Padres Podcast EP11: Tatis & Urias Sent Down

Tuesday, March 13th

A very sad Chris says so long for now to Fernando Tatis Jr and Luis Urias. Rich tries to cheer him up on our latest Padres Radio Podcast! 


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They insist the San Diego podcast back so hot. From the Padres radio network should plea deals harder hit one big. He goes again. On the watch. Tire provider radio podcast I'm Chris that's rich and folks today it was today. Today we dare not think about but. This happens yeah it is finally out and look we have to be patient. Rich tells me all the time so all tell you out there you have to be patient as well Fernando Tatis junior and Luis are yes there are gonna have to be patient. Because today was today rich that they sent them both back to minor league camp and they were both so exciting this spring. Sol. So glass half empty today. Did you make the club this year did you think. Eight freak out as an a week we brought you here. Some are a year and a your targets and to Tripoli did you really think those two or start the season. And went Fernando entities junior hit a home run in his first spring game this year. I honestly was ready to go pack Freddie gal has backs I am so I'm sorry I just wasn't that Currie asking him up and started doing what he was doing. And I was ready to move Carlos slotted at third base and I was ready to send Chase Headley acting. No I knew this is going to be what ended up happening. But you can't. You can't you have to be honest and say there was a little tiny piece of you somewhere. That said wouldn't that be something of the Padres as the root the National League a double play combination with a one year old. Second baseman and in nineteen year old shortstop and said hey gang deal with these two guys for the next ten years Henry Roland Gartner has a better chance of starting opening days of the east. Henry Aaron Carter has now I organist. The rookie of the year you've seen the movie rookie of the year but he right out now I got a yeah is that you have to you have to you have to be patient poetry I'm sorry. That your patience I'm not patient. Chris definitely it is not what's like holidays are your birthday. You open your gifts before your birthday of that tape them back up is that what you bill that's you. Yeah I mean you don't know my wife that well be you just nailed exactly which she does. My wife and my wife my wife grouping. When it with a brother and a sister. She needs to get it checked this one out on Easter Sunday she would wake up two hours earlier than her brother and sister. Go downstairs. Find were all the Easter eggs were hidden. Come back up to go to sleep. And when they walked the kids up for Easter Egg Hunt she just come downstairs and get all the eggs. That's that's the woman I married so that you see why I have no patience so that's as she adds she scatter all the guys are routes and that's what I want. It was buried under trees somewhere in chief idea exactly it. Here's the deal you have to be patient you have to look these kids. Mature and what does it mean by mature. I'm Chris you know this you play College Baseball. On any given day you probably construct got a big leader you throw the right pitching as a bad day you're gonna win you've you've got talent. You're gonna you're you know the god given talent to play. Now the difference between you as a college player of the best high school play some testing in this news of the day. I cathedral captain there's a lot of kids that are gonna get drafted this season be the best baseball team and state. He knows what's really the difference between the best high school kid talent wise in the big leagues since they're just as talented guys the big leagues. They just don't have the consistency you know that the you have to have a consistency there's two things that go into maturing of players getting them which circulate but one. They got to have a consistency they got to repeat the mechanics and two time after time after time. The Egyptian some analyst talent that some against the big leagues is the consistency that they show on a daily basis pitch to pitch and bat at bats and sling. The other thing they have to do. Is there going to be playing against the greatest. Collection of talent. The good lord has ever put in one in one. League and that's the America nationally but what's gonna happen to them is they're gonna struggle. They're gonna scuffle. And people hate when I see this but I want the minor leaguers to struggle. Because they're gonna struggled big leagues everybody as a slow up the great Tony Gwynn probably had a day where didn't get a hit sometime right. On it's I think one time. Everybody's gonna struggle at the difference between the struggling in the big leagues in struggling in the minor leagues is the speed of the game the pressure put on. But you still have to get out of that these ought to get out Euro funk he's a lot to how to stop and get by. It's easier to do that in the minor leagues and facing a for the very first time in the major leagues so you brought him up right now they can play everyday I have no doubt about it. When they hit that wall only start to struggle they don't know how to get out of that funk. And if you have nothing to drop from that what is buried so those are some of the reasons why. As much as I look to tease here is the need a little bit more she's gonna get some and here's another thing now I'm gonna throw action. They're talking about sending areas to Tripoli. They're talking about sending Tatis junior should double. Explain that to me. Why would you not send