Padres Unplugged 6.10

Saturday, June 10th

This week on Padres unplugged the guys talk about the MLB draft, the trade deadline, why can't the Padres develop a shortstop and Bob Scanlan is the nicest man alive. 


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The furthest reaches of triumph and how way. And she needed this. Two of this Beloit Wisconsin yeah I knew you were gonna think this Beloit Wisconsin really but it's the Internet they can live wherever they want. Call the boys of summer my friend. We bring the biggest names of the largest following in the Padres Blogosphere together uniting for the first time ever bloggers and social media influencers and for Ireland. This is Padres are plus. Thanks for joining us everybody on this edition of Padres on plus will we sit down with the bloggers podcasters social media influences on the get flies they come for the C Diego Padres on your host -- true wrapped. Let's. Figure out who's on our panel this week let's start with James Clark. East village times welcome to the podcast but accurate thank you for having me appreciate it I bliss I appreciate getting a chance at depth talks and Padres baseball for those few that are familiar with you worked tells little bit about what you guys do. Okay east those times of the site that are created basically about two years ago to be consistent quality thoughts about the team. We go over the team from top to bottom three minor league interviews home all on all the way on up to Major League quality analytical took pieces. From we will podcast that's been pretty successful we've been lucky enough to have Jonathan Mayo. Ken Rosenthal. As wells local celebrities like that. Hard to on foreign but if other heroes of all of a hundred baseball just young so deathly check this out is those times a com. We're pretty new on the Blogosphere but I think we're coming on pretty strong why what did you start blog. I each you know is this something that I've always had an interest in going and high school I I was gonna major in in journalism and writing. Got so attracted and I penalized had a wife and kids. From and it doing the job thing for a long time. It's just hit me again eight ID was passionate after what Egypt early did before the two dozen fifteen season that really. Energize me about the Padres and I kind of just it took off from there. I'm cool odd Jeff Young crooked scoreboard dot com the white rabbit. Of the Blogosphere. Because everybody kind of talks about you. Well hopefully they're saying good thing they saved and it tells about yourself. Well. Idea I guess I started a blog we've got in today and then. Late nineties called dioxin Hertz which uncovered the Padres for a very long time weather which opening. It was actually just one of my favorite baseball to have so I'm a good idea idea behind the actions load the blue blues the go between the infield in the health field. So I was trying to kind of cover stories that justice that weren't necessarily being a deported for sauce to sort of guys are way older guys actually bigger all of that those kind of those kind of trying to catch that sort of stuff that was in between. Might not be picked up. You know elsewhere see it to be real CNET understand that you cannot shortest yet idea. Yes and those conversations order or about one. So you can be blamed worth thanks for really kind of the Blogosphere being so hot heavier as you were one of the first well it's. It's possibly you probably I guess. Oh I'll take the credit but I lung sites and sites like the blame about today aren't like that I don't I don't I don't think so okay credit score board dot com Som tells about what you work on. Yeah so that's that's going to be a general all purpose sports. Comedy. Pop culture website. We kind of really cover. Whatever strikes our fancy and then seems to be interest thing and a little bit quirky. Commit things from different angles so we might be baseball might be. Camel racing it might be. Calories in Korea who but the thing. He and I and I we discovered that I was erosion is really four hits and if there isn't there should be so she's not sure sure I would appreciate talking to it to you when James. You guys are actually know why it's called rotisserie leagues right. Sure yeah that's right. I think that the does the average person know why their its role though they might not at this point. We can Joseph mansion and we'll give you personal story this is this is your bureau podcast. Well it's. It's my. I believe it's from the restaurant that the guys who original guys back in the early eighties and I started playing in 84. Had had the old green book that fell apart basically because I. From overuse them shall we all have medicine experienced it but yeah I was it was food restaurant they all got together and have their draft and called rotisserie something rather forget what the other part of. So how crazy I mean if they would have had it like you know Burger King we will be playing you know in baseball got it right you know did you mechanism the other names of the restaurants. Did you graduate they have the original works is truly it'll boil loco yeah Clinton Clinton who. Not to their sponsor but he has won since chicken that's. That of course not live so speaking of comedy right. Has joined us on every podcast and neither we really loved me we can't get rid of Dallas guy hey how are you buddy. Day gadgets and save on account so I appreciate you waking me up pretty drag commute here this the name your website kept faith that come. Take us out on iTunes kept it podcast. And I'll get a plug in right away Tuesday we have our first ever live pot at the whistle stop with councilman Chris K. Craig Alston and woods so we're gonna have a Neitzel panel to talk about some upcoming stuff obviously a lot of soccer stadium talk. Yeah a gay and everyone's board wants that. Kill each other about it but but come out Tuesday seventh period dorsal stopped its free. And that'll be fun time we'll try it out do you guys have any closure audio responses that we can take care of Iowa and we just pick of a sponsor for podcast on average of green watches a San Diego they just it's a mom watches for Wrigley Field. There there Cameron commemorating their 20062 World Series victory they do to build sixteen watches with a piece of Wrigley Field and ninety's there really a great upstart company to start in 2013. A different check amount original agreement columnist what so. All right let's talk a little bit about the country's as we sit down and record this on Friday afternoon. Big thing is strapped coming up next week let's talk a little bit about the draft the punters all have the number three pick. And the upcoming draft there's lots of different ways they can go. But again and number three you're waiting to see what's gonna happen number one number two to see you're gonna get who wants to go first give me your thoughts on the draft. In. If you guys wanna goes far as venturing a guess. Who you think they're gonna get why are all be open to that so who want to start. Was anybody heard since. Amid hunter green came out you know what was it two months ago and now a month ago and said what he wants to go to the Padres and has there been any follow up on that because I have not paid attention. You know once I hear that I just gone dreamland I hope it's true I mean I think that's what he really wants to do I mean he probably wants to close to home mentally Felix the Padres pitching program on the tip of the program that he be involved in their but. The twins worked him out today I believe Tom they've shown some recent interest in the last couple days which is so. There were the twins and it does this woman who won a case of twins one go to this race. Then the runners in men. Raises a raise the