Padres Rewind: Giants 8 Padres 0

Tuesday, October 3rd

Padres got shut out by the Giants. Hear all the highlights from the postgame show 


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This one is not. This do you of the actions why didn't really really well do you glad fail often. This is the Padres prewar you'll hear from Indy gritty take you to the and richer river we'll give you twelve highlights from the game. Announcer a ball game. Let's send it to the boot for the post game. Thanks Chris first game goes the giants eight to nothing the potters get shut out they out hit the potter is Bob Scanlon by his. Seventeenth to eighth and you know what we talk about the sometime now the starting pitching really sets the tone for a ballgame in for today tonight's game. Jordan Lyles Ford two thirds of lot of deep counts the giants got tumor early three in the first just couldn't get to go about. Yet and yet his troubles early on and I still go back to the third at bed at the ball game but worked in our spin put together a solid long it batted it to seem to put some pressure on Lyles and we talked about this before when your. Pitch count goes up in that first inning. And your forces are going to your off speed pitches on all your secondary stuff early in the ball game. It's just put a lot of pressure on him and it eventually it got to a two run two out damage was really the downfall three runs in the first begin in the fourth inning. Four more runs on two out damage. And I can agree with you more talk about starting pitching speaking of starting pitching of the giants signed a letter Chris Stratton six at two thirds seven it's good out it for the youngster making his eleventh those big league start no question about it I was impressed with how he was able to use his fastball all forced parts of the strike zone to keep the Padres from leaving out over entity complimented it with a nice curve ball a descriptive the pot is off our face both in and out and back and forth. And then the Padres you know there were some positive when you look at that the of the bullpen the one thing that comes on the court was Sony's been roughed up we did pitch in any editing to work. He didn't give up any runs I mean if there's going to be anything positive view of the bullpen they gave up one run that's one thing look at no question about it and let's face it a lot of these guys are fighting for jobs for next year right I mean it is. Any green is said look everybody is is up for grabs we're not handing anything air coming into spring training. In the bullpen and beat these guys are fighting for a leaving a few last impression. Bubbles while fun and I think slot but look at great great job but it Chris sell vacuum reference. I called game over. So what happened. Take a listen Padres fans it's time for the post game highlights bought an FM 949 Padres radio talk. Yes indeed Chris LO back within our Padres studios. You know if the rules of baseball since you only had to get two outs per innings. Giants and Padres would still be playing right now because every run that was scored in this game tonight. Was scored with two outs and that's. All of them unfortunately we're scored by the giants that started in the first inning two outs runners at first base Buster Posey at the plate. Time to strike. Ausprey pitcher over the center field at Wal-Mart go going back. He's got the track it's over instead I don't panic we're a second. Don't know third he'll score easily. And Buster Posey. With a two out RBI double here at the bottom of the first the giants are the first on the court they lead one to nothing. Hackett caught thereby might catch mark grant to Buster Posey would do a lot of that tonight right after his RBIs doubles still two outs or run in and it was Brandon Crawford's turn. Breaking ball got it out of a slide going back it's critical of their first big sit. Rounding third is closely he scored the second run from San Francisco. Giants' lead to do nothing near the bottom the first. Brandon Crawford also had a big night there will total up for you shortly. He would come around to score with two outs because. The panda. Came through with a clutch hit here's the notes due to Sandoval. Ripped down the first baseline it's fair it's going to be extra bases Robert wrote thank you he's heading for third bill that is sending him. No play at the white. Bail for the three. Group will buyers. Outlook sent the ball drive the garage. With a double. Giants three Padres. Yes all of that with two outs and that's who in the first inning ended their Padres best chance may be their only chance to score early tonight came in the top of the third. Myers singled with two outs so Lar a doubled Myers appeared to score easily from third base but it. Misjudged his slide is all I can really think he just didn't touch home plate he beat the play but just didn't touch the plate. And they tagged him out and that kept the Padres from scoring and then in the bottom of the fourth inning. The giants who put this game away any did it all again with two outs first. Up. Joseph panic. Well through a line drive into right field base hit with the extra bases that's what the rest goes gonna have to play it off the wall and scores easily. And don't panic yes himself a free for free