Padres Rewind: Brewers 3 Padres 1

Thursday, May 18th

It was a tough loss for the Padres. Listen to Jesse and Tony give a recap from the booth, all the highlights and hear from Andy Green.


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This one is not. And is due any of the actions why did really really well what do you glad fail often. This is the Padres 31 you'll hear from Indy green take you to the moon and Richard Romero we'll give you twelve highlights from the game. Just a ball game now. Let's send it to the loop for the post game. Okay great that's that's a tough one to swallow for a couple of reasons Tony 31 defeat you give up two runs in the top of the night that's the obvious reason it's a tough one to swallow but. Maybe it starts with the outing that Jolie's Jesse had. He was spectacular seven innings tonight as you mentioned there in the here in the game no hit stuff I mean four pitches he deployed anytime for a strike. I'm really attacked his own after he was able to his command issues down in the first inning when he gave up the one run. But there was nothing else I mean the bird hitting Bieber hit an office. Which has been so good on this season. Justice had no answers Foreman. He continues. Ulee's Juli six is seen continues to it's extremely well at home. And that's definitely a positive cyber partners. Now at home is to know with a zero point 67. CRA I mean we're in mid may there's something legitimate about that and it's been spectacular for him this year. I guess the other big one is a line drive dive bar in the ninth inning looked like it was going to be an inning ending double play looked like it was still gonna be 11. Unable to make the catch and the next thing you know the. Brewers have a pair rob yeah I mean despite the spin that despite the the funky. Hooked back really to that ball. I think if you asked. Eric I bargain would tell you that it's a play he thinks he should make it really changed. The rest of that inning we go from ending inning though and I inning ending double play. Two two runs or for brewers and they go on to win this game because. That was literally the ballgame I mean right there when all was said and done. So that says the view from the Booth here obviously the good thing about the quick turnaround is to put this one behind you pretty quickly. Eighty but there tomorrow huge start for Jericho is our we'll see how that goes. Against active. Time now take a look the highlights from today's ballgame how to the brewers win 310 well let's stay in the first inning. That's for the brewers are gonna get on the board first. In this ball game Eric so guard will lead off he draws a walk he has been passed. All three games so far he plays in the offense once against he draws a walk harder for reds with a single. Moving so guard over to second after angular strikes out Travis shot back of a lineup. It's ground balls tennis for the first run the ball game. First pitch scramble up the middle that today's sit around 830 so guard evil company without a throw from Marco. And just like that the brewers take a one nothing lead near the top of the first inning. After that Jolie should see U2 walks in and he is outstanding will have more about that it just to multiple look at the scoring play. For the C at eagle pottery six innings when they finally break through. Many Marko hits a line drive of the first baseman regular he's out so there wanna wake Corey spin Jim Burke grounds out solution to out. In the sixth inning will Myers picks up a ground ball single so there's will standing at first base. He ends up. Scoring on this know harvests a lark Tate double to tie the ballgame. They set up inside a insular team buyers dancing at first base not running first pitch swing little loop reconsider Broxton on the run but they gave reaching down. Now it all behind it with two outs buyer's credit all the way he rounds third on his way home evil score they gave his time. So large they at second base. Hits a double and a 11 game here in the sixth. So the miscue by the center fielder allows well miers to score from first were tied at one apiece how we get there. Deletion scene was outstanding after getting that jam limiting the damage in the first inning. He really bared down the start retiring brewer after roar after roar but one point at thirteen and then fourteen in a row. Here's the 02 sewing and S two strikeouts in the inning scored Jolie shinseki has retired fourteen the in a row you go to the bottom of the fifth still want nothing Milwaukee. Barack fourteenth good seventeen better. Don't want to protest scene we'd dead at this stack you'll learn struck out for the third time tonight. That is six were Jolie's who is now retired seventeen. In a row. Wow seventy in a row he ends up walking one and then finally pulls out this router has had to get twenty of 21. To see working from the stretch for the first time since the first inning and he gets a fastball swung on and this strike three that is eight needs. And he is now retired point eight the last one they want to come to the plate. They finally gives way to Brad hand who keeps these score at 11 then we have to the top of the ninth inning. Random hours of the command taking over for Brad had. Pacers regular grounds out to start the inning so no harm no foul but then Travis shop picks up the double. That's a put some pressure on the CN Diego Padres. After that double. See at Santa singles. On a line drive into left field that was deflected off of Eric I bar what happened was. The ball came off of the bat and I don't wanna sit knuckled but it definitely