memories are of that yeah. So twins get to decide who they want they bring everybody else in them Blakey said he's a weasel so the California conceive loves stake in the Southern California. Yes so you know early on in the it when the draft talks start for started the twins were heavily rumored to be going after Kyle right. I don't know if this soured on a little bit of that just wanna kick the tires hunter green I mean it's a big decision to to make the number one pick so the consensus says that there and take right. Number two the reds are probably gonna take green that's that's my belief arm. If I was gambling man which I'm not I would probably venture visits because it's there's exile decision allied to them. Yeah visually based on its us auto watching especially in Cincinnati you know cyclist that is a guy that is not a good combination there too soon. But Tom I think the parties are probably leaning towards MacKenzie core which is a left handed pitcher. Prep pitcher and Carolina he's got really funky delivery. A high ninety's stuff polished pitcher excellent secondary stuff. Arm that could possible after Brendan McKay witches and Louisville to a player please first base and is a left handed pitchers well so. There's a lot of different avenues that could go you relieved you know it really depends on what the twins immigrants to before them. Yeah I know I mean. Have we and Christmas wrong because I don't remember the draft pick like hunter green kind of set in an interview. That he will pretty much just deny everything and let's see him come to San Diego. I mean how we heard of that happening before like as any other MLB player I mean I know people go back to certain a goad them take to sell side of the draft but. I mean this kind of high profile. They called once and injure generation prospects for somebody this large amounts it's like it's a Muslim and Eli Manning went a flashback through mile a minute. Boy just waited just take it hole here I. Amber Larry but I I'm wondering if Orton and I was like I was like dude look at it seriously are you try not to come back for our fourth episode and I'm a big Manning family fan. Look younger guys who have thrown down their own Unix I'm not gonna go he wins more than I'm not gonna go here yeah then I only want to go there are now. I will also tell you being around that there's guys that'll come over it's. Changed. I really wanna start writing. The only place I want to write is from the east village times you can happy I really wanna go there. Then that rumor gets out there and then you know an hour later England shaft you know what. Love your carpets or what it's it's a manipulation of the system to see it right get teams to balk at war. Four if I can get teams to blink. And say half I if I signed them. I have to pay a little bit extra I after maybe you know whatever whatever whatever even though things are slot. Yet and it seems a critically willing to spend some money on the young talent this year so. More positives than Jeff yeah I. I'm haven't followed as closely as I have in the past all of them I think really once once owner green stuff can now where he was really anxious to come here. I I kind of locked in on that name so much and so I'm kind of I'm denying all these possibilities and and a team had problems from the Padres don't shoot two good. Shucks persona don't shoot chair yeah I get series blinders on them I'm just like now that's that's a does that give her back. Well it's probably good for my sanity but I don't. But they're not I'm a smarter than OK so let's talk big picture though guys and I'll fill this out to everybody. What's it mean that you actually have eight top pick. Like I said in the past normally their guys and say I am not going to this city don't draft me. Kerio Gaza section saying I want to BA Padraig what's it say. I think it's awesome I mean. He always wanna be in the situation almost always wanna be a situation where a guy wants to come here. Maybe not it's 2000 for him first but. From other times you probably it's it's very nice is distributed huge fuel to make someone just she let right now do you guys keep making this run for senator wound that never heals no. So you know hmmm so of the madam I'm I think it's pretty cool that somebody wants to hear him play here. Denied a definition james' park by way of these alleged times I definitely agree I think that hunter green. He Knowles looks something special happen in it and sending a farm system and he's aware of and a lot of a lot of people in baseball in general or are aware of what the pledges are doing the building really successful young team and I'm sure that he wants to be right in the middle of that. On pitchers I mean. It's a great place to pitch and I mean if he wants like he said he likes the pension program down here if he wants to be a pitcher instead of a hitter whatever this is whatever way he wants to go. Sadly you must be a pitcher enemy in this would be a better spray place for him and Cincinnati preferred temperature so I mean like. I think it's great you got like a Roy Hobbs you know that apparently you know all the critics demands say he's she's basically is once an injury she got. I think it's amazing bass wanna come to a team that we don't get that kind of look at that kind of love Austin here in San Diego kind of a little brother to a lot of these LA teams and so it does feel good to have somebody saying I wanna be here. I'd rather sees I'd rather have some say I really wanna come here than do not even think about and anybody discount so that's that's actually a really. Really good thing all right let's let's turn our attention to something else so that this time of the year ever really get ready for the draft. The morals are set up. The scouts are out and then as soon as this is over. Every Scott has been bird dogging every high school kid every college kid in America is gonna start hitting all the minor league parks and all struggling pro scouting now. For the majority because. Trade violence coming up. Padres are gonna get some play in the trade rumor mill I mean MLB trade rumors stock Koppel's built. And this kind of deal and and I eventually they're gonna be huge as an aggregate review your work. From kept faith for crook scoreboard mutual China natural rest of the blogs around town trying to figure route. Let's go out we get a seat let's special assistant we get to see sitting at kept apart going to run in two. In the food room behind the press box that while why this assistant general manager. Of the Washington Nationals here right now. Whom who needs a lefthander relief pitcher from people who could use a set up slash clothes or coolest. Bullpen is going to get decimated by injuries the next two weeks they're desperately you have to overpay to try to find somebody. And maybe they will call age April and train new has been eating all the chips and salsa in this Warren. This prominent guys from the nationals. East Coast Mexican food. Oh OK I was like wow where you go at that he said not just are actually do serve not just the press box see that's I mean it Pepco site backed up threes go ahead of us tonight it's just hot spots away opposite of good eighth inning not just a look at me. But. Interest staying. I would look at the city go Padres with a couple guys that are definitely going to be on the radar. That you should overpay to get. Give me your thoughts. Yet I think definitely you kind of alluded to but Brett and is probably going to be the most valuable trade supporters have. You know he's under team control through 2020. He's just wanna and I'm just unbelievable I mean he bettors can I dislike is I don't have the numbers of economy but he's. Throw some over a 130 sliders and and I think that was made contact with 45 home I mean it's