night. And give the giants afford about the lead near the bottom of the fourth inning. Yes those are golden tones of Bob's skiing Hamlin right there on the call and then now Buster Posey had an RB I double in the first with two outs decided it. Do it again in the fourth. Richest. On a little battle left. He'll line it is going to be. It was there about a ground rule double that bounces over the fence and at first I thought it. Quite a dedicated to getting over the fence that it. Hits the warning track bounces into the stands. Ground rule double levels for Hannah Denard Span is going to be sent back to. It's as if that guy for short wild as any greens slowly gets after the round. And OS five nothing San Francisco's Jordan Lyles did leave good more damage would be charged to Jordan Lyles because with second and third and two outs. Brandon Crawford came through again. Grant checks for a second base now delivers what to do this line drives went back up for the crew of cases. It will score wouldn't sit well. Old school of the fathers now they'll lose what's happening nothing. Those two runs or charge to lie also three and two thirds innings seven runs allowed by the Padres starter giants got one more run in this game in the sixth inning guess what they got it with two outs and guess what they got it with another double by Buster Posey. And sets up on the outside corner yeah this is a spot ask about the little rhythm toward right center field gap that it's going to be at. As for the third time of night with Buster Posey put up tents and being sent around to score Posey proven that the second phase of the food so lovely evening in the giants don't have that they took nothing. Please. Hand them mercy mercy that was it eight nothing the final San Francisco wins it tonight you total all love Joseph panic tonight four for five within RBIs. Buster Posey three for four with three RBIs. And Brandon Crawford three for five with three RBIs those three guys combined to go ten for fourteen with seven RBIs. And every single one of those hits and RBIs came with two outs tonight. Eight runs seventeen hits for the giants in Albany stranded ten. No runs eight hits for the Padres stranded eight as we said the Padres batted one for fifteen the night. With runners on base Chris Stratton went six and two thirds innings. He got the victory the first of four giants to combine and then shut out Stratton is foreign forward Jordan Lyles a loser one and five. 39863. In San Francisco tonight. Thanks for joining us everybody on the Padres realign podcast let's show the skipper Andy Greene had to say courtesy of friends at fox were San Diego Padres life. It was a battle. I think it's kind of in the case with him as he fights out there it's the struggled in that bad since he's made good pitches good pitches they foul ball fell mall. That he gets old too much play they've put in place I don't think he got crushed for the opportunity catch couples we didn't put. For me I think it comes down though it. Helping him find pitched in that facts and history of challenge and that's the next step for him. You look at the stuff in you can see did you can compete and and it's good it just seems like yours are getting decent looks adding. The velocity is there he spins the ball is gonna changeup. It's just not playing the Packers and playing like like he needed to in order to be consistent actually started out. Stuffs there are looking at some deception track few other things to help and take a step forward but. He's given us everything he's had his pitches grass which you can just hasn't been able to have results. On. Us. Yeah. That it's frustrating game I think kind of in the same or less for danger get down early we needed them big relatively early we have that place to play were short date doubles off the wall we have the chance to score there. Think it changes momentum if you push right across right there and then you got a guy at second base. Just mr. employee and I really comes down that emphasize though. Paced talk we get down competitively and you get down debris candidly problems and see guys bounced back to yesterday's. Maybe the overall results after the success trouble with the balls and you should won handily. Tries to end and that's something that he might need to work on we'll. I think especially about it all they should really hard to go on the wall with two hands to catch a baseball you just have to allow yourself the freedom to go quick point and now. We're talking about that on the bench days ago in the off season for them it's definitely definitely throws. It is Wilson didn't touch. He thought it did you thought he touched he thought he went over the corner of the poised there's no conclusive angle as well I think it came down to survive was close enough that it is worth the challenge. And then clearly beats the ball to the plate but so. Looks like. It's it's tough sliding into the play like if you push your ankle down the make your vote gets down that's when guys snap their ankles so. He's industry goes over with the healing catch it with this view he knew he speaks to close about. It was on Twitter and like this on FaceBook got country's radio. Follows an end to grab that country's radio network and for all things Padres the Padres radio doctor.