Padres Rewind: D-Backs 13 Padres 7

Wednesday, September 20th

Padres and D-backs hit a combined 9 home runs. Hear all the highlights from the game


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This one is not. This do you of the actions why didn't really really well do you glad fail often. This is the Padres prewar you'll hear from Indy gritty take you to the and richer river we'll give you twelve highlights from the game. Announcer a ball game. Let's send it to the boot for the post game. It was a bizarre game and the potters are right there they got Robby ray. What a great left handers in baseball this year on them. He's a pitcher who's dominated them forever he's won his last odd ball game. They go down to nothing me come on I pick up 62 lead against Robby ray and get five hits and five who runs again for the third. Is close to win the game like Appleby is good that's all we just didn't it was long ball bubbles on the ball flying out of here. Ramadan Abaxis made themselves only got this thought they would put comeback as the players they got to tip your cap. Threw himself to for capital. Yeah I mean Riley right was not. Nearly had his best day in and get a part because they take advantage if they scored two runs each of the first five innings that they had at bats. Via the long ball they they paid made Robbie great pay for their mistakes they getting out of the game. Did they just couldn't really mustered anything up after that in from that point on for the Diamondbacks. Vaunted offense started to take over and they put up some runs and they put up a bunch of them in the partners or four have a tough time keeping pace. It was this time of that booklet. What they did that how renfro has been a short so good to see that and it was humiliating the recent down guys have been sent to the minors you've been through about you know what that's like. And they look at your attitude to see what you what you gonna hang your head and bad mouth ballclub when you have a worker who don't want at all. He did that hit me or 500 AAA. And I come back with a three run home run in the first inning on Monday and his first ever political one game good day on the rental thanks for the member. Is meant he's looked fantastic since his return. Up from triple A listen sometimes. As an organization you have to protect players from themselves. You can lose confidence and not be the same guy ever again at this level. If it sisters too long but he's gone down there and as you see it. Teens who watch the team is watching they wanna see how you had yourself he's done he went down there took care business swung the bat exceptionally well and he seems as brought. That that appear with the met the big league level and has swung the bat. Great since he's been a. Nine home. Runs between the two clubs the New Castle park combined home. 01 record is simply amazing and and rental gets fortitude when retreat when before he ties made Colbert from way back in the early 69 as in the beginning of the franchise have a first look they had on the franchise he tied me for the rookie record with a wonderful home run Telemar was shot to break that. But it was a home run derby and the Diamondbacks give them credit they won homered urban despite the phrase for Hummer in the third in the Fifth Amendment right. The Diamondbacks moved. And other servers in my plumbers back to back home and away with what they do aboard this week thirteen seven Arizona but luck is a common Iraqis are common seventh him. Tomorrow. All game over. So what happened. Take a listen Padres fans it's time for the post game highlights bought an FM 949 Padres radio. So what happened. What didn't happen tonight is the better question welcome back both games show and FM 949. It. Diamondbacks at Padres wrapping up their three game series five race. Going for the sweep this was a crazy one at. And it started with the very first batter just like last night the Diamondbacks going deep right away this time it was David for Alter. I've rival military. You got people that I thought that's cool. News drawn up. Second pitch of the wounded. It was the fifth hit yesterday when AJ Pollock hit his first of two more months as the leadoff batter them in the first now. Well totally off battle want nothing Arizona. That didn't help the Diamondbacks yesterday looked like it would help them today even though Jay lamm also went deep. Often also will let in the second having the Padres game back at the bottom of the second. Kristen be in a wave of making his second start ever in the big leagues got his first. Major League hit up the metal and it brought up rocky Gail. 32. It's gone. No it's got here. We'll jump with a right this time. This academic. Ted you have no idea how right you were when you said the ball was jumping tonight if there's one I'll have to remember those rocky Gail smiling. Theory here is he's rounding the bases with his first big league home run pot guys we're not at the bottom of the third. We'll buyers walked in it was hotter and roasters. And pro would go deep we get to the bottom of the fifth to make it five to two and then. Kristen did a label like his first big league hit so much a single thought I think I can do a little bit better. Hi my ball. Get a lot about his. Oh god had. An event for the young guys who was shot 700 ballclub. L first lead over Obama could get away with a simple fact of the second. The third Major League about. Well we're back in left field. 62 toddlers take in could have been as well against Saddam Iraq. Bobby is looking good at sixty do but the game turned on a dime in the top of the sixth inning. Couple runs already in at a man on for javy Martinez. One little high fly ball well here right field. The remarkable JD Martinez. The incredible. Could not get the Nelson. Ali here unscathed. Spirit and win leaving all game long for the most part ever. And on the solo home runs they tied in the second hundred gonna hit the third they've led all the places that third of the sex. And now in the greens gonna get a more mattered to play quite up. On a two run opposite field home run Martinez's second. Only second hit of the entire series they pulled the home run he has been absolutely from revelation to big part of and to live from the Detroit Tigers. What does five home runs since July 18 that's good that's that's not 66 gave a great stamina on the top of the seventh. He didn't come in with the bases loaded bill and apparently that's a problem is David for all that we give to be banks' ability. 