it's pretty unreal. It's just. You could proceed due to probably put his name was about anybody. In in baseball I think you know sac bunt distant from our country's. Rogers public wrote a piece that basically put him with every team in baseball. You know at this point I think gauges and it. Gonna take it easy and being that he's not. Freeagent till 2000 when he's gonna take his time and some is gonna have to pay the price for him and in good food partisans that's all about rebuilding and it's all about. Progressing getting in talent and Fred and should be able to bring the team back some pretty decent prospects Jeff. Yeah I would think hand is easily the most marketable guy on this team right now and as you Dell's both alluded to I think the nationals. Are are certainly be in the hunt for any credible and all poem to me somebody like. Something like hand to the nationals without knowing what might come in return. That just makes like too much sense not to happen on the and it's it's not the nets will be somebody else without one I mean it just seems like it's such a great fit in in terms of their nude. But yeah I mean I would think you got to be able parlay that parlay that into something that will be useful down the road. You know in hand for trade turner I think it seems like a good deal a little retribution you think realistically the streets and let myself this is they Rhode Island I wanted to and I got a steal Sousa junior and there are as well and right yeah and plenty of pieces to that that treat us from the minors things does one of them you know I remember well. Do we'll dial that. I think they hand him and I feel like his Padres fans. Like we're losing a reliever who we expect that to happen you know trading away a reliever and that happens almost every year. And you can't feel good about it because very rarely I I actually can't think of it maybe granderson fair rarely do you lose a reliever that your like I wish we would have Beckett. SI they don't slam out they're still very good but we always seem to have another data to pop and tobacco and then be very very good in in traditional what it's like this may. Sort of rotating system. I always think that you know and the closers the one that's there every year Brighton boom here's your clothes and those are guys that are untouchable even on teams but rebuilding. It's the middle relief guys that you can kind of move in and shuffle in and do different things with the end and John measured the meanest ones that the reason why the relief pitchers is they've got one plus pitch. If they had two plus pitches they be starters in the toughest thing in the world to do is to predict. Their productivity. Year to year because they are an incomplete start. So if I deal those guys away. That's OK because I'm not really sure we're gonna get for them year to year here and it's Wacey so many middle relievers bounce around from team to team. Yeah totally I mean and I think that we had so much success being able to deal he's really risen get a lot back even. You know Kevin towers was able to do it like a genius for years. And I think it is known to prove that he can get a lot for a little. And so yeah I've. I'm excited to see if we're gonna I mean the enemy they were not gonna deal handle like. Uniting them and I think is the facility will look unlimited reasonably put into this what do you have to. I think I don't think it makes a lot of sense to keep them if we can move right I think I think that. As a set I think trailers gonna want to get top dollar and and if he doesn't get top dollar I think that he'll hold onto my it's it's qualities it really depends on whether or not they think that is always gonna stay the same men and you know he's. Unfortunate been used a lot this year Randy green. Because of the inadequacies with that the starting pitching so. It's a fine line I wanna say that yes he will be built for sure but I think that they wanna get top dollar. Really it's it's all of these eucalyptus leaving it to see whether some buyers sellers market you give us some other teams really fall apart and they start. Dealing up and breaking up their team and that hurts the country's more teams a stay in the hunt the better because then the teams that are willing to go for that second wildcard. Limits in not a guys are out there that are available so Jeff Holyfield assumption that gonna YouTube play devil's advocate tell me why you should hang on to Brad and at this point. Oh boy that's a tough one huh. He culture that got Atlanta Georgia. I was already to go the other way OK I did the other way then I'll tell you what will. My the reason I would see ya you wanna movements because I don't think his value is ever going to be higher than it is right now agreed. The reason you would keep them would be. So you can have a guy named handle entertainer and host of the. Yet until that. I can cut that's the only reason why I Hillary's I guess that you don't have to move him. I'll alternate does that is that is not expensive. It's not item dumping salary and any item under control for a couple of years so there's no reason that I have to get real see here that I guess that's the point that. Does AG have leverage to say you better pay because I don't have to move this guy I'm desperate. So I'll give you a hot dog littered a bag of peanuts let me have this Geico I know you've got to dump that salary. For Brad you don't necessarily have to dump bump who's gonna have the leverage in the upper hand when it comes to trading for him a team that desperately needs left hander out of the bullpen. Or the Padres who I don't think they desperately need to movement that don't have to. Yeah I would agree with that I think gum I think pro definitely. Is an active situation they're worried it would the his hand isn't going to so to speak isn't going to be forced. Jealousy find some real stand hand and as you find solution and. Yeah it does but again intermediate to Jersey because it has hand on the back oh look so we can just say guess what I'm only had two hands that would be consistent most of them literally it's terrible delay an all American. While out of the excellent. And there's a list to make him make out that aren't looks so let's move along come. I do wanna get into a couple different players in the interest office. Hum number one. I. Love watching. Alan portable play. I love watching Al portable player for one reason the guy. Looks like every bad is his last at bat and he is gonna get everything out of that the guy grew Ryan's. Most frustrating thing for me wanna watch baseball game is watching guys is cool they're good morning good afternoon denied taking care less whether at the there at the plate. I mean I look at Allen Cordoba scrappy. Fighter. Ninth inning down by ten he comes up first hitter in the ninth inning when everybody else is packed their stuff up ready to go. Face it. You can't teach that kind of hunger I love watching that this guy. Yeah you know I definitely agree I mean it it's amazing to see him at this level to progress and put it that's accused. You hit the nail on the head today it console in Major League. Players just give away at bats. And I haven't seen that from him very often and in for a player that wasn't above single elastic and it's just remarkable I mean. The future's pretty bright with him I'd I'd love to see him Mets shortstop eventually though really took just to see what he has that at this point. He comes with the ability to play shortstop but I just wanna see his range and antsy for a he could possibly fill that void that the team has had for such a long time. Yeah I think shortstop would be a nice place to put in the the fugitives river oaks that I capital cockroach from Mohammed had a tremendous but I area. Yeah I think to echo