Padres Podcast EP7: Who's Starting On Opening Day?

Tuesday, March 6th

Chris and Rich talk about who they think will start on opening day? Also some love for the longest tenuted coach in Padres history, and a lot of love for the return ofan old favorite.


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March what is happening everybody the madness of spring training continues. Chris LO richer rare Padres radio podcast we appreciate you joining us lots of fun stuff to talk about. Baseball and cars and nothing goes better together if you're a guy in baseball cards we'll talk about that. We're gonna talk about the longest tenured coach in Podgorica history. Yeah. May be surprised at who it is but before we get that we're gonna start with starters. And I read today rich that Justin Verlander is gonna make his tenth opening day start. This year for the Houston Astros last year for the Detroit Tigers. And he's one of only four guys. This century. Since 2000 to make that many opening day starts. For his organization for his team. I don't know if you know any of the three guy can you figured you think you can figure out the other three guys I was thinking Kerr shot I have made tan. Did Pedro bay tendered to make most of those in the ninety's. Who else was made to hand. And Major League opening day starts in the last seventeen years that's a lot of the last seventeen years I mean you get that you get that out of the turn of the century who's done tent. Okay. Is Randy Johnson won I don't know I I honestly I'm giving you a question without an answer like that and that's like it. It don't that without a whole it's called a roll but hey I wanna try to figure this thing out together were too Smart guys who should be able to put it together okay silence today. I think Randy Johnson would be and there. I don't know Maddux would be in there he was mostly in the ninety's having Pedro is mostly in the ninety's. Any news or been a dominant leading to who the Padres well it feel like I'm one of those. Bar trivia is on Tuesday night's doled look at your photo everybody here's the question yeah everybody's scrambling for their phones they're cheating you're gonna you you go ahead you can cheat too. While we're doing this because I know you wanna find this out we're on a passed along to orbit here's my main question. Who the Padres gonna start on opening game that's what it got me thinking up. The Houston Astros they don't have very much of a decision to make they got a super Lander he can be either opening day starter into the S operative or some other guys are pretty good. But the Padres. Who do you go with an opening day right now. CN it's not good that's a tough Lloyd Wright and and and aim and that's kind of why I wanted to bring it up because. We don't have a guy really did just stands out says hey I'm your opening day guy. I don't think so because. OK so this is great. The Padres don't have an ace right. So. Is we're now into the second week of spring training Jake curious still sitting out there. Along with Yu Darvish who with a two races that everybody was gonna cover this this this offseason. Aleks cop. There's still sitting out there. And you get all these people that and I I got to come up with a better rhythm tanking because it's not taking. If you don't sign Jake area. It's it's allocating your resources properly. Some people call taking a lead in the apple one on sane is so what's that say the country's went out and they don't have an ace will cheek area sitting out there. While Apple's side Jake period and make him your race. What we talked about baseball in the top 100 Padres have been aboard farm system all baseball. And they have over 10% of the people the top 54 of those being pictures you have an ace in the Padraig system. He's just not here today MacKenzie gore one day occupy an opening day start somewhere I think. Espinoza. Who's hurt and in in had surgery he'll one day be opening day starter. So to see any countries right now you don't have an ace on the ball club today in echo park. But you do have them in the systems so. Whoever's going to be opening day starter this year I'll I don't know I maybe go to Nelson met. But I think if anything it's not that that's the ace of the staff but it. Again be green will try to set up. Different looks different pitchers different types. So we can get that that different look every day I think global wind up for the starting rotation sets that way as opposed to. Here's Clayton Kershaw here's Max Scherzer here's Jake Gary and I here's Madison Baumgartner peers my number one guy Verlander. I don't think the Padres have that type of starting rotation set up this year norm maybe next. I don't have that so here's a couple of thoughts that I had wanted to share them with number one. You know you're gonna open up bush you know you're not playing Kershaw this year could you got the brewers as your opening day opponent but it. Talking about matching aces against aces and and in this division. Everybody's got somebody who's an ace the Padres probably don't have one. To the Padres really mess