but. There is quite ready yet that's the part where Chris is not patient. You know hire really funny we do these podcasts and we honestly just you know we'd goal will talk about before hand. But you. Kind of finish my sentences a lot of times which is fine I mean I am we think along the same lines and what I'm saying is. Is my next question was. We have the pitching staff as it is right now and today against the royals. Mitchell struggled did not have a good outing. Ross had a good outing young had a good outing yesterday so you know it goes back and forth a little bit of my point is. We aren't finding our ace yet at least not in this exhibition season not the spring training we haven't found one. MacKenzie gore people are Telus is going to be an ace. So how tough is it can be for us to wait forum and how tough is going to be for the Padres to wait for so the opportunity to. School kids. Huge upside. But you really. Have to seat. The future in which can project to be. Eat a college kid. This is closer to the big leagues but might not huge upside but the lasts. Uncertainly because. There. The high school kids have to wait for them to butchering awaits them wouldn't be able to be legally a legal drink dropped seventeen. Racquet the big leagues beat until there. There twenty years old because physically or mentally ready for trauma a big league baseball's. BP to meet our. Maybe he's been dominant he's not he gets here at 1920 which means it's still shoot three years. I'll tell you cans if you're out there need to come up before you're 21. I'll go out with it causes I dreamed I'd coax. You and I'll have a great time to limit imports mean. MacKenzie Gore's got me excited cal waksal got me excited iced the unit and also lament is here now he's got me excited. And I I don't know rich him in my overstating the fact that the Padres could be on the way to having a really young. Big Three. Kind of like what Oakland put together in the day with Zito and Hudson and Mulder because. I mean this is how you start a franchise and and it's got all the makings of what they're doing right now. Really remember watching those guys is. I've seen this before you guys come up in the world ranges from our country's. Central piece meant. Gore. That your Campbell was homegrown talent here. Here's what they think sweet. Spot but that area. Got a steal right atlas will take this as of Friday the Padres legitimately is as much into what is anybody else. Bought the Phillies blanked and they gave him the contract that he was looking for so again don't count AJ. But there's no need to give them. 25 million dollars upon. Archer Phillies. Of people wondering what the Phillies were thinking I was very disappointed as well I want an area and I was thinking maybe sneak gaming gentlemen and content quicker than we thought. But it for the deal that they signed in the Phillies at thinker. They might even be further away than the Padres from contending a couple of good young players no question. But they don't have the depth of the pot trees out now for area at a in a couple years by the time these guys develop various going to be long gone on not lecture with the Phillies and I think the Celtics won it deals out via. The tough market you can't. Helps east. This helped him cup season tech but here's in them is. Optional these teams these these capsule. I was wearing of course Padres. Alike. Walk around stuff face. Line. But I was also thinking the Padres would be demonstrably better and better pitching. Up Saturday that's more profits. But he will be demonstrably better. Because if you play in the toughest division in baseball will the results through him. In the record of the results at the record. People think they canceled the some people well but I think the Smart people really deal I think the Smart people this time around. Really believe in what's happening and in really are getting a glimpse of it here in spring training. They're starting to see yeah MacKenzie course picture pop up line. You know dot com worldwide leader baseball page there years. Acted too excited and before they were tell us they had great players. But nobody really saw anything. We're start to see it's I see a big difference from what we have in the past that truly do. It's just funny when using a pre. The team so that the trip was there. It'll money ball the day's big east and Mike out you know like an agreement. Late at night. They have finally single tip outs it was eight peace. End you know Kelly to see more older pitcher double. The big leagues. This. So the kids were down the far. Were to talk about playing rookie. Singly to talk about which again in two hardcourt. Tripoli. But the thing is for the Padres beat it or not. Some of them up Euro. After just talk about what's going on Tripoli jail pass because. You will. You've got mark at people. April. Or talk about big X. Let's move onto another. Subject here and that's. That's a decision that Andy greens gonna have to make here in about two and a half weeks and I saw a nice post