Jameson the just the fact that he's able to do anything at this level. At that given his stage of development job apple I'm a little low this week yeah I'm not the plate full season ball before he was he's mrs. Literally uncharted territory guys don't do this. You know he's he'll be interest in Seattle plays out over the course of the full season win. They're start some new book on him. And he has to make adjustments to what guys doing her room but you know I mean you can't help but be thrilled with the early returns then of course Jeff Young from ocracoke scoreboard Dallas and kept it. Yeah you know you mean I am a 100% and to some guy who watching a guy play. Who like you said is scrappy Grimes I mean one of my favorite all time base umpire that yes. An island because one of us don't know those are that was just all the receivers yet. You don't see any analysis ahead poetry is no just all time major leaguer Pete Rose it okay he says Pete Rose says James. Jeff. Eric Gordon's. My guess. If you if I guess there in its bugs me. It's a book Chris Saba though all do well and I've read you what I went Saba I. They literally it was a cry. Slider he was a grinder and I am we I were a fancy race five we revenue in the same league for seventeen years in the name of our trophy as the Chris Sabo compared to cut. Nigel Sears Matt Szabo loves him the 1990 reds are like the heart and soul of my life. But David X and is one of my family are all looking. When he was a Padre. You know we had an improbable look about his show is said it was so you played for the Padres we got you coming out before I got but I don't want you wanna given to watch I was Charlie does little bit more well I mean everyone's been a pod racer relocate. Well a big field let. Axed I'm in watching accent player according reminds me a lot of that is a guy who goes up there in his only goal. Is to get on base to it might you just yet is he needs to get on base. And and then what he's on base. You know not necessarily X I was are fast guy. But he cost problems out there you know he was their Smart. Players loving him knowledgeable of the game. And that and really wanted team's success and that's what I love watching Chris it was like Garrett Heros obviously you bureau famously Mac guy. And famous from it takes to put. I'm but I mean I love accent and that's why when I watch Cordoba see the same kind of things to scrap so that's my guy that I just I wanna watch play. I'm gonna ask you each to identify some that you see on the roster right now that you it's must see TV. Well Ostrom DOS and hedges mentoring saloon ranked. If I love hedges I think he's if he can get that average up how I'd love to you are prone to. You know I think he's a Smart base affair I think is one of those things where he's listen is average isn't great right now obviously. But he surprising power waste present art. And although our pitching staff has been blue. It's I don't blame hedges as having a glued to. I haven't had his one bit for that I think hedges is doing what he can with what he has. And he's one of those is this the first time a long time where I haven't looked behind the plate and been concerned. Jeff too gruesome. Yeah I'm a big percentage is for sure have been really since he was drafted. Yeah. Aren't you James to differ Nelson hedges is definitely someone to build around and it's nice to have. That rock behind the plate discipline. I think he makes you forget that he is such young catcher. A 100% yeah yeah like you said you don't worry about it because the guy can receive. Com the guy can block of hall near the guy makes himself the girl balls in the dirt and he calls a good game yeah he. This is a Smart Smart player he's a B he's got a great frame for capture and even if he loses his ceiling for averages you know. 250 like I mean even if that's the ceiling all taken if I get some analysts staff and has some power. And you trust him when he's up but I don't trust him for getting merits the trust at bats but. But I love watching. All right so I said Cordoba and you said from Austin. You know I think obvious choice to be Wellemeyer is he's having a little bit of a down year this year it's it's a little bit of strange season forum on defense of these he's. He's regressed a little bit from last season I don't know what it is and now offensively I think he's trying to do a little too much but. As far as someone that you wanna see that you pay to see I think Myers is definitely the person he he hustles. He gives it all is all every team every times at bat and he's a team player and I think the punters were wise and in using him as a chip to build around. Jeff do you agree. Yeah like lawyers. But it got us speaks highly of you know that's very kind of him. Doubt. Yeah I mean I like him at first. It is amusing to see what's happened to him this year I think after I mean last year was basically his first full season in Major League Baseball. So I don't know if maybe that's why are seeing some regression is here. The sample size depth and yeah you know I mean like maybe when this is maybe we are seeing what will myers' you know any even then he's got a nice contract. Sound like we overspent. If you can maybe as a big second half that'll make it even more worth it. And he's also you know we don't talk about moving those chemical or some players but with the contract Mary movable if if he does have some big second half and some deal comes that we can't. Some do comes amid optimism that we can't pass up. OOC in the wanna complain about the podcasts as somebody said will miers to be out there Trey and after the I think that he's a guy that is that their cornerstone. Could he be elected Jayson Werth. Of of the wash national green brook that that early guy in its head and shoulders above everybody else will do little older. Bill with a couple ball clubs in the rest of the team grows around. I'm Jason Morris my least every baseball player of all time. But speaks very poorly you could I hope so I hope I wanted to order a mile away right now what time of Jason Bay is posted true story I picked him up just so no one else could have Marlins team can beat me with them. And I just eSATA my bench for and how is in the so no one can say they beat me with Jayson Werth did you Angel realized he had think he has some of the night and think of something like that but that's not after several that is what you are showing me a little iPhone and on that one veteran guy Newton in free and he wills is veteran measure gonna get yeah. Bomb and you in he's the older guy and and everybody else's because I got a deal on corner piece before it can make my puzzle right. Okay. Announced Jeff's term. Well before the other I will add one other thing about Myers that I that are really like is no batting gloves between him that he Samuel school. But has brought to buy. That's brought to you by Biden now runs it by William guys said they hand you there's something for everybody on an airline antibody Brad Hanson didn't implement different fronts by proxy by dirt two which we rub our hand to get a better grip and we don't use. Come at a Chung yeah but for me the guys and he's not currently on the active roster but Margo. That guy. You know there. It's like. There's nothing about his game that totally stands out about everything else but he has no weaknesses. And for a guy his age and with his level of experience to the B got solid across the board. And again having intelligence that like hedges as the baseball intelligence and the situation awareness I always. Think back to last year at spring training I was out in Arizona and I saw him make a play. Do the best I can describe it is there was an overthrow on a ball in the infield and he came running in from set Sydor deal and almost tagged again out