around and used a number 45 guy as there guy to match up against aces. Thereby may be giving them a little of an advantage. As the rotation goes through you don't have sank because everyone gets excited about opening day. Richard Ford five starters have to win games during the season too it's just as important as your number one starter sometimes. Maybe the Padres can easily their best guys. In the 345 slots. Try to get an edge that way like that thinking at all. Yes and no because right now I think upon trees having a lot of threes fours and fives. That's all they have so that's what they have to put it at 3.5 spots in his Darren is there a marked difference between. Let's say did also lament probably has the best stuff on the staff I think that's that's a pretty easy to say and you go with. For double then you go claimed in the new gonna have a fight. A prime Mitchell's going to be their lives as well. So you look at all of those guys is there a discernible difference that one essential was above the rest or they a lot of number threes with potentials we number twos. You know last chance to start opening day I'm just throwing this out there I'm going to be crazy you heard it here on this podcast first but wouldn't it be something. If the Padres opening day starting pitcher is the same guy who was their opening day starting pitcher two years ago. You know I'm talking about about Tyson Ross. Now he it's couple innings the other day. Had a perfect first inning got into based loaded jam the second struck out got bases loaded he's gonna pitched three innings against the giants. On Wednesday. So keep an iron Tyson Ross. Look you could do worse than going with the guy that has opening day experience and he did it just two years ago for the Padres I would really be some kind of back now one guy who's gonna have a whole lot of say in this matter is now the longest tenured Padre coach did you notice. Darren falsely fifteen plus years. Pass to rob Pete Chilo and of course we sadly lost rog PH hello this past offseason. He had been the longest tenured Padre coach of all time but now that. Is Darren balls please honor. What do we say about their balls what are your thoughts about their balls I mean it is something to survive in this game for this long. With this team let's be honest it's not like the Padres are winning World Series after World Series yet aired balls is still the group. So he is the ship gains. But chipped in twenty games of Major League Baseball are my new and admit this podcast there's a new show on house garden TV to watch my house call home town. With Aron and been eagerly take house and he picks it up and you see it in that sounds really like a good show but I cannot believe that you have a channel. Called house and garden I know I have that channel two but I skip over it that's what I like because this guide. As a lot of working. He's so there's a lot of woodworking on the show and in his wife's pretty cool sleep take these all the lap White House's and just turn him into these palaces. In their cheap. It's so it's somewhere Mississippi solely by house for 60000 they put 40000. And if those of CAD to be a million dollar house two million dollar house. The reserve brought this up is that there on Monday that those watching last night but. Balls we could be. That hometown and show on house garden because he takes beat up. Used up given up on. Arms in rehabilitate them so you know it's not like he's getting. You guard reassure urging carry edit and in turn them into great pitchers. He's getting guys reclamation projects that fall apart that. We didn't know what they hatter or forgot what they had. And then he turns them around so he takes a guy like opera at hand who was castoff released. Released. By the Miami Marlins. Brings him into San Diego when he turns him into an all star patrons have been no closer. How many guys is there balls we brought in to seen the eagle or reclamation projects like you find on hometown each. Jamie Kennedy turned to an end to some kind of palace that you'd have a long and I let me go the other way it would their balls that while we're extolling his virtues and I think we should. He's done he's made a lot of money for a lot of guys do. Heidi give you an example about Chris Young how about a guy like that now who's back with the Padres trying to get back into into starting rotation but. His best days as a Major League pitcher by far. Were under Darren Bausley. What happened to pitch a couple of great seasons as San Diego you go ice time big time contract somewhere else you make all the two money thinks that there Bausley. So not only has he taken guys brought in to him. But he has made. Big games out of mediocre guys may be who have never gone on to pitches well once they've left here. It's that's a sign a great pitching coach it is. When he did his sleeve you see the drop off I mean that's what he does on a daily basis. So I talked to guys. His reputation on baseball is that he is great that there's some guys are really good mechanics. There's other guys were really good as a psychologist he