11 wide shot over the with the Bible it's a tough putt to basically got cut by my Brothers game evolve over time the formidable score control over third headfirst slide today. And on the throw to Third World know that second and RBI single and a 76. Lead the first time second inning of relief for the Arizona Diamondbacks. You know we got worse from there the Diamondbacks scoring six more including a three run shot by AJ folic. In the top of the ninth but in the bottom of the night on Iran for addicted to make a little bit of pot rays history. Should plea deals harder hit one deep. Rush goes again. Good to see on the want to. The back pitching here. Tied for honor but it doesn't prevent a Diamondbacks win thirteen to seven the final. This of the post game show on FM 949 operate radio. Thanks for joining us everybody on the Padres realign podcast let's show the skipper Andy Greene had to say cursing her friends. If fox were San Diego Padres lot. Accept IDs you know and give the two solo home runs earlier there on fastballs that caught too much play but their life tomb that was good stuff folded the sixth inning. In ball goes up and left field that would get the right break on gets caught sort that in and Americans are often wrong way to rip a 32 walk. Followed by the marte. Slider doubled in the left field line. And nine Judy Martinez to just about everybody in in the game ballpark at some point in time she yourself. And have a three armor on day against Sam it's clearly not a good day from on line perspective. These ran into a few times in the six and seventies had trouble and trying to getting through there and I wasn't able to you today but it. No for me he should be going in the offseason got one more outing going in the offseason like what's it take to throw threw six and seven innings consistently. Because the stuff for five innings save two pitches in the middle zone spore one dominant again. This is this just a short spurt for a encourage he made some of the maybe when longer term fixed this when you mess and make. I'm probably going person ballpark it's to say this you. He hits three home runs this river also fixated on I looked out right field break on a shallow fly bones Bausch and others in data excites me more. Because that means real growth though like just getting after his defense so. I'm excited about that he's crush lefties or you're wrong it's nice seeing stand Breeden Shipley curve ball hit that out too from righty. He's crush lefties or your long it's media off of defense excited me today and continue to see him do that. I know he's got real power and tied the rookie home run record spending a month in the minor leagues if you don't have ridiculous power so. I he's gonna have days like this defunct for them and I'm just excited but the defense. First her Romans notes on what it's like to stay. You when when the games you can celebrate those moments dished some team game and both those guys understand that knows that which won't be able to sobering moments guys. Literally dreamt about their entire life and in both of their case is work to preclude long time and minor leaks to get here to have the opportunity. To put big swings on its put us ahead. It which would mean for those guys that's for Christian markets has big moment to experience in life. And you could see Bjorn and Rockies face when he hit it and that's. Doubt it's enjoyable the first camera I've ever seen just couldn't contain it and that's fun and Christian series for scored to give back today going to get too big leagues for the first time rather. And now this first in the news first from Iran and the answer. Mr. fond moments they should be sober with the family and I know the difference. Burry. Injure them well enough to determine if season. You spun out there tomorrow I'll choose fun I was made the decision to match Caesar that points. Under consideration putting Kirby and there. Yet there was. You know it's it's a delicate balance slain baseball season when you know on the playoff race how many times you expose guys did if you've written all season long and Kirby Yates case as it stands case Bryant's case these guys throw it on. You wanna keep the game one on. All three of those guys were available today were report today yeah Jose Torres is down but he was down film may come down for various reasons but. Mostly for usage at this point in time in the year. So there's got about. Sizable gap between note though who has pitched force yet curb Yates but. I I really at this point on the news not inclined to work for that much pitching and even situations situations much he's pitched. And yours which climbs you know that in stroke with coming up it's. There is going to be around that couples visas to preview and do the team. And a lot I think from our pitching perspective. There's very few guys in the game have changed through two innings this year. And 200 innings it more or less almost every time outs to this opportunity when the baseball game I think it's numbers. We just look it wrong numbers against Cuba a few times I've done some things and by leaving him out in the fire when he wasn't throwing very well. But he's more concerned about the team and eating innings and taking care of the bullpen. Yeah I think in the pitcher in the game would be because he's that team conscience conscious. So I think he's done a tremendous job throwing the ball force this year but he stabilizes I think he's. Steady presence in the club house were guys looked at them respect and follow him. Does everything from work perspective. Everything between starts has done right treats teammates right works incredibly or. Mine through. Is going to be here for the next couple years and you know I've had every anticipation it's. He's in have a positive impact on guys that come off and that's as valuable as anything with where Rio. Treasury. It was on Twitter and like us on FaceBook got Padres video. Follow us on men's program that country's radio network and for all things Padres the Padres radio dot com.