Padres Podcast EP6: Padres Are #1 & New Radio Home!

Friday, March 2nd

On todays podcast, Rich Herrera & Jim Russell talk about the Padres being ranked number 1 in baseball for their farm system, and the new home of the Padres Radio Network on the Radio, 97.3 The Machine! 


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They insist the San Diego podcast back so hot from the Padres radio network should plea deals harder hit one big. I rushed geragos again. On the watch him. Happy Friday everybody time for the Padres podcast. Hostilities we could children from baseball. Take big news today big news today two big pieces of news Jim Brussels joining me crystals on the Simon Jim two big pieces of news today. Check check Telemar away. Are we tease him. What would you want it they're both huge triple huge I think I think we start with the biggest ones are all I says second biggest one. That's the Padres are now ranks number one and farm system and all of baseball. I would go with that but I think the other big news's. The San Diego Padres avenue flagship for the 2018 season and beyond last I said that's the biggest news the second because it's like a 11 a one B type of thing. Which when you say it. Yeah so at 2 o'clock today. Sandy you kicks off in brand new radio station anchored by the San Diego Padres hold the San Diego Padres for 2018 and beyond will be. 973. In a machine 973. The machine will be the new home of the San Diego Padres definitely she's still get that crystal clear sound uncle Teddy sound better Jesse sounds better. Tony Tony Gwynn junior will be along with this this year as well. Chris LO will be hosting the pregame show. All have features during the pregame shows will host every now and then. We're gonna have an hour pregame show and and our post game show plus take telephone calls after the game Jim it's nowhere Padres baseball. It is and you know (%expletive) the Padres have their own station house of cards and Obi continuously throughout the day on Padres and everything. And it's pretty exciting we can announce it we'll have some some really fun things during the pregame show this year. Now of course are urging ready Jones we've got to get a great job last year. Tony and junior will do a feature called road to Cooperstown Tony is gonna talk to players who played with. And against Trevor Hoffman as we lead up to his celebration this summer going into the hall of fame pitching previous. We are going to have via pregame show that sandy has ever heard before plus a full complement of post game show. In all the digital assets that we haven't country's radio dot com including FaceBook lives or to do more of this year Twitter minster Graham we really are going to. How are up. That's all the Balkans. Yeah only a ball game on the station it's it's really exciting to two now blossomed into one we know we can do. We've been working on this for about a year now since I got San Diego a year ago Jim I've been working on this. We've gathered the best talent from around it is going to be one tackler broadcast. Our debut on our brand new flagship 973 the machine. Is Saturday. Little clock starts Saturday Sunday you would hear San Diego Padres on 973 machine. Plus brings Brent has been working behind the scenes as a producer for games well he's been doing a great job. Jim I'm excited. Yeah I'm excited members first broadcast is tomorrow nice after the machine and get a lot of questions on FaceBook about where to find them. Don't worry you go to our website right now you'll get the whole rundown of where to find the games to be in big bold 97 through the machine you cannot miss it so some extra returning tomorrow and you all 162 games. Throughout the season on the new home and some tree. Also just so people know will do quite a few games over the air 973 machine during spring training will do more on on Padres stock cop. So go to Padres radio dot com to find where the gains we broadcast again. 973 the machine in the new homes in the ponders the other big news today which will celebrate 973 the machine is. Everybody around based on those countries have a great farm system now it's official job. They have the number one farm system in all of baseball yesterday date quantities that. The top three would be released today departures were guaranteed a top three spot because it works shown in the top ten and obviously early informs us and so you and we all knew that. But today was official there the number one farm system in baseball they have seven. Top 100 prospects six of them ranked in the top fifty you wanna what's cooking so they are. Guest on who they aren't enough I'm gonna give you the national perspective on this one joining destitute artist of the current foreign entities is one. That is number one among men MacKenzie goers to. You're