today by our fan burials and about this. And the idea the question posed Andy Green again was you know what are the how are you could possibly make these decisions. When it comes to putting together the final 25 man roster now. Andy Green. Has said that he and this is coming from Andy Greene has not come in my opinion it's not our opinion it's night bill senators opinion. Andy Greene says he thinks it's unlikely that he'll keep both Carlos is why day course and number. Both of his left handed hitting second baseman he doesn't think he'll keep them both. He also doesn't think he'll keep both for each record aero and Travis genachowski. Left fielder's backup outfielders both left handed the whole deal. My first thought was. Well might launch might be back in play here because you and I have a little lunch wager going on whether or not spans Denver makes the opening day roster. But more importantly. I think the point bill senator was making news Andy Greene has never had to send Major League talent back to triple before but he's gonna have to do at this time. Keizo cup and that means. That spanned two bird makes us. That's because in complete more positions. Girl's so. Maybe Weis and the ouster. It opens up for plural that play the second well. Also think that opens up there too much to me yet so you'd throw on there. That means that your trying to make him make the ball. I agree with the tragic court and mr. and ski again I still lean towards app and she'd get outs in the big. And set the cadets at bats mightily sit on the bench in the big. Genachowski you know what he has he's prospect. Is so. Maybe Richey please Tripoli and Travis is related replacement well believe in the senate. So that's just the latest on you know roster stuff and that's what everybody's thinking about is who's gonna make this final 25 man roster. And I agree with you again rich I found it interesting that hundred pros name was not mentioned here. Because there's some people and you know they're whispering hey under renfro is going to be the Major League talent. That is left off this roster in the season began somebody's gonna have to be and the question is who it's going to be. And I'm bent on spans Hamburg school and I had this little wager on it. And please don't ever think it's an inning against Cory I think he's great player but I think that's why he's better. So. I think quarry. You issue more versatility. And then the solo but. Is. This the east. The easiest rushing it. He's he's gonna chop it keeps. You. So that's invested our children he can't get up on the guys that means that peace deals who decent swing. The ball. It's gonna be really really really interesting one of these guys play the outfield. Has got to emerge one of these days and I am looking at this guy we have right now man well Margot and I'm saying to myself. You know all. Is this too much height to say that he could eventually become the best center fielder in Padres history. And you were forced thought that night you rich but you listening out there is Chris easy calm down take it easy now. But you know when I went through all the Padres and fielders in history. And tea Steve Finley's birthday so happy birthday to Steve and but when you look through the years Steve Finley probably is the best center fielder and pondering history. Yet he doesn't rank in the top and in home runs he doesn't rank in the top ten RBIs. Or in batting average he was in a pod readout long. In order to make some of those categories. But that's a position the Padres and we know the right fielder Tony Gwynn. We know the left fielder's Dave Winfield but we're cheating if we do back. As they've both played right field but we really don't have an Alzheimer center fielder here in San Diego. Happy birthday again Steve Finley demand while Margo myopia on your back. Seoul where it lasts. In the history of the ballclub so they'll shorts. What shortstop I can at least put Ozzie Smith Aaron and try to fool some people I also could put Garry Templeton there. I looked a little green more than most people did but I think you have better short stops you haven't had that recently. I think in history this organization you've had a short substance outfielders yes. So I do Argo has all the tools in the picture base. War. Ross walks more. And keeps being aggressive and playing some adults yet actually I told I I've been. Marcos it's it's eight. On the back fields in form for the Boston let's think. List. That it's one of those trees you can get back as the east. As you agree with me that Steve Finley would get the reward if you had to introduce your all time starting nine right now that he'd be your senator who would you put. Ahead of Steve Finley potter fans out there think about it. I Satterfield has been kind of an odd position Jeanne Richards stole a ton of bases back in the seventies. Johnny rob was a good little hitter back in the seventies. Kevin nick Reynolds had a couple of moments in the eighties here and there but I don't think anybody's ever been is good in