Padres Rewind: Dodgers 9 Padres 3

Tuesday, September 26th

Padres drop the first game in LA to the Dodgers, 9-3. 


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This line is not. This do you beyond just what this really really well good dear glad fail often. This is the Padres three Y Gil you're from Indy green take you to the moon and Richard rear we'll give you twelve highlights from the game. Or just a ball game now. Let's send it to the Booth for the post game. Yeah it's it's an old Saul you know. Weaver moment I don't know what my members today starting pitcher in his case that they report tomorrow starting pitcher. Baltimore they've turned every Travis Wood. I just quite frankly he was really good Democrat. When you there's I'm about some last homestand and that they just inhabitants. No he didn't and it looked like was we get really really ugly and it didn't I mean he pitched well into the fifth inning there was definitely time but he did think that was gonna happen. Album but obviously you know six runs in four and two thirds is a good start for anybody he walked four guys against this lineup not having your best stuff. It's gonna be very difficult that was absolutely the case for Travis Wood tonight than. I mean on the other side you harvest was as sharp as we've seen in this year it'll as the third time we've seen him. Once taxes he was a pay earlier this month that had to go the Padres knocked him around a little bit he's been Jacqueline hi and adding to huge question. And you alluded to this during the game is which Darvish shows up in the postseason for the Dodgers because that very well may. Decide whether or not they have success in the post season this year. I believe that a religion and I am looking at that. Kershaw is crucial it was post season record is not good and on the go and Alex would have been marvelous would have been a postseason kind of guy and that matchup in terms of whether it's the cubs. Where it got no Lackey Lester and content and you've got to Washington and you've got scherzer and oh gosh. Spurred. Gonzales I think those guys want to threes are better than these are your right to key guy they have a swing guy there. A where these guys are goal of the policies not the Padre fans were accurately baseball players here. Would be in fact Yu Darvish and the former Padre and Logan Forsythe and slogan enough for a cost of recent loaded bases clearing double the first and homers in the third. Just comes back to buy ticked him off with a walk and a single ticker propaganda over foresight ahead of the gold itself. Yeah married on base all four times or two runs knocked in four runs. That's all they needed. You know tonight it really is Padres didn't have a base runner until the fifth inning and that I was just doing everything offensively for them so. Look he was not you're night for the Padres there's no doubt about that of the foot thing is you know you look up for the next few days here the final two games against the Dodgers this year the Padres have. Couple that more reliable exciting starting pitchers going at this should be a fun. Next few days here at Dodger Stadium with some good pitching matchup. It's never dull here never go when they come in San Diego at the two different stadiums for the lifetime of the potter franchise and 69. 93 from LA that is the final 710 with you again my Nana. Ball game. Over so what happened. Take a listen Padres fans it's time for the post game highlights bunt and FM 949 Padres radio. This cell here with Deanna happy highlights. As it were wanna remind you to tigers radio made possible by Daniels Jewelers Daniels Jewelers making diamond dreams come true since 1940 know the highlights were not happy tonight Chris. It was all Dodgers right from the get go. Yu Darvish. Did not allow a base turned till the fifth inning so that gives you an idea how the Padres offense started the Dodgers meanwhile went double walk walk. To open the game against Travis Wood and then Logan Forsythe the former Dodgers their former Padre rather did this. Stefan just like dad Dodgers that are run in the second inning and then in the third it was that man Forsythe again. Would it foresight pizza batting its eyes deep to left field this one is gonna go off home run for Logan Orszag. Three run double in his first hit back and realize this one way over quarries Vandenberg in left field solo shot his sixth of the year some night. And the Dodgers extend the lead five nothing LA here in the third. Logan Forsythe would finish up the night three for 32 runs scored four RBIs and that home run that. Set the all time LA dodger record for most home runs any season. By the Dodgers Padres set a club record there in that same category. Last week. Tiger said no offense until the fifth they were down five nothing Corey spans convert first base turner hit by a pitch with one out. Set up hundrer renfro for the. Way over his head. Of course magic bird flying at full of stories that day on the stand out double bottom renfro. Big rally up 51 law. Fell lag got the Padres within 51 as Ted says good it wasn't 51 for long. Bottom of the fifth inning would dinner walked his fourth batter of the game was taken out of the ball game. In came zoning. Up came Austin Barnes and out went the baseball. Ball well again. Deep center field it is going. Austin Barbara homered as the boys always thought here. The Grand Slam at shepherd center of business they simply. Break it open huge. After two walks by the two different pitchers what it was only a huge three run. Doctors interior manager here. They want Ellis. If prominent here for awesome Barnes I was ostensibly is the Padres to come back and a couple of runs late in the ball game RBI single by Carlos SYK runs scored on a fielder's choice. Dodgers got one in the bottom of the eighth and an RBI single by a sag it in they're rookie first baseman final score LA wins it nine to three for the Dodgers nine runs ten hits one there they stranded five Padres. Three runs six hits no airs they also stranded five the winner Yu Darvish seven innings two hits. One run no walks nine k's that's a nice tonight he's ten and twelve overall. And Travis Wood loser. Four and seven. As a Dodgers go up 116 in the season's series. Thanks for joining us everybody on the Padres realign podcast let's show the skipper Andy Greene had to say courtesy girlfriends. If fox were San Diego Padres life. Yeah I think you know at times it can be absolutely dominant that we saw that version and tonight I think last couple times been on the mound is what that way when you watched last couple out and so. Seems if Thomas commands sliders especially left to each plan. Real it was down underneath the barrel all day long down on our back foot. It's hard for us not to chase it's good pitch. And I each got a battle in the better we didn't. We have been doing today. And the troops were in Minnesota last time was with him early this. This might struggle right it's something possibly contend. It was a battle. The whole game was a grind for him mind you waiting game sort of couple walks and hit sandwiched in there and then the bases clearing double edged hardware store baseball game. If you're looking for positive view of what you simply get in the fifth inning when you look like used to have a hard to get past the third against good fourth inning and possibly could've gotten through the fifth 307 pitches sort of cheap labor reasonable and right there. You know it's did you come in spring attorneys there to fight for job and fired for an opportunity pitching rotation and fight for job in the bullpen. That's kind of where his are now for us. Stars. And only use Massoud on top of his game there's more in him in came mountain. You know it's the end of a long season when he gets good traded over to us and think there were some outings were you saw like real good battle in him. Last outing was the best stuff I saw on him. So I think it's going to be up to him going in the offseason to really take advantage of the time rest recover. Give back to form where it's been before him come in and compete for jobs. It's it's. Kansas. City's next. I think we'll give them the opportunity to rebound from point this out and I and opportunity being offseason and then judgment comes in the camp at that point Tom I don't think there's a reason handicap anybody's chances where they fit the rotation picture for 2018 at this point in time. Hours and days. Probably in the type of games he got an opportunity in today when the opportunity comes to what it takes advantage of those opportunities to pitching a little bit higher leverage situation. It was good to see him have a clean 123 inning the second time you went out there it's the first time in the big leagues he said that 123 inning and in triple A you are seeing 95 to 98 here we're seeing 92 to 95. The Tivo hasn't translated in at least on some good sliders in times we Sosa thrown some hustlers have just been forced. Let him get an opportunity get back on the mound again before your job by the soon. And so hopefully he builds on that last inning through. It was on Twitter and like us on FaceBook got country's radio. Follows an integrated. And that country's radio network and for small business Padres the Padres radio dot com.