correct. The Tom Cruise look like he got that question when weird fan fest. Areas will be number three. Yeah I don't see that Tom Cruise lookalike at all on WC a person dude. Topple gay guys I see the person I was there I was up close and personal I don't think he looks like all smiles. It was complete double dare he in the by the way how nice is it because. Top gun was his biggest movie that was here at CBS O. You know he's come into the bye Dreessen hopefully will be talking about his hitting and not about how he looks like Tom Cruise and in the future. If he can hit it looked like Tom Cruise. In an error winner yeah are right so he got the copyright was a report. My head's spinning its army. Tell want shall not ranked number forty in the top 100 cal punctual is I think the sleeping giant for the Padres got hurt. Learning to pitch through adversity. Talk him during fan fest on I think he will probably be the second off this list. Of their top twenty prospects to make this the big club. Now he did page yesterday for the partners has been training he didn't have a good game yah rock little bit but nothing to be concerned about I'm sure is probably is working on some pitches and I get little jitters out there being his first big league camp but. He did make his debut as today's so he probably makes more start before they. Eventually end up sending him down in midway through spring training and I don't expect him to make the big club this year maybe towards the end is a symptom and maybe you can maybe Paul yeah I would says so. But I think more than anything else that character is the the first of these arms it will see get to the big leagues icing on the first four right. Or five it was over five. Knowing you have no idea Michael bias is all OK I was gonna go high Espinoza Michael bias yeah wal Espinoza is hurt mean he. I'll give you a hint he isn't top 100 prospects in baseball. But Michael by has come and number 42 so there's four prospects repair all the top fifty from August while when Austria. And memorandum northern and outdoor 5050. Top 100 for the Padres hit my guy. Espinoza make the top 100. He did he is coming in at number 89 so he barely made it put for being hurt and still being and number 89 prospect in all of a baseball. That's a pretty they called stretch there silk. Here's the kind of works he'll have the top 100 most teams will have three maybe four in the top 100. To have how many of the top fifty Jobe seven or 6606. Of the top fifty. Six that top of the you'll have more than 10%. Of my if my math is right chipped in more than 10% of the top fifty prospects in all of baseball. Yes and you know the Padres have a hot talent along the explosion. Outrage is too great to ready to burst in the minor leagues as. Scott Boris Boris opera says sorry it. Like on these sucks pretty nice to shoot so excited for everything. But yeah sides I mean it's going to be exciting to watch these players come up in. Now you see. Eric Hosmer did his homework and he's been talking about these prospects a lot so when he comes over here is is that the teams that rank number one in the in them in the minor leagues. You know that's got to be excited for him you've gotten Naylor this that's one of the top prospects out there you've got Lou Khazei is getting close to get the big leagues so. There's guys on the that'll make the big club that aren't even on this list because again it goes all baseballs again blow most clubs will be happy if I have 34 people on there. But just six the top fifty is sick. It's it's crazy I mean there's guys that we talked about that art even a topic he like you just said likely Khazei I mean. It's like it's crazy to think how many prospects and how deep this organization is all right. Big news. New home the city a 1973. The machine. You'll hear every game plus what a full hour pre or post game show result. Myself Tony Gwynn. The whole crew is back of course uncle Teddy Jesse. It is going to be one heck of a season in San Diego John Russell. Tomorrow at 97312. O'clock tune in school sucks. Good if you like music. I do I'm I am I'm all kind of guy like our guide us and everything. But I mean I nineties and eighties rock that's. I get you pumped up I think. That it talked to. Bryce Rosen is a music director for the station. I wouldn't mind if we had hells bells over and over and over a steady appetite of hell's bells I think is appropriate the station. Yeah it's it's a party or like at least twelve times on the stationary so I think that's in the company out plenty yet realizing yeah lots AC DC lots of it Halen in lots of Padres baseball. I'm 973 the machine. Thinks he's got Padres great. Flight can follow us on FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio. Sign up for our newsletter on the Padres radio dot com.