is the complete package because he could take somebody. Whose damaged goods re rehab there they're delivery of their mechanics and they had to get them back to. Probably pitching better than they thought they could when they had potential. He's done an amazing job how about the cynic in us let's just throw this out there. Because he's got fifty plus years now is the longest tenured coach in Padres history bit. Is it possible that the cynic listening to this says you know what. I think their balls is okay but in a lot of it he's a product of pinnacle park and if he didn't have picked apart he wouldn't happen. The great pitching numbers over and over and over year after year after year in order to make a name for himself that he has what do you say to that sir. Can it Santa podcasts. I did we believe I don't know what he's yet you're in charge you tell me. And I can't that I can't say what I really want the same because those people. There ill informed us that via their dumb. They're dumb. That there's reputation so there's two reputation you have in the game. There's a reputation that you have just because you've been around enough people like we know people like that Crist at all yeah I know that guy good guy why because he's been around for twenty years and I know he's always been nice to meet. Then there's guys who have that real reputation up to back as the real deal. You had and it's something that is the angels say he wasn't you know Latinos in Diego you work with their balls leave his picture and career around that's the kind of reputation he has so those that. You don't wanna I wanna. Thorny shade his way. Let them use shade is good package had to go there for a second in that wants negotiating his way. Is just ignore it. So Daryn balls Lee congratulations. Longest tenured coach in Padres history you'd down note that having listened to this podcast is otherwise. I don't really think a whole lot was made that for contracting your are we bar K we're gonna go back to where we started we're looking for our three guys along which Justin Verlander who have made ten opening day starts. In the two thousands. A case so Yates in the last what 1718 years what did you come up with so far no one is Verlander right right. Doc Holliday is another. Ray I'll Roy holidays right OK just lost their man that's tragic so the blue jays Phillies 2003 to 2012 I can't find other. To get two more guys are we got one I got one that's more than you I know this podcast is gonna continue until you find the other two so. You keep on look at. I'd we talked about the Padres pitching coach Darren Bausley. On the flip side everyone is excited about Matt Stairs and I think it's because they love them these kind of nice kind of an everyday guy he's an everyday guy. Right he looks like he looks like the guy you sit next to. Down at the tavern and Obi and you hang out with a new kicker a couple of Beers around with you talk baseball that's why I think everybody loves Matt Stairs to begin with. But he has one of the toughest jobs in all Major League Baseball because while Darren balls Lee is held his jobs pitching coach for fifteen years. The Padres have gone through at least it seems that many batting coach. Is it really. I hate and it is something because. I think that I think hitting instructor takes too much blame. When the hitters don't do well and gets done the credit when they do listen here in the big X. I'm not remake he might swing. By the time of the big leagues it is what it is and in you are trying to refine your trying to remind in in your try to be a psychologist my way. Of looking weather hitting instructor who was successful or not there's two things number one. Can he preached a philosophy that the organization is is preaching. Carrying the were too is the big hitters by handing them so here's my simple way of knowing whether hitting instructor is effective or not. If I see him walking around asking for the players. That's got to doesn't belong as an instructor if I see the players walk into the clubhouse on eight he has seen stairs he then you know they're coming to him because they want his help. Different organizations have different heading philosophies. This is a ballclub the means to learn to hit. The other way have a two strike approach and go back the middle. That's something I think masters can help them win bomb in different different teams he'd need different things. And I love the fact that steers us talk about being. Gap to gap hitter which means we're gonna show people go the other way. And you'll have base runners on some you don't have some racial shots. What they like about Matt Stairs and just the thought of him as you're hitting coaches is the kind of career that he had. And I I say that we talked about you and I talked about this and one of our earlier podcasts about why. Back up catchers. Seem to make great Major League managers. And we gave an example of how many guys Bruce boat she ran off the bat last year AJ into one World Series back up catcher most of his career. And you can whim and we tracked down six or seven guys