center field for the Padres Steve Finley. And that. You said he'd long tenure in. Maybe the talent. Nobody. Took that position it held it for a decade. So that opened up for uses what one of the best players some of us. It may at all because wills played it in play as well. I'm saying I'm going out on the limb I'm saying right now man while Margo is going to be the best regular ponder industry and that's crazy talk. But as we broke it down it's not as crazy as you might think one bit in news to pass along to you Padre fans. Calmed a lot of ball games and put more netting around. Home plate to protect the fans at echo park. This something's got to happen I was watching a College Baseball game over the weekend rich while you were from liking. And Disneyland it was hard work announcing its domestic baseball games. And McCain on deck almost got hit by a line drive right in the throat I mean standing ten feet away from home plate luckily the ball missed in the etc. And now I read the potter to do this with the netting and it's something that some really kind of important I don't know how much netting you've got to yet. To make everyone's safe but I don't think anybody's health should be in jeopardy. When they come to watch a baseball so I'm glad to see the Padres taking more steps to try and do as much as they can't. Oh. 100%. Watch HBO sports yes oh. Shale and in particular. Chicago. On. Hands getting in baseball games but things. New ballparks in which is great also puts them apparel apparel so. I long to plot pod is for being pro active in and out last year mission this year. He here's paying attention in the stands that Lopes. Close. The and it troops. Out of the year. Eaten pop circuits used reach cute. I think is incredibly crazy about Major League Baseball they make the first base coach in the third base coach Wear helmets right. And that's because of the was it the old Minnesota Twins first base coach who was at the twins got the Colorado Rockies minor league coach first base coach. Might cool off thank you got hit with a line drive and head and die might mean talk about the month. The most tragic occurrences and ever since then all first and third base coaches were moments. The rich have you ever looked in the dugout Major League dugout those guys are closer than coaches. He have to Wear a helmet when you're sitting in the dugout watching the game how many line prize goes screaming into Major League dugout per game. Now College Baseball. Little league of course all the way on account they have fences in front of the dug outs but they don't have that in the big leagues. Day two. I am not you know I don't wanna protect I can't protect the whole world but it all I have to do is put up offense to protect some of these. Million dollar ball players from potentially getting hit by a screaming line drive into the dugout. Think about doing that too. Absolutely you know in in Japan. These seats signed. A waiver to really. And they give you gloved it in you put yourself in danger is that there. Setting on the mound you're sitting right next to that got out of set. I think it's crazy that Major League Baseball I mean any green leans out over that top step. And watches the game and honestly he's well more than ten feet away from a right handed batter. Maybe 28. Slash is a line drive and Andy Green I don't care if he was a Major League player which he was. Kidnap that I mean that's scary to me. One under percent that skier so. I don't know leniency drives go and he sees security. Once again at the recipient in the camera guys for some reason they always are the ones are right. Does that reactions in the big league. You're telling me that the okay. It's a you're saying that they are not they don't need to put the fences that deck is that no outs and apps lately they should. Especially because. The dug outs in the stands so close so I remember this. The coliseum Oakland coliseum legal ball parks. I remember it was not so Oakland. In the team stretched and stretched out between the baseline in the everybody can fit. That going on the road I'm at outfield stretch because. It's our calls or ball. It Sobel parks work. When yours or plea your closer to the batter in the pitchers. I'm just on an out there everybody be careful of the ballpark ponders taking some steps to me extra pitcher going to be protected. I'm trying to make some steps to make sure that the players or protect because it might find it really interesting in this day and age of safety. And nobody you know when you first base coach's third base coach as there is worn helmets out there base runners etc. Those dug outs or why open on both sides and those guys sit and watch the ballgame oh nobody targets. Hurt you'll never listen to this podcast eulogized in joy. And have fun almost as much fun as army reached at this weekend it is. Thanks for joining us on radio podcast. Please. He's got Padres great. Life can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio and sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.