at second base. In an exhibition game and a spring training game analyst it was like. How are even thing to do that. That's that's not a plea that veterans often make. And he was he knew exactly what what was happening where the ball is where the runners were what the situation was he was there and I thought well OK this guy gets it. And you know I love to see that. Dallas yeah I meant a 100% Margo is. He's one of those guys that you want on your team. And to put him up top in the order eat he obviously Smart knows what he's doing good on the base paths I mean. He's the any shocking I mean 2211. And in my often animate these ordinances work for two. The young guy insists it. You like anyone you like to get anyone to the other team was sad to lose and I don't think they're good. You have a guy that I do wanna trade Brad and for the fifth and Bryce Harper throw ensures serve yeah and I'll take Strasburg back. Yeah I am not sure I want to dominate the trade and not make of both teams wrap this is of my reputation fans in baseball. But I have a mentally Jayson Werth just send me text. He does not he refuses to report that he's traded to your team as I amazing he didn't move the you can text muses thumbs. I think Margo is is b.'s is fantastic he's like of these pretty much you know got all the tools there is and if the only test will see. IBC's hurt can he blasts can he stay healthy vets has bigger thing drawback right now. Yeah games yet I think you can intangibles on him or off the charts right now the things that you can't measure. On analytical stats sheet he excels at and its. He's it's nice to have him in center field I think the punters are in good shape with him men in the senate feel for a long time was a trip abroad and here. Oh gosh it was criminal the general during the commotion out okay how good is cable. Can a great he's been excellent mister who's been up. Is good as Kimbrel us I honestly surprised when they made that deal. Because I heard scouts in the American League east talk about Margo. Like he was the next big thing. And a lot of friends that work in the Red Sox organization. In when you watch the Red Sox they would you know who talked while Margot the way that. Padre fans talk about Espinoza and it in control in Naylor and all the rest and he he was their next big thing. He was going to be the guy comes up after exit Bogart's in the and they got. Was a gunman Connor today and Madonna and Colorado and it was gonna be Bogart's. Margo a month hot it was gonna be the next big thing for the Boston Red Sox when he got dealt I get Kimball was at ease. Awesome maybe you need that hammered the back in the pulpit especially in Koji your heart starts to to falter. But I was still surprised that they were able to part ways with him. In and I just heard about him and scouts had never seen them I didn't see any minor league games we played with with Boston. Bull like I'm here I'm watching a white. Knew what those cuts right discuss the real deal and discuss the real real deal. He's great and I Aaron I think that Jackie Bradley's. You're coming days last season helps lead helped them let him let mark go out but. It's enough I mean the fact that we got him for Kimbrel is pretty incredible and kind of speaks to Milo Fraser parlor like however he worked a deal man. Great thank you. Well you get yen what happens Boston's best. Yeah night he had leveraging to commander OK so let's stay on the same topic of the guys that are hurt right now. And there's a long list of the fifth. Outs to persons turn to try to get back. Yugoslavia geyser you know was lever all the rest who's that guy that they that they need to get back. That instilling makes this club that. And we can only Margo out of because we have talked while Margo is your major go to guy who's got that you really need to see the Padres get back on the field. My guy would be Trevor Cahill I think that in east establishing trade value basically he's in a one year deal. He was pitching. Kind of like the team's ace if you will before he went out the shoulder injury. I'd like to see him come back and I'd like to see the punters be able to deal woman and get a couple more prospects for the future. Yeah except jobs your turn I can hear him yeah I I think you actually would James has makes a lot of sense. But to at a second name to oil gained can't take is not gonna take his son about it I agree with him but I'm gonna go genachowski just because. I'm a ministries in your starting outfielders especially with some of the other guys that are kind of stepping Aaron and Rashard piled up good. I'm at that that being said I think he's going to be in nice you know reserved piece going forward in the guy who can spell and all three spots and be useful so I I'd like to see him back out there. Dallas well I mean SN forcing us genachowski was mine princess just who Dickerson I know how well I don't mind going to present I mean. And that's kind of the potter's famous series we have a lot of outfielders and I think this year was hopefully they're one of the moment the seasons they're gonna use to figure that out to figure out all those logjam CU is going to be successfully tobacco and maybe who could be moved who what whatever they're gonna do right. So I mean I would put Dickerson and that because there's a lot of that a lot of expectations for Dickerson I mean he was surprising last year and I think we are all hoping that he could be a part of this puzzle this year. But I don't right now I don't know and I have no idea Margo genachowski Dickerson they're all Cordoba. French Cordero collide while Roy Utah in my hurt players we you talk about the stock. The ball I don't watch a lot about filters to you never have too much to open sir you start looking there are some depth. Always oh sure and Eminem but we didn't know that and now we do but now wants to those of us get healthy than what we do on however as a bridging. How what's best name of the team best names in personal tragedy graduates via. We'll see our Brad hand breaks is very transient Brad handily you can you plan will be the show and they could do the generated names the can be considered it. Like French secret aero is a computer Jim could name. Real Russo Jeff you're wincing Noble's agree. Names like I always escalate Alec the multiples so I can like having you know a lot of that has genachowski and speed engine burn it because it's just a couple noxious deterrence. Yet because those little ones I have the most the hardest time and a filling up my lineup card because they take up way way more base of the work for the rescue score. We're in an analog I beat it wanna go to games. But I don't need you occasionally. Deal would would score sheet view this and this is often you know he usually walk in your program you can program the other hand you score sheets of now I'm pretty now. Whatever I have. My yeah my dad would I Tyler my day uses for him memories from my dad would sit at home and do it he listen to the radio on watch the game and score. And I would just Sydney chips. Sorry because I tweeted a picture of the day of my score sheet and of course eat people responded back that I keep score in correctly because I do. I learned my mom taught me to keep score. In buds I don't know if anybody knows this this inside stuff and often cares but there's an official way of keeping score. Then everybody does and mine is not that way. So I've tried over the years to learn how to keep score but it's kind of like if you learn to write an a in a certain style. You can average it there yet so all my buddies that are PR guys look at my scorecard and hey let me catch up. And I'll look in the look what's can't read this this hybrid graphics if you have anything in here heady nor the ball will sit. Because I got a diver