hope back is high bar was going up the middle trying to get towards the ball. Going to second base balk at it comes back and I'm glances off his glove. That really bust this inning opened so after the double. Six Hannah. Will pick up the single off the glove of Eric I bar so they got runners at the corner with Jeff bandy up at the plate. Three balls and one strike it big in like this one up the middle that's going to be facing attacks could get the brewers a one run lead near the night. Yet Katie got himself into a 31 count and he delivers an RBI single and saw crosses the plate. And the brewers tickets to one lead near the night. All right. One down going into the ninth inning is okay but the brewers do what good teams do. The nets pick up the insurance run after Broxton singles. Are Garcia comes up. It he gives that one extra run that is to be wait too much for San Diego overcome. Here's what do our seasonally slow grounder left side speed to Birdie Putt for a five or go through the first tech gets another level and now we want to lose here. You'll hear from Andy Green in just a few moments but is the infielders are crashing in the ball kind of comes up that it takes injured bird toward second base. Instead of going home with a try to prevent that insurance run for coming cross. He gets a sure out at first base will be second guessed on that one it gives the brewers a 31 lead. They never looked back from the that your ball game as the Burress went in the ninth inning 31 over the CO Diego Padres would hear from the Andy Greene he's next. Here on FM ninety port on the packers' radio and or. Thanks for joining us everybody on the Padres realign podcast let's show the skipper Andy Greene had to say courtesy girlfriends. If fox were San Diego Padres life. Slider was good trade off the play well cuts and chases a mixed enough fastballs inside to keep them honest and done a great job. It was a clear that I ever was and we'll hang onto them into the in the ninth there was a line drive yeah you come up that baseball it's almost physical things that happens in baseball it's time to time. The double play ball after that can get so you got your chance right there in he would name to catch but experts say it's a physical thing on baseball through it happens from time to time. There's certain. Q thank them up front of course the last couple weeks is designed as out of play he should make as as a veteran. I wouldn't like to even qualified as a veteran I would say he expects himself to make that play. Are they cookies made plays like that is what this really good plays today in the in the field and when the backhand side and it's poisonous Nash charging toys. You don't you look through like. Dave shortstop up until that play made every single play had a chance to I think he's focused out there and he does a good job and he knows what he's doing. I urge you come up with a bone. Also on the ninth inning they've played as Ben's emerged leftist any chance or did that way to get a get the ball homer was doing play to her sudden. I mean more with the safe out of first base think I most charge him through that goes the plate is well he's right behind him shock. They spend got a chance reversed there's literary turned pro ball of the played not. I know on nights when you look at in 20/20 hindsight looks a lot easier to do and a moment emitted choice who went first press. Buzzes lower print and Arlen beast up to his high level higher leverage situations later you just did you know Brandon. And creed I quoted last year he had a stretch there was you know similar to this like you look at we we can have two weeks where. By the numbers coming just blew up on him in the he's settled back in it was actually dominant dress the season his stuff is still there there's nothing that's lacking right now. I think we're now watching pitch a ball comes out of his hand very well. I XP last couple outings it's been my changeup and hit out of cop with a bat Dunn left field line by a lefty pull hitters almost missing the pitch I thank when he stores like communion a little bit more who keep those guys honest. And in that change it to swing and miss instead they'll a couple of bad I think probably used both sides of play it'll open up thanks for him a little bit better put. I don't look at this often get concerned at all on house no. He went through something just like this why should not matter just like okay or try to shipping to comb back in the right direction again we know he's got the arm to do it. But. They're gonna shake your head in wonder at that how. Professional on the court of his at bats have been considering he's only played in rookie ball before but. How these. Did yep that's it you work to a full count hit the curveball into right field was the most impressive I've that we had all good it was a really good at bat. Yeah obviously once the triple on the left center and I don't see any fear and in the ninth inning take him swinging the ball. Two dominant pins up punching out but so I like where he is thinker he's done a really nice job up to now and I he's playing he's been playing more and more. This. It's. Since Michigan this ankle today. Nothing that I think will be long term or anything like that I use some hard time getting going to learn. Darryl Darryl starting tomorrow they used available to pinch hit today questioned the situation terrorism but it. Didn't. Mean. It got thanks for tuning in to. Entrees freeway. And like us on FaceBook got countries video. Hello Simon Ingram had Padres radio network and for all things Padres the Padres radio dot com.