that work were catchers that have coached Joseph Girardi World Series champion Joseph Torre of course. But many many guys anyway what of the whole point of it was. Catchers are often times the smartest guy in your ball club they got to know all the pitchers they got and all the other hitters from all the other teams. They know how to position papers did they call all the plays for the infield defense that position outfielders they they they controlled the game win year on defense and I think that's one of the reasons why you see catchers go onto become managers because. They do all the things that managers do their just due to weather out on the field now having said that. I bring up Matt Stairs because I've never felt and it's not impossible. Paul callers are great. Example on the other side of this argument but he's one of the few. Most great great great hitters. And I but it throat the great mr. potter in there Tony Gwynn most great great great great hitters. Don't make it always as coaches and managers it's tough for them because they have a cubs easy. And I know that Tony Gwynn always Ali I don't see struggled with this that's not fair fairway put it. But it wasn't easy for him to get the message along to his kids at San Diego State because they could not do what he did. But I think Matt Stairs. Had a kind of career. Wasn't a superstar wasn't a perennial all star sat on the bench a lot learned a lot about hitting from a lot of great hitters a lot of great organizations. That's the kind of guy that they have the message to pass along. So the great Ted Williams right. San Diego's own. When he became a manager he had the hardest on first thought he wouldn't talk of the pitchers he ate it pitchers so he told Pittsburgh should take care of those. In a cat's obese and if you don't said it was probably subject but the rules in the podcast. It would leave them off that he would take care of working with hitters and you know like Mike Epstein has a hole hitting it it's hitting program that's based on. The splendid splitter but but Ted. Have the hardest time and I know this is of the board of directors for a museum. And talking to people in his family they eat up the hardest time. Not that easy just couldn't because he you don't have the patient's right has to Hewitt came easy yet even have the patience he just didn't understand why this. Son of a gun couldn't just do what he's telling him to do in ten just didn't understand that he was that much. He was that much different and he was so special that people can do with Ted did the other part of this'll go back to masters for just a second Montreal expo one point. In he was good he was a prospect he was hitter he can do everything reason for hockey player. This was a great athlete. Sisters the Montreal has a greatness. The that he's destined for Soviet potentials wasn't. You know just and the bench guy but they pop who's going to be something special special because he played for the exposed Annie was Canadian that he kind of bounces around couple different places. Ends up in Oakland where he establishes himself as a really good career. Then later in life. He becomes a a journeyman pension and every hit that big omen for the Phillies. In 2008. To knock the doctors that playoffs and we all love him for that. I could take a picture of identical picture of me and him. I think post them somewhere. Of me and him the next year earnings in this Phillies uniform accidental reference dodger fans and humor Matt Stairs. So the thing I know about Matt it is in and I don't match since 1997. Them McChrystal. That's it does but I know map for the longest time and the thing is he knows what it's like to be. A young player with potential. He knows what it's like. To have an organization give up on you and bounce around he knows what it's like to be an everyday slow global lineup and he knows what it's like to be eighty. A guy who's gonna hit once or twice a week in B a a pinch hitter. He can relate to people because he's walked in their steps that's what's amazing about him. And I think that's why maybe he's the one guy that can hang onto this job. For awhile he also is gonna have some may be a little more talent to work with than some of the other hitting coaches of anatomy when you look at all these young kids that are coming up right now and and hitting and hitting that stuffing out of the ball on spring training. Maybe Matt Stairs is the answer I hope so we are let's let's just wish that he last half as long as Darren balls Lee has lasted in his role and then the Padres are beyond something. You know and again for the hitting instructor if they hitting instructor made was able to make a mediocre hitter into a into into a slugger. They would be the ones make of the twenty million dollars up slaughter of its 45 bombs. Right yeah I hear you and I totally get it are at our final topic today and he found another patriot. OK so I you know how you do and are you coming up but we're gonna go to our final we have one more topical up but I want before this court to try to answer our first question. There