them to the same team so they can start forming that double play combination together. Bill senator tweeted out this morning he doesn't think the two of them will play together in the minor leagues. In fact the next time. They may play together is when they both get called back up to the Padres seems to me out of work on them together right now another. Why Anthony tethered at the because they're going to be kids don't like Trammell and what occurred to me I mean they're just gonna be together I hope in this pod Greenfield for ten years so let's start them tick. There now I love you Chris loves you Chris what you like a brother but now. They are not tethered to each other they're kind of mature at their own pace. So in our mind we have them a sweet Lou and and tram we have them is a great double play combination and they will be one day. They're not tethered at the hip where they're gonna go for the wrongs together would be nice without happen maybe one catches up but the other. But they all have the after the opening individually. God forbid one of them just doesn't get above triple A I can't have the other one. Hope to them because they're trying to get there on the wrong once they get there than the became teammates but in our minor I think were make it too much trying to get them. Together here at the same time as quick as we can. In their joined at the hip the bulk individual players and one might become. An all star like Alan travel the other might become very very good like Lou Whitaker but there are two individuals that we are trying to connect. In Bonn may be a little too quick. I've already sees this as a podcast so in my mind I feel like and I can I can go in my mind to Cooperstown. I can go over to the infield section where there's like cal Ripken junior. And now Alan Trammell. And there's a degree shortstop some ball time in and then there's Roger hornsby Rogers hornsby and Joseph Morgan and so it's a and I can dust off a little area. For Luis Syria us and Fernando Tatis junior because this is a podcast I can do best. You keep coming on as the voice of reason and wrecking my thinking that's that that's what I'm having a problem within this deal. It's flow. To think about these two guys being together and joined at the hip and going arm in arm to Cooperstown one day after they've led the Padres to four or five downtown parades. So stop being so I suspect it's a stop making so much sense Willie. Fake radio show that we're going to write say whatever we want I almost wish sometimes I could be. More fans like it one sees that it's like a human interest. And curse the one thing which did not know about this game. Is umpire. So you need umpires don't shoot. I'm refereeing Doss high school vascular excitable little kinship to two guys who call games I do have a little kinship there effort out about that but. Every player it's on players fans nobody nobody likes the likes apart so I've gone to umpire can I I know the rules. I understand how they how they work I understand how. The systems the bulls strikes in the use all the rest that but I think MIP America so here are some BC's the automobile parts they got a partisan but that's not actually troupe has. I know this for a fact. In Everett looks like shut up you idiot stop. Understanding what they deal. Can't I just hate them because they called I got the third strike at the bases loaded the go to guy when you do it again. You know if you are nice to impart Summers are bringing in my high school basketball games as I can use all the support he get up in the stands absolutely I'd love to. I. I just look at it back well I do I do. I'm but I I can't really do it. You know too much you know what they're thinking I can't either I can't. I you know when I hear announcers complaining about calls and basketball coach is blaming games on basketball represent. Now that camera three it's Stan I totally see it from another world I try to do what florist league game OK. So what that. See the Bradenton pirates take on. The eight holed that were to its. Right. I people's stance so like this week but this is trying to tackle. First thing comes up to people aka actually like our. Leagues anymore. Only time I've ever talked to a Major League Baseball umpire during a game. Classic. In Milwaukee. And. On a business trip and so there's a game that night it county stale old county stadium. Well we all wanna go to the game just because we've never been to a game in Milwaukee that's all we care about so we get tickets we go we show up. Two hour rain delay thunderstorm lightning the whole thing. We waited out because we really wanna see a game in Milwaukee. Well they play of the game. But before they game up stood under a bolt of lightning hit the scoreboard in right field and knocked the scoreboard out so there was no scoreboard. For Major League Baseball game. But another thing happened so many people went home to me my buddies got to sit in the first row behind home plate because there's only about ninety people in the stands for this game. So the entire game. And after almost every pitch we would yell out to the home umpire pay out what stick out. Hit me at a key turning around like shut up its total water and because there was no score. Guard so he if we York paper elect tackle but I'd out way that I. That's cross eyed you know again it's fun as long as it's it's not it's not mean spurt you know cuts will kids. That's that's that's fun to do sometimes. All right. Yuri ascent Tatis junior. We wish you guys nothing but just incredible success thanks for the fund this a spring in. Will see you soon act like they're they're