Padres Rewind: Padres 6 D-backs 2

Wednesday, September 20th

Hear about the Padres winning another series at home! 


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This one is not. This do you of the actions why didn't really really well do you glad fail often. This is the Padres prewar you'll hear from Indy gritty take you to the and richer river we'll give you twelve highlights from the game. Announcer a ball game. Let's send it to the boot for the post game. Fibers are just they're given a double here to the nymex and all them people like going to that they'll play the spoiler thing. We're not gonna win a championship series or look for somebody else without question the sport or when an agreement upon present that he didn't like that word I understand that some of the fans were the yeah. That would like that would we went we knew that what what's most important as your playing hard. You're still playing and playing hard and well. And will be used for liver somebody else is secondary to whether you're playing hard ask Arizona and their manager torn about loaded thinks the bunkers are playing hard. Yeah hard and well like you said in doing that against a good team late. Forget the word spoiler it's just good to see for the Padres as a young team. Try to get themselves on the upswing here and and build something for the years ahead. This is the foundation it's having those tough but that's its winning games like this and that Soria has sort of how you set the tone moving forward. You know hey look the Diamondbacks unless something goofy happens in the next week and half will be a playoff team this year. And the Padres have handled that now to consecutive weeks very very nicely both there and here. Travis what it was awful the last two now goes against Paul Gibson home run to dead center. I did you have that feeling it's like giving your after the game and getting already for the game the fans got their forty's about and DOJ must back opening kickoff and that's what happens here with a home on the and if I can tell you face the mean. It did not face Travis Wood. Well I guess we're lucky to Travis Wood was pitching tonight and not headlight and a question but it you know if it definitely gave you pause and to give up a leadoff homer on pitch number three. In Minnesota in his last start. And a leadoff homer on pitch number five here tonight against AJ Pollock and the Diamondbacks and you remember what happened after Brian Dozier homered in the first inning. In Minnesota they homered every inning for the next six. For seven innings the twins homered against the Padres. And and seasonal here we go again not at all that was not the case he settled in really really well and as one of his best pitching performances all year. San Diego Kansas City doesn't matter I've came a nice spot for the Padres here in the middle game of the series after winning yesterday and he was really really good and once again he comes through the plate. I mean it's it's a legit thing it's fun to talk about and laugh a little bit because he is a pitcher but he's a he's a legitimate hitter. And dies sorting homered twice with the Padres this is only is tenth start. Two homers and now big two run single here tonight they're really provided all the breathing room they would be. Of them third inning and not commit to that was it I was a ball game most river with a racial motive and a tour forgot about problem also wonderful fastballs and curve ball forms are godly we go back to the first potter run though. On a single by wall Myers he has a single there's a double. He had a home run the other day he got to homer against this guy godly and Arizona last weekend. We kept saying about it is this it is will back this robot that. The answer now is I believe. Yes and I mean this is is out productive and as loose and I think those things probably do go hand in hand to a certain extent. As we've seen willing quite some time and that is wonderful to see. You know it will make me feel better going into the off season I don't know that makes him feel better. I don't think it makes data green feel any better based fifty said today but it makes I think a lot of people feel good watching will Myers closed strong here seventeenth. Without question we'll go to Debbie Ayers and play baseball and also matters but new revelation. He's the bird doll all of last year and beyond what we're promoted last year and so he goes again met tomorrow. In game three ART got the series my home boys they're trying to get this week in a 610 game tomorrow here in final 62 Padres. It's but I wouldn't run down there as late night fodder Travis down there he's joining us. Here on the post game show Travis congratulations. On the victory thank you so much who's who's good. It was darn good aren't op L legend shoes you wanted to ask what your pitching performance or can we talk about the at bat in the third inning. I would rather talk about pitching just because my last couple outings had gone quite that far but they. But we can throw in the hitting two all star with the pitching you walk. Really locked in in that second and give us the difference between the first the second inning the leadoff home run to AJ Pollock he gets to out of them but after that you really settled it. You know leadoff batter of the game you're just trying to you know make sure you're loosen up you know ballot stuffing it. I left one out of out over with two strikes and he did his job and out but I was able lock it in after that and it's a quick outs and hit it in the ball game. We we want. I like it out like it you know they snapped this lineup with a writings writings writings and his once switch hitter there. There are come and look at trying to ambush you put a look like you're able to use a little bit of their aggressiveness to your to your benefit. Absolutely and they're gonna come out be aggressive that we try to tackle. And it just try to keep him off balance and we were able to do that