Padres Rewind: Rockies 8 Padres 4

Monday, September 25th

Padres drop the final home game of the year to the Rockies 


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This one is not. This do you of the actions why didn't really really well do you glad fail often. This is the Padres prewar you'll hear from Indy gritty take you to the and richer river we'll give you twelve highlights from the game. Announcer a ball game. Let's send it to the boot for the post game. The day at Colorado. It was like you could tell they came out with a sense of urgency offensively they were able to score runs and three in three for in the first three innings. Of this game in they just had a little bit. Fictional little bit of gas today that you didn't see those first three nights so. For this for their standpoint you'd they're hoping they can can they can continue this on at home. They get a nice little boost before they don't both teams were behind them moves today so. That there are things are looking better for them as it pertains to that last wild card spot. Unfortunately their departures just couldn't keep Hastings scored runs in the first they were able to score again in the sixth with. Could Muster got very much after that couple that necessarily errors defense and with a couple just misplaced invisibly as well as base running that may have cost in this game. Indeed and it was good to say that the back to back home once again on them for home on performance by the boards would aback about by Marshall lock them on the rookie every you know Baylor haven't double lovely Major League debut with another home run of the six football Myers. I'm so glad for him the fans and the organization. That his April. After that tough time after that a great Naples been followed by a wonderful September hit the ball nine miles in the first that was good decision. Yeah and it's off predicated on him using the entire food he's gone the other way well on this in the month of September. Got his average up to 245. And that after being almost in the 220 so he's had a really good September. But it would have. Pushes ever given you would see him finish the year strong especially going into this offseason. And the things he chooses to work on you wanna see him carry that into the next spring training. But it's much Baird are going to Nazis when it. That well that's a deal manned rocket by four bombers about some of the Los Angeles three game series there all day next Thursday giants next weekend. To finish out the season on the Rockies get three out of four that was big for them no question that it was split rather. Splitting the four game series published and it went three and four couldn't quite get it done what we're double wasn't bad it was okay. And they need it the way the Rockies are hitting muted better than OK today and that's why the Rockies have the winners they go home for their final homestand. The Padres to their final road trip. Called game over. So what happened. Take a listen Padres fans it's time for the post game highlights bought an FM 949 Padres radio. Padres try to break the back of Colorado Iraq. Is there opportunity to get to the post season and it what's gonna happen Rockies go outlast them by a score eight to four here's what happened to begin the ball in Charlie black and the best that are baseball this season singles line drive to leave off the inning after these two will make you or pop about the second. Little and are not a comes up to the plate he picks up the single that moves with a runner in the scoring position that sets a Mark Reynolds to drive in the first front for a ball game. But it could pitch behind that once I was slider basically Satterfield a score runs sergeant Marco black when scored dollar almost a third program of the second. One lucky little bottle here in the first. I currently the early one definitely but the Padres comes storming back to the bottom of the first inning. Would sue away we'll Myers steps of the plate that it's just 29 Jack of the season. Will find it laughable but yeah these are available though. On the before twelve still a big ball game just like back in the first inning of America. We would have been slogan heard that visual. He put her on the island but your hurts even more when you give up that the fact checks hello William Harris Allard. They're due to. Hi fly ball really deep. Right field to the wall blood. Is gone home run tonight day. Back to back a little Myers for the first inning. The Rockies will tie the ball came up in the top of the second inning. With Trevor story of the the late so it was for bill low uncorked a wild pitch he had Desmond gets to third of them throwing error by Iraq Gail moved him. Home so we're tied to a piece. Them in the Rockies put together their office. That they need to win today's ballgame. Let's take your third if Charlie Black woman walks need to amaze you will pick up the single in black went over sect in the water bottle. We'll wind after the third in foul territory so there is one away Mark Reynolds flies out right. Travis Janikowski hit some two out but they cannot contain aren't up next though a lot. Wide shot troubles in the right field metal pole runner coming in contact and running up and going to uncomfortably close. Social back in. Almost all black and three to. Desmond. With a single will play another run for a shoot favour of the rockies' sixth inning it's kind of bleak doubling in the next. Hope you do from a wrap my fly ball beyond shortstop Klebanov landmark golden about this crowd can hit the ground. Story will score Walters will go to third big time ad on here against McGrath and RBI double and a 52 lead for Colorado. They need all the they can get me because partners come back in the sixth inning. With the start over coming in to take over for Marquez Don Harris a large a 32 with a single to leadoff the inning then it's the kids Christian bill in a way. Line drive come up remind me. Owner there are proud. It's available live. And a birdie and I. Hit what warmer and indigo. How about that. 54 makes it a one run ballgame which was probably a little tighter. Then Bud Black in this Colorado Rockies wanted to have a sew the top of the ninth inning to give themselves a breathing room but he probably comes in particular film may talk. Tony oh Walters flies out to begin the inning then apparently could steps up then goes deep. Want to smoke. The left field. Commander Byrd going on back to. It's going to be enormous and on about Iraqis fighting for the playoff like you're. Wind shot 64 Colorado. Don't believe you're still looking for the year. The brakes give back to back Jimmy Jackson little the Colorado Rockies return the favor next up Charlie Black when the so I'm glad that. Way beat. Into the called it is long gone. Iraqis go back to back in the man in one spot on the ground. More than 74. 574. At that point in our ball game the jail inmate used a ground out that'll bring up the pinch hitter. Orion handy if he picks up from Knox or runner on and Mark Reynolds will double amends. Replace requires not good fly ball Reynolds people left field misjudged this guy. I expendable Google was dead serious is the man front month contract he'll come around third and scored easily. I don't know about sunshine and shadows the moments up about down there but there's been divert misjudged that that should have been outnumbered three instead it's eight sport model. They're veteran ball game Rockies win it for. Thanks for joining us everybody on the Padres realign podcast went short the skipper Andy Greene had to say courtesy girlfriends. If fox were San Diego Padres lie. They're gonna select the third inning when he gave up the two I thought he settled in it was really a Thomas off contact a felon on him. First two innings so it wasn't sharp was really quick conclusion balls arms side. How we had our chances to battle back there I thought it was really good to see so mates on come on throw the ball that way it's been awhile since you don't like that dominant of a fashion but. We're right there I can look back at the game Tom McGrath comes in gets two quick outs it's a soft single to. Trevor story and we'll curve ball. There walks Walters which is a lefty lefty matchup we just can't let them base right there so. It's hard to me was a decisive point in the game and obviously the extending bronze in the ninth inning hurt us too. Two point nine home runs for wealth how would you describe this here for him. No scratching the surface two to six for overseas now there's a ton of talent will and I think she she didn't flashes and it's. Easier dream on it's exciting and I think she is. Determined. To go through this offseason a fashion that. Sets him up for success through six months of the baseball season not just Koppel monsters I think really look back she was hot for the first month and half he swung the bat well here recently in September so it's nice to finish well. I think the middle once a year. A fraction of what he can be and what he is and everybody as you go through Olson we are shrink the walls are going into next year. Knew whoever the home run on the 32 breaking ball obviously there's the results and answers to like what you see in the process of dollars going about his business to play. Yeah I think good overall those aren't easy match a term of first couple games you're kind of sauce served in some lefties that he matched up well against. Today it wasn't that case Marcus coming out or thrown 97 with a slider curveball whatever you call it. It was good to see and stand there and hit that. He's done a very nice job. Quote obviously intrigued by them and look at porn watching mourn this next week. Trees everywhere. It was on Twitter and like us on FaceBook got country's radio. Hello Simon Seagram had country's radio network and for all things country's gonna Padres radio dot com.