and the medal and I put which number player that went to zone and seven of the metal that means it was base it to seven. While that's the worst Methodist. Escort I've heard like the hot dyed means he got a home run into this car exactly what everybody you scored just look at W eagle. Oh yeah I will see that's the funny thing is I don't it's. I go to a game and I sit down I mean no conflict plus scores you know is talking to me because I'm immune to leave the door to his guy. And the stadium milieu the coolest guy cries of he'll score but then you look across the globe dial way and there is the oldest man you've ever seen that still alive and he's also keeping score. And I look at yet but I am I doing it makes you feel really Smart but I keep sort of just a traditional way by that time had to have my grandpa. I used to do it but he's the man hasn't years. In this thin is there's in the in the kind of app for for keeping score on the raiders got there right I mean I checked what are the what are the one of the there's a guy. John Rich. Who's to the Red Sox post game show when he fell into Oklahoma play. Sometimes he actually had a stylist and he sent Apple Tablet that's so it keeps corny I like Kevin please I don't and and liquid race. If you go because I'd make up. There's a budget changes in my scorecard every day. Right. I don't that this is something adults wanted to bring up. I get a completely divorce myself of the subject talk I'm gonna turn it Rihanna walk out the Ruble that you guys. I have a free for all want us yeah return emails we get it. If you. Oh that you read in fact OK it's number three on your list on the very bottom here here's the David Letterman actually there at number three. What's the western. Last one of the miners now live below the number 30 beating woods bullet we are into the batteries well we've all we well all boiled ones. We we we Marty dot brother's little bit so would be it why can't we ever have a good shortstop. My paper backs and fellas right number I know this already don't have. You. That's the that 101000 dollar question on their biggest idea ID have no answer I don't know ever since the ages guy here we've gone through what that Clint Barmes with the memories. Chicago pharmacy manager Samir is. You know I I don't know it's been a need that the teams have for a long time. They have a lot of depth that are in the minor leagues but unfortunately there are all under eighteen so I and I don't know what the plan as long term for shortstop went. I mentioned before I'd like to Secord over there. We know he can hit just like to see if you could field. Yeah it's it's actually really if you really want to depress yourself. It's Friday we can do this if you really want to address yourself go and take a look at the Padres all time sort stops and you can go back. I mean. You know use if you go backwards through time you got Everest temporary colonial bringing you got. Then you start getting the guys like Damian Jackson and Tony Fernandez and Garry Templeton and Ozzie Smith before he can hit and bill Allman and it's like we've never had. I mean obviously Ozzie turned out to be great and he was a great defender when he was here but we really haven't had a good shortstop in San Diego in the for you know that that was it blue car about a career in ever. And it would be really nice to see that happen my idea isn't. I said it was going to be part of this course is by design or is it by a bad luck you know I think it's just I think you're really spectacular to achieve that resource officer resources are really really hard to find. Either there not as crazy thought they were or the move off to a different position they become the second baseman or third baseman or doubtful because they're natural athletes that they equipment is there they've always been the best player on whatever team they were and that's an amateur and you know they've been just. Eventually they can't handle that position at the highest level but on but yeah allegiances there arson guys in the minors on Fernando Tatis juniors. Play having a real nice season it at Fort Wayne in. As one of the younger players and pretty unforgiving league but again eighteen years old a lot can happen. And there's a couple of other guys at higher levels that are that are pretty interest in but may not enough to stand shortstop so you know hopefully somebody most of. Yeah I mean you mean you brought up so many names is maybe shutter. I think you're Fernandez zero offered to me I wanna bring up that rely on it to the delta how to do that yet two months. Although he actually in the thing really could prove this strange. It's sad I mean I am. You know you you always like down and it's kind of like I think over the the last you know twenty years or so. You just trick yourself into thinking that that whatever shortstop you have is going to be the guy Jimenez and all of us and he's not a guy because he was never going to be the guys. But you just try to fool yourself into believing that Alexi Ramirez is gonna work out. You know everything tells you it's not sort that Everest Cabrera is you know break out season was for real you know it's. He Buchanan used to which you can do and I mean I honestly would go to build shortstop by loved that I was so upset that it just in Dallas we'll green. And now I thought green was going to be the guy you know. For for at least a few years when an extra percent yeah do you think I hear you guys stockings also something outages do you think that there are times where people. Jump the shark to decide this. Is the tough guy. Because there's been a lack of consistent shortstop anybody who shows any glimmer of hope the expectations get re easy quickly. Why and especially shortstop I think that's especially true anytime Irish receptive breaks out Amanda specifically your exam Diego lawyer he had ran it in Korea had that. What he had two seasons in a row then look at exactly only gad like he was just doesn't seem Brodeur is jerseys at the ballpark you're still don't have. People still talk about what I about a mile when he played here but for what four years for. In math you know and they'd they'd discovered just had a piece on him last year about finding him trying to find him was unbelievable piece. But it. It's sad what happens dome and it's sad that he didn't pan mountain Saint Louis was a mass form. But yeah I do think there once you see a short staff somebody who position we've had a hole left for so long. What you see some yours crisis center feels the same thing for us and that's why are also on the ovals Margo organ. Is Kazuo we have delegates in her killer dose of realty yeah. Yeah whenever I mean I can buy his Jersey and I feel comfortable. Share in Iowa I am I don't wanna say that I don't know and an ever corridors and you do I move may miss out on mr. Graham. There weren't a lot. I think we did did the snapshot it was a little disturbing. Troll it's a slow pan Pritchett the sloping. Back out but are united I do think you're radically jumped the gun because we want it to work and yeah and then you get did you get the two seasons of promise and you're so happy and then all of a sudden they're either gone yeah exactly it's. It's hard when you bring up a good points for jumping the gun I mean look at last year at this time it all the par defense work. Just so excited about Javier guerra in Seattle so Norton you don't hear is and I saw I sum up the spring training I'm like okay is. Kid's got talent but he is yet to drop the the mean that last year at this time people were dogma as that the source of the futures he going to be up at the New Year's going to be 2008 team. And at this point you still lost the balloon in their teens is is gonna take another couple years at least before he's able to