night got the quick out gets double plays their what we needed on this he played also. Often they do it I mean we played. You know just good baseball all the way around that the team. You know it's funny we have rated jokes Cy Young award winner comes out about said he talked to today. He told us before the ballgame you know his suggestion that you was you know what lessons or take a little bit out. Fulham and it really seemed like especially when they had runners on you were able to get roll over it in hidden double play. Absolutely no that was to keep the game. Keep them off balance get the big double plays and I don't get many to to get 31 game with pre special meaning. What does it help when you know you've got guys behind you and rolls they're gonna turn it or absolutely defense they'll stand and I trust everybody back there that. To make the plays you know if they don't it's just the flu because they're all good players and they get there if there'll. All right coming into a new team like he did coming over the straight. This team is kind of known around baseball. There'll falsely always has a good. Tax plan they always have good. Scouting and they give you guys as much of and you walk in with Boston had just can you describe what it's like when you do in this ballclub that they kind of how all those extra little things they do to help a pitcher get ready. Very welcoming everybody was very welcoming here and they're bigger prepared. They do their homework in make sure there has prepared that they can there not one of their life and its third through beautiful player to coaches that body of what does her homework. And it's really special so nicely. Art doesn't have a patient up I wanna talk about that at bat because this thing was of being a beauty yesterday where it's at ladder up with a book or take you to what Travis Wood. He's more than just pictured his legitimate hitter up there at the plate that we really saw that that he did should benefit to have that turns out to be the big key point of the pocket. Run closer ballot because it looked like he wanted to start it was a breaking ball any kept fouling them off balance a mop Balata mop walking this course. I would just have to try not to do too much bases load I knew it he knows that of a pitcher so you know it and I was gonna take his chances to try to make the case. And so please let's try to you know really focused on speed everything up in not. Chase them and then when you do swing just make sure you know stay on it try to fell off with the ball play and see what happens. Will those two good her balls and included dribble bounce back. The backstop that that the seventh it was that ball I saw in the U you can just got to tell watching your body like we just could be outside if you'd just didn't wanna chasing. But it that I was making sure that that was the last thing I want to do with strikeout of chase that outcome I was fired striking out a pitch in the zone. But but that's not what a treat one. Do you think through like a pitcher or do you think through like you never hear their if you don't you're trying to do we're pitch against. I don't know I've never asked that question to myself that I would I guess I would think I don't know. I guess I would have to say a pitcher but in my opinion I would stay up thinking like a hitter they listen we we've said all along the broadcast by Heredia. Every was singing your praises that you can go of their race you've got up out of there and for reason maybe help yourself bouts of I just stopped that thing especially for anybody. Have an eight pitch at bat is something that really taxes that pitcher who are able to help grow cops to pick up a victory it's even better there. Hey we appreciate you joining us side you're on the program what should join the victory get a quick turnaround for the 6 o'clock start tomorrow. Congratulations on the win and that will popular your next start does that mean to get into the W absolutely I appreciate it thank you so much thank you so much. Travis what joining us here know. Ball game over. So what happened. Take a listen Padres fans it's time for the post game highlights bunt and FM 949 Padres radio. Before. I've 400 dead but to highlight I've fought him here art bought his first batter up AJ Pollock baseman Travis Wood trousers in no way. You don't hear him coming up because we'll put on the podcast. Trying to get these try to get all over the age of vodka bottle. That is true on the way. Got a lot Matt. That was what fastball on the YouTube but a lot of the plate and cheek. Did the simple white out there that big wall out there here's one of the matters I want nothing out. These sentinels to strike home run left ball upbeat jump out of that we'll do. State Street and probably one of the it was solid strike out wolf but pops up Martinez strikes out one run across war here but I'm back. Bottom of the first thing. The Padres are to begin before an embargo we thought the inning by singling. Then it was Carlos blockade of the plate and still second that's why he picks up a knock boots of over a third of them brings up. Replied in the bottom of the first. 12. You've got filled up. It was okay. 11 tie the bottom of the first. Take good helpful remark go in the slot is up all got to come up no man's land gets off the wall. They have to make sure that it's not potter didn't play it in the wake of a runner get out of bed pulled up for just second it was people get over. Marcos Ortiz walked and moved over there why is that important. Because an exit erupt this yard service award today. There's damage to one. That are filled AJ Pollock back. Hamilton's words of the whole place to make to grab. One step for the you can never. Have a solid day. I'm great. 