Padres Rewind: Padres 3 Giants 2

Tuesday, October 3rd

Hear about the Padres comeback win against the Giants! 


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This line is not. This do you beyond just what this really really well good dear glad fail often. This is the Padres three Y Gil you're from Indy green take you to the moon and Richard rear we'll give you twelve highlights from the game. Or just a ball game now. Let's send it to the Booth for the post game. Game over. So what happened. Take a listen Padres fans it's time for the post game highlights bought and FM 949 Padres radio. Padres break their skid today welcome back door FM 949 post game show. I'm betting against Padres and giants go in and a game two of their season ending three game series in San Francisco. Jolie's Jesse interpose game guests and thanks again to Jolie's on the mound against Matt K Nina. And up and an emotional game in San Francisco earlier this week Kane announcing that he was gonna retire at the end of the season so this was going to be ahead in. If there's one thing that's defined Matt cain's career it's pitching well. And did nothing to show foreign or losing like one nothing or 21 at mark grant floored me during the broadcast with the statistics did. Matt Cain pitched eighty quality starts in his career in which he lost that six innings three runs or less that any losses. In which he pitched pretty well and could have gotten a win with some offensive help. So was only fitting that the final game ferment came kind of what the same way with pitching great. Retired the Padres three up three down the first two innings in the bottom of the second the giants didn't believe loading the bases problem Santa both single a walk in the infield single with one out under fed stepped in against deceived. Well all left side being away so we'll go to second for water slide a lot of players martyrs the first. Beats the throw. How the fielder's choice gives the giants a one nothing lead in. Cain kept it that way keeping the Padres off the scoreboard at the lowest close to go fifty to sixty pitches in the top of the fifth he walked the leadoff batter Bruce boat she. Came out to the mound but some fans started jeering he talked to his pitcher he left Matt Cain in it and Cain ended up getting out of the inning completing. High. I have fifth. Finish his career. What to offer great bulk ground ball left side the opportunity started basically lead over to first base hits. It needs lapses love. As a side of accomplishment in relief as he walked off the ground and his gratitude to give him. A loud ovation reports she. Is going out there. This may not be his last moments. Before he wants it both give them hope shakes his head just before tickets of about six is dead this crowd. It's an opportunity to say thank you. Nice moment for the giants their fans in med team that is good for the Padres who extended their scoreless streak to twenty. Seven innings hadn't put up a run on the board since Tuesday it's Saturday afternoon at. But finally in the top of the six would be giants bullpen on Reyes moron the pitching will Myers needed just one swaying in this one got out in a hurry. Who gets what I've driven down the left field line this one should be gone it is the Holbrooke cruel Myers. And the Padres try this one up with a two out solo shot the thirtieth home run of the season for Myers. As he rounds the bases that he that go to cooperate with what the fastball the outer half T. Adding to his career high eight total now with thirty. Big milestone I mentioned it he seconds. In Major League Baseball with homers and AT&T park this season behind only Brandon belt and it's also left the we Myers has the most right handed home runs and AT&T park not a giants. Will my ears the most right hit home runs and AT&T park this season won one game into the bottom of the second great stamina. Plot against the giants but. Get into a little bit of trouble runner at second and it was hotter pensive the player again. There's been through to that's golf ball but there. Ryder Jones sequel score at the giants nobody would want the bottom of the seventh. And it looked like the giants might go on to hand the Padres their sixth straight loss Padres haven't lost six enroll. All season long don't wanna do it in the final week of the season. Padres in the top of the ninth inning against closer Sam Dyson I got on Kristen in a way about. Got on an infield single and an error by branding Crawford got a bad throw cores and convert. Singled in the third with two outs. In two strikes Padres were looking at a Madeleine was Austin hedges could do something dramatic. Here's the otsuka from Dyson. Why ball right center. Feel that's going back back to earth Ed. At Caesars stores wrote the stories printed card and talk about a big time that it. For the San Diego Padres often been accused rising to and the Padres take three to lead here in the top of the ninth. Well most clutch hits of the season comes in game 161. And it turned out. To be the winner Brad hand pitched the ninth for the save as the Padres beat the San Francisco Giants who read it to. Thanks for joining us everybody on the Padres realign podcast let's show the skipper Andy Greene had to say currency girlfriends. If fox were San Diego Padre is life. Eddie mentioned coming out of Dodgers series is once you decorating as the toughest on your ball over again was this a welcome return to get this victory. There was a good game for us. Obviously we didn't swim best road in what we fought all the way through your big pitches and we need if you pitching staff there's nobody coming punch a couple of greens and you get somebody else. I could extend fashionable well it's probably punch right jobs out there and early in that inning that didn't get to call. Thoughts over all Jesse's been great all year and Houston street names of registered this morning in the ninth inning so. Good to see Austin had to step of this indigenous forces here even the numbers don't sale. It's a big huge time and time again there's no bigger than. Don't work for him to have a moment like going via us. He's great morning. Is gathered by their lack of confidence Norman and those are huge confidence issues facing closure. Down here last drive doesn't person third in people. His biggest reason we're catching or years of I can only help you going and next year but I think overall quality is that guys really picked up here the last couple weeks he's doing nice things and I'm pleased to receive. Gradually sort of little literally out of the obviously he found himself to be given access your thoughts on his effort useless in the season. This tended to do that Jefferson and heated battle for him usually as far as rhythm at that point in time you cruises for awhile and found that very well today. Who's strong going into later earnings broken car there for one more hopefully keep them off that pension. Capped off a very shall future. It runs. This piece of the value will Myers when he can do is one what one double away from thirty doubles thirty homers and Tony's own basis and he's disappointed with the season so I think it speaks that speaks volumes what he's capable of I think just consistency. Comes from him discussed over itself. Happy that he had this morning and you want that person so as far as you guys get that. McCain obviously had a great season. And kick and hit the tree all in surprised. No room. He's pitched in big games pointed times in the it's I'm sure very unique commotion pitching which you know in your last Major League game you've got such good there for so long sort of him. I'm sure that Rancho they're big gains and he. He has good it's not surprising that anyone in this. Very good career. That the fans are wrong and immoral of their both should get the same thing to do the same things didn't work. Energy health Canada there. There's a massacres gives us time and time again so. You respect the opponent on your side especially if it was classic for so many years and we were championships deserves it. We'll need it missed us kissing or next. Great for us we're we're hopeful. We'll see how the off season plays out he's. He's been. Valued person to Colin Powell's on the baseball field so as you want to us. It was. It was a very good year for him personally. Inspect your emotional what you can do is still. I think he grew from some of the stuff we gave you. And that. Hole was backwards. It would give me an eagle about it tomorrow and do you can contact him for a game because your six month it. Yeah I'd probably not quite like a playoff game let's. I think we'll we'll manage when this vote and which I will coach the players should play to win baseball games questions and answers this year. We'll go out opening series planned measures. And like us on FaceBook got Padres video. Follows an end to grab that country's radio network and for all things Padres the Padres radio dot com.