are four pitchers that have made and that opening day starts. For their teams this century starting in the year 2000 I'll just Denver Lander is one of them. You had Doc Holliday is another had a few seconds so when exactly this or are these consecutive starts now just overall. Overall and why would you tight you had no 'cause I'm looking over here and I can't Google to save my life so. Longest streak of consecutive opening day starts since 190 wait. Since nineteen away it's like you. Let me that's hard. Beginning in 1980 Robin Roberts back in the 1950s to twelve Tom Seaver soaring in 1968 at twelve straight. Steve Carlton left in 197710. Straight right holiday 2003201210. Straight opening day start. The big tree and Walter Johnson had nine Bob Gibson had nine Dennis Martinez had nine. Randy Johnson wipe out about not only had nine opening day street consecutive starts CC sabathia the nine. King Felix 2009 to 2017. Is that nine consecutive starts old joined this year so you can view a ten you know Pedro Martinez had eight royals will add eight. Cleaned her shocked how many companies opening day consecutive starts yet. 77. This week eight. That's a tough question that's a tough question to tell people tweet tweet to us and you know the answer tweet was at Padres radio. At Padres radio we're trying to figure this out you try to figure it out but here's the greatest news of the day this. How big this is sweeping baseball today you know what it is they know what it is it's wholly in baseball you go yeah. The way we can talk about all this other well but all anybody wants that doctors what the Arizona Diamondbacks have done it. They have brought back to the bullpen buggy to bring them reliever out of the bullpen and the little. Buggy that has an Arizona Diamondbacks cap on top of that and a golf cart. And that everyone is ecstatic about this and and it's it's it's an idea whose time has been too long. In returning. Are you excited I love it to. So that by the way it does have a bunch of appropriate spots I guess I know that it there at the age you you have to look hard to find the diamond back logo because there's a whole bunch of other logos on YouTube and it's okay start. I love the bullpen cart car. And it's one of those things the little kids get excited for so it's a way you what you try to fairway and make a baseball fonts look at I remember seeing those. On TV apps like on the and I wondered if I go to the ballpark will be a little kids tried that around because it looks like out of tropea. So the data backs have one coming back there's one at Dodger Stadium behind the densely press box that fans can set in and take the pitcher. There's one I know one in Fenway park at least Boston's Fenway Park. It's across the street at the one of those souvenir stands on yawkey way where fans could sit and take a picture of it. I love the bullpen card so I hope I hope I pray I hope I pray I hope I pray and hope I pray the Padres for one don't. Don't even mess around and open prides itself this is his demand. To be adamant about it I Grey's hello this is your radio station. Beat a second team to come back with the bullpen cart. Look they're trying to speed up Major League Baseball that's the first reason that this even came up in the first place to get these relievers out of there now. Here's the flip side I get it. I get the flip side you're thinking about it out there Trevor time. Hells bells the fired a whole thing would not have been the same. Had Trevor Hoffman didn't rotted in a bull car. Marry out of Rivera enter sandman would not have been the same. If he had been brought it in a bull call a bullpen car are what have been I don't know. Listen we're Smart people does that all make big plays you can play hells bells at that stadium going crazy low that. Raw and open up over the center field fence and then a little five mile per hour bullpen cart comes out and conduct of the remember what the first wrestle mania. Where they had the bullpen cart bring Hulk Hogan to fight Andre the Giant and it looked like a little rank. And they it was it was like it was like a little tractor they brought him at duke got Trevor out there. Fought fireworks going hells bells going you have electric on this electric LED size of the site coarse gold sponsors are there. But do conduct an educated on all wait to the back of the bullpen cart you put the little exhaust pipes. And then have some supplier come out the back like that man's car you stab us yes that our movement right now our curriculum you know now a couple of gas that you could do something like that. I love the bullpen card please I hope they bring. That part of the bodies in the second team to bring back bullpen card as well rich career great job on Priscilla queen does that answer if you've got it will try to. If somebody gets it to try to find a prize for you we appreciate you listening it's true zealots richer you'll find the prize. Because I don't have anything to give anybody bet that this has been a Padres radio drop pod cast for marks the eighth lots of fun we enjoyed hope you did as well.