progress of the systems artists to slow your roll for guys that. It's difficult especially in a position like what you mentioned that the the team's been starved for so long. So glib all the bloggers for talking you want these guys get excited about guys that are still three years away of the Russian of them anyway and are ready yeah. You know definitely fall so I completely blame Jeff yeah. Well that's a pop up. Ottawa today to various area I'm saying Iran yeah Lou serious furious yes it sounds so yeah he's he's a very different ways of saying it is the the dodger pitchers as like five different. So under what are you curious I've hired it's funny every time I did they do and a national show on yet. Somebody else say okay how much saying his name of the preserve its odious and says OK I'll do Julius. And then as soon as I get done another prescribe Valium as volume as pronounced as David's. You're ride so Mike somebody make up your mind and all that kid since yeah. The guy who makes more money than me in his younger yeah yeah let's decide how we're gonna say it without asking his permission candlelight. We realized that I thought. We were serious or it's I think I'm saying gotten her from sergeant but who curious it's curious but I mean is doing well ranked. Yet the it remains to be seen if he's got the arm to remain active to remain at shortstop but. That kid is very exciting I mean. Just turned brawl you re just don't want me in east terror ended up in in delay I mean there's some there's reasons to be excited. For him but unfortunately the party's over 182 baseman so I don't know where he fits long term bingo though when you have that kind of depth. You can convert people over was pressured the middle infielder or. You have enough that you can use him when you get good. The what do opportunity you have all the shortstop now likened her second baseman now I could trade him for somebody who is big league ready to act when. I mean enough depth depth. Yeah I had I think if we can go out and you have will Myers a gruesome have a good core silent and I like Omar's life you have Margo you have these different pieces that are there and did you get somebody that just really solidifies your infield I think that's the that's that the knicks are key for us is that's it's so hard. Years. Away. Right yeah right. The asphalt down Dell showed up making eye contact address I mean c'mon dude this is the whole thing. Patience is a virtue among very virtuous wanna that was having patience but. When he gets here it'll get here before you know it but while you're waiting effort to get here it seems like. It's an attorney. And loyalists in two years wherever I can and I can you imagine having to watch C so it's. You know before before that whatever the hope for the next generation gets here. I would just point to the Houston Astros and what they're doing this year what they did to get there. It's there if you will be unpleasant but you know I know. AG hips a little bit and we've talked him when he first got the job. Or he was in errors over four million prepared completely prepared heated evil walked the job. And he got it and then he comes to air it comes to Houston is better manager this time around but he just he would wait for all these kids to get there. In. Its started portly form but then eventually when the talent catches up the manager gets its instantly smarter. Well it. And I think M that's kind of one of my things about like about any green to be honest with you same situation young manager. It didn't have time experience when he came to us and he is growing with the team it's growing and I do think that. Once there ready I think he'll be ready they'll have a learns a lot and that's been a time and that gets me excited about the organization as a whole to be honest. It definitely you know Andy Greene said it himself that he's still learning he's still learning to trust coaches and China to do everything himself. And you know it's a process and we all have to trust it it's it's you know it's it's tougher on defense we've been neglected and abused for a long time. And it's nice to know that though the team has direction and we're slowly headed towards that way it is in it is a process and it does it's something that it's gonna take time. OK let's wrap this thing up a city of sufficient. And I've known him quite a oh noses and is the only thing I would add is that the the fact that he's going to be able to work with these young players. And they're going to he's he's going to grow and green is going to grow along with them and they're all going to work together toward this common goal that's going to you know pay dividends. With the coaching staff the players here he also has his fingerprints down to triple A double and single in all the way down because. They're going to do things in and he said the steal the day. We had a on the pregame show. You within reason the pregame show that you know it. I want people to learn the same way of singling on the go to double its it's continue issued of that philosophy. Replace Willie get here there's you know how we're doing things here. And I think that is sole. Important when your team that's developing. You can have your instructional framework you aligned all the way down that makes a huge difference. I just telling Jeff you made this podcast somewhat better and can technical and thank you. You luckily I mean listen I of more Jeff last Dallas. I think a sick and everybody says that chase gets going in the streets allies the president James who is great finally meeting aren't salutes at a poker biology has very. It's always up for the makes you happy I don't care what his baseball Padres so the just give me something. I think there are lots while we just yet especially when it this is gonna be a long let's be honest. Something that you're excited routes of the make (%expletive) happens of the puts a smile on race. Some of them ran on the makes me happy is seen. A mill a Majorly better specifically Padraig. Player groundout to shortstop. And hustle all the way. For space and makes me happy. I'm I think. Only thing that makes me happy is right now is knowing that dallas' favor often players in the next time there's an almost certain that. And I looked extending to Kazuo is that those crazy ninth inning homers from out of nowhere she choked up on the back yeah it was a slick little cents a pack. Yeah Olsen you know you'd be playing in the fifteenth inning and it was a it was his fault and if you lose anyway but still. And it makes me happier you know to to know that Dell's appreciates that and then it brings me back to that. Took to watching extent of the play and they can now why Hackaday. You know nobody can beat anybody told we couldn't do it he just said well let's find him and do it anyway. Two amazing things about their next thing. Wind and I think I am I know is for sure one World Series MVP I don't know if it's to buy and I had one with the cardinals and and I think one of the angels did. Editing too when he was playing in Anaheim there's a great he was having a lot of says there's this little story time I forget it was ESPN or whoever but. That is a story on and he was living near the stadium and he did not have his own computer so he would go to Fullerton. And he would use fortunate Chapman whichever score is closest estimate for once he would go and he would use the computer labs there to get on the Internet and do things. And back and I if they were. Filming him and he's on the computer and some kid turns his head and looks Adams Gaza. Are you a deeply baseball and he goes. Musical for the college and has known angels he's off. Angels he's like yeah angels down the street and see him. But he was like so that it was like he's being a jerk to the kid he was