21. Hey bill William Hurt the show works pretty well. To the bottom urgency to work as well the bottom of their rope and stop with the double points that would help the season next up beyond our solar days. Now solar de sac flies first time that gave the Padres to 21 lead. Another RI SP situation here at first pitch breaking my driver left field for a base hit. Myers is being wave big trouble not make a throw all the fans alike they delivers again. Padres now lead three don't want it. The third. So lark he delivers again this alert today with the knock wheel drive in the runs to make that. One where Stanford singles living under was watching over the second so. Now I got through letters long putt to read broke right now we. Christian house we'll strike out swinging it well. Toss pitches rob walked out of state your full we're Travis what is Travis work. Put a lot of displayed fouling off one. Three pitches. Eight pitches total report puts us one of life would be an opportunity to do. Real damage here with the bases loaded into tears that 32 pitch and my drive out to left center field folic charging another rug pulled get there it's down for a base hit. Two runs it scored they'll hold head is at third but two run single for Travis wood's. Padres take up 51 lead what is it backed by the pitcher. What are the bat but pitch clock now off my sixth inning did you vote puts on a show your readiness. Eleventh. Now making its twelfth. It is a live tonight. Towering drive got to go left field. Followed with a multi home run game Arizona someone backing you admit to shed game 5200. Okay this is the heart of the Padres ride of their team. That. Because. The Diamondbacks try to get back to the fall into the they're gonna go to the playoffs they're going to be wild card team. They're the ones that are supposed to be red hot everybody's looking at countries is supposedly finishing off the strength and not so fast my friend. Because after he can call it gets that run the ship believed up to three. The Padres battled back in the sixth in order to get that run back at the map Cesar. Pitches for Travis would be pops up the picture very very ago draws a walk. Troubles YE a while Pitt was mark over the second so what's Carlos wanted to do you've got to rhetoric toward religion suggests that. RI SP. When applied. I've called the they have six and again. They've got to run my gracious and they're bad they're goes 62. Dan did that he's your ball game Padres went six to. Over here for the Diamondbacks. Thanks for joining us everybody on the Padres realign podcast let's show the skipper Andy Greene had to say courtesy girlfriends. The talks were San Diego Padres life. There's really good today even when you restore on the Pollack there's like a Christmas to your stuff that hasn't been there the last few times it's like. Actually look like he's battled through something we're just wasn't coming out why this is the first time masters starts at that there's some life to baseball and even when Paula kids that bought optimist about it it was gonna go on its first batter but you could tell from the first pitchers in 1991 right around there's more below two more hop to it. And then he carried that through the risk that sixer this. That's a little out of character for me get some of the ground balls and in the double play as a little bit because of that slight tweak that he made in the bullpen with falsely or just straight allocation. A little bit. Both little bit of both. He used them for the split today that it doesn't typically throw and they kind of messed around with that look at border that could funded damage. And that was getting grumbles. And then sometimes sliding Catan and our guys just getting underneath barrels better today than it has been. But he looks about Margo won this fight to in the order what little does that. Good and it clicked. Us the competitive nature both of whom I think. Everything my feeling nannies can really really struggled just has a couple bad at that you feel like it's going in the wrong direction the square's baseball up and goes again and starts getting hits just and quit. And Carlos from the same way just grinds out at bats grinds out every day. And give you some competitive that bad after a bad and I hope you win baseball games. I guess Manny gets more mature and his role those walks are going to be a part of what he does in the top viewers that on base is gonna shoot up but so. Just like the competitive nature both their bats. That she will get that possible after kind of watch and one in the first. Yeah I could hit two doubles today if you say if he wants it thirty or forty doubles and seasoning as a third time reasonable for Walsh in afternoon singles so you can hold us accountable if you want today in the media must think. So is that something you talked about after that happened as a conversation that with them. Multiple times and the day he gets to where inspectors. And it's something. If he can turn the page on an odd Q and he slides and active is the fastest guy we've got trenchant Cal's game Margo might take issue with that the wheels right up there with those guys he flies like. It's awful to double. Caused our basic tonight after missiles literally betting comes back and assess and slept for days say that it is that something that you would have been able to do earlier in the season and and this just more indication of the growth that he has left as a hitter still ago. A mis he's getting better just an experience to your points. I've. Wouldn't put anything past him and showed up yours is that chip on the show at the place with that he refuses to give people anything that gets me one time is gonna learn this and get better. They assault last time against godly I got the question I was first two times their toys. Are with curve balls down and he sat marker of bone crushed at the debts and her partner in back to walk on caught it but you just see a young guy that's. And making adjustments based on what pitchers are doing and he's he's an intelligent that are. And like this on FaceBook got country's radio. He follows an integrated. And that country's radio network and for all things Padres the Padres radio dugout.