Kasten that. To to they can land shall see them welcome up the play at morbidly games this year just because option dynamite camp they'll come up they'll get more opportunities as well. In that we will see them before you know. Let's talk about somebody they were really gonna see a lot of it appears and that's Jose Perot. I mean the more this guy's name comes up the more spring training goes along the more Andy Green. Is running out of superlatives warrant he's leading the Padres in batting average he's leading in on base he's leading in slugging. Last year when he came amid season from that point on he led in batting average she led an on base eleven slugging. He's just been a revelation now he's 28 years old. And you know the job of left field was wide open big deal big battle going on. It's starting to look like Jose guerrillas gonna win that job or at least he's got a big lead right now. OK so if I'm hunter renfro on concern if I'm Carlos slot and concern because those the two places where is that the capsule come from right field at second base the other part of this it is. A case of maybe comes in these terror on the cover up the ball the first week okay pitchers are working nonstop the council want young pitchers and guys just get most now the we're getting the point now. Hitters always at a pitchers when you first get to spring training now pitchers of cot up. Because they've had a couple starts and got some mornings and the development start to get stretched out an external work on more things that don't don't confuse the two spring training ball verses. Other regular season the bald as a break as much Arizona. It's a lot flatter it's thinner air abut. You look at what he's doing right now in he's not letting up and as the pitchers are catching up he still staying ahead of them. So we will see for the next two weeks and he continues to do that he's gonna get a chance to win an outright job. To play the CN eagle Padres in get a lot of playing time. Pitchers arms or go to the dead and Perry about the in the spring training and you see him hit all the way to the dead in period. Look out because he's going to be a force to reckon with in the Indy greens got to figure out who were there and use him to protect. Hosmer and will Myers is at might come at the expense of hunter ripped from really needs to pick up. Here's what I think's gonna happen rich amount in trying to read between the lines I'm thinking that guerrillas gonna win this thing as an everyday player. But I think there's a chance he may be an everyday player to positions. And I know you're gonna probably throw water on this theory because you know why you've thrown water on comic series. But bomber tried anyway I think against right handed pitching paralysis of left field that's wise at second base I think against left handed pitching. Then gorilla moved to second base and renfro starts in left field they want his bout against lefty pitching. I'm not saying it's going to be like this for a 162 games but I think there's a chance it starts this way I think that's a much Andy Green lows Perella right now. Moon and I knew it I knew it see it doesn't matter if I come up with a couple with the idea where you get a million dollars and you're still gonna say in my Matt. I do want those of sequential numbers out red. Now that's great yeah I I I IC that come right now and also the cap there to make it real to make it there realistic that you probably Carl's sly coming in. War. C.s and enemy the roster. No license consumers not gonna make the roster that is our little lunch wager that we're waiting on two we're still waiting on results. By the way I am going to pure and a couple days and start working nine Andy Green about this as so you gone to sleep in oh I think that you'll see that and only. Inning replacement offensively the lead. Of the slot or. Expansion Burt. Coming and takes them some innings Slaton and it could be that way and I you know one thing I wanted to here's here's a funny note about as I've I thought I'd look up was a real force a little bit because I don't know apparently knows a lot about I don't know a lot about it. But I mean he became revelation midway in the last twenty years old he's Venezuelan. He is originally the Yankees system and here's my here's my here's my dagger for rich. He was traded. To the San Diego Padres by the New York Yankees organization for. Ronald Ferreira. It's your uncle would it did did you did this danger is that your uncle they sent to Ronald Ferreira is the name of big I think that the Padres had depart with to get. Jose Perella I'm glad did in part with richer era that Ronald Guerrero. He was he was let go. You to know that I did not know that Billy being astray treat me for tea bag of peanuts into treatment. Said that he would have too hot dog meant to be named later but that they treat me if single get about like as a pro I would gladly go in the entry. You're not going anywhere were keeping you around. That's gonna wrap up our pondered radio podcast for this day but we have so much more to come. And it's. And in this Tatis Jeanne Yurman in this area. And this. I know they're coming back but I'm gonna miss a Mahler gun on the issue a helmet Sunday and opening day. Just me. About 21 for each guy one Freije guy absolutely Iowa I get I'll get that for a get those. Good luck to those two young men now we can't wait to have you back we can't wait to have you back for the Ryder radio podcasts as well. Please. He's got Padres great. Life can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio and sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.