honest and to make. This angels I'd like that to me was just like that kind of joy of it. You get a man like you this is who you are you're your your team player you love what you do like that guys to me is just so rash. I catalog there Rex and his wife fiscal TC did a bunch of stuff for like girls who were. You know good for comic con it may be used these backpacks for comic cons for for girls kept. Cool cool people and that's it a few of the most farms similar incidences. Baseball personal. Department and yeah I don't know what his funny he says he seems like one guy you want to teach a deaf kids who took the lead one and you're in your clubs brother was hitting coach for along time I'm sure he Stallone's. Relative to. Whatever he's doing managers I wanna hang out them and soft cookbook next week's guest believes it. Everybody in some way he will be a he will be a featured a story on carefully thought out. I would I've written about him before and I will do it again I mean he's surgical guy but I mean that's like I think I get that same feeling watching a lot of the Padres do now renowned these young guys are trying their pushing him doing it. Whereas I think the last few seasons we've had some people on the team that weren't so. Joyous and that kind of brought a lot of people down. And I don't get you know us for his for his bad as sometimes you look out there it's still seems like people are having fun and that's all I mean baseball's fun man. Tell us the lineup please you'll actually happy Bob Scanlon pace stands. Dude you. It is anybody ever met a kinder gentler soul in nicer and and the Bob Scanlon. He's a sweet dude man he's very nice he's never I don't think any larger as a bad thing to say about scanned my key is. A genuine do do. Like I've got to I've got a man crush on mud bugs the schools to muddy is I mean you you want talk what you wanna hang our next time and had a few Beers and mud and I want to hang out is not yet he's brightens when I mean he's a great Dresser. I had to grind house hairdresser and good guys they won't just color green right dude sure I do. But skin. You talk about I wish my son. Could have that type of personality. I wish I had a temper some. And never be that nice skin. No interest and close that is Dallas but skid is just like general via their custom. The other day about you know to these down at the end of the of the of the dugout but he's got a little backdrop behind it looks as it. I can imagine if I was a season ticket holder down there and ski and listen to for me I I just probably carry out a nine minute conversation is scant would sit there and talk to me that's how nice a man he has. We had age you know. I think it's funny in San Diego we've been watching these you know these broadcasters and guys come in and out I think a lot of time as a rich you can probably tell suspect that I can't. But I think a lot of times when they get here guys like scanned. Or now Tony Gwynn junior mud cat when they get here to San Diego on May become a part of the media team. They never wanna leave and I mean I think it's an neo specifically does that to them. And I think when they're here they're just you get to one by scanning gets a one worked in a field that you love. And you get to be in the greatest city in America I mean how could you not be a happy guy. Now I'm definitely is coming scans the cut the double gravity he can take a you don't he'd be happy to just let her go with them. Depending on her age but yet I always look forward and we'll just have to go out. And one worked that was go around the room tell us your name Il or blog. End things are working on the people should check out the trojans by James Clark east those times. Check this out have a group of votes when he writers dedicated writers my bottom altogether none of us really knew each other beforehand. But we've bro built a really great chemistry I have writers in high school. All the way up into the forties and fifties so it's nice to see them interact we all of passion about the the team. And took the saudis those times dot com and not check on her part as to what we're available on iTunes all of the other. Menus to that you Google announced now it's called the pod cast the apple podcast and felt my guessing iTunes did did did is not apple podcasts on the weird. It does doesn't it is meant as a parent gets apple podcast OK I like I like iTunes yeah really after so many years the they're re branding I guess by the way to all of your. Writers have computers in the afternoon of the Chapman I they just it always should all have computers in the station because actually want to make sure that they don't have to go to Leo and then I had to go public library just we don't think I'm right when he ran. East village times we write about countries that the other team please could epithet I Jeff. Yeah Jeff Young I'm over cricket scoreboard dot com and were just. Where either being funny or trying to be funny and I you're doing your job we're whole week and we like to think so. And yeah pretty much just have a good time over there. What exactly is a crook it's it's it's a scoreboard it's a little bit off kilter so it's it's not. Is not yet quite get in the street stuff that you might begin elsewhere it's a little bit so it's a little off about it policy up photos that their budget crooked numbers on the well that's another excellent interpretation that I don't we just thought of until you right when he's. That's it OK so let me ask you this gonna in the area you can make me ask you this ice I citizen there there's certain things I picked up over the years. The U guys you guys like park and baseball leagues right then you're okay duck snort of some you know dying quail Texas leaguer. All I used or crooked numbers all the time then I have to find myself there was why haven't explained is that we go to crooked number is certainly had a look at Islamic driven by using binoculars that are absolutely stupid I hear much abuse that references well okay good that I shall lead to very don't tell and don't tell anybody mod. But I tell but how much I think he's the coolest guy in the world. And I'm actually wearing. The assured because I thought it was very much like when I chose an apartment and go to the ballpark. Dallas you size that I see in my head because my Chase's head itself. Seconds or both bald. I kept Maytag com is where you Kendry and we we post every now amendment really we've we've. Aren't they you know we're all about Twitter and our podcast so go to Twitter at the cafes or instrument kept faith and you can follow us on apple podcasts. They kept it nausea and iTunes. It's quiet it's a task honest. Are assigned to a play and and automatic but. Would go to the last thing whistle stop this Tuesday 730 it'll stop free come out check out our guests and we're gonna do things are people who get up and talk and ask questions we have a DJ powders like who's going to be DJ enforced. It'll be category ignite but it bill out of funds of about have a beer by the wealth plug in if you guys haven't checked it out yet I'd love to hear your feedback. On our Padres. Prime I'm Padres podcast if I'm ninth when I would take the nine best plays of the week. Rank them in in re live those moments of you has it she. Check that out load your widgets things we've done. All right that's good too far podcasts for today appreciate it will catch over the next week what the bloggers. From the Padres. Blogosphere much that's real word buy music they went into joining us everybody. Thanks for tuning in the Padres on floods may treat check out all of our podcasts including the Padres relying on iTunes and it Padres radio dot com and follow us on Twitter at Padres radio and like